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The Reverend Dr C P Randollph is asked to serve on a committee investigating a local evangelist for ordination while he is interim minister at Chicago's Church of the Good Shepherd Administrative tasks seem overwhelming as he balances congregational responsibilities with committee work and a search for a new pastor in training for Good Shepherd Then a murder occurs followed closely by a second both with implications for the investigating committee The third in a series of Reverend Randollph novels this is an entertaining but undistinguished formula mystery

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    An entertaining series of mysteries A Protestant pastor becomes involved in solving crimesIt is very respectful to Christianity there are lots of recipes and sadly the author passed away; there are only just a few books in the series

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    I enjoyed Charles Merrill Smith's approach to tv evangelist Prince Hartman With a name like that Smith seems ready to play right into the usual image of the corrupt huckster of religion With someone sending load after load of poison to the Prince Hartman's reactions become likeable CP is having to deal with bully after bully but Hartman isn't one of them Smith's mystery solutions have so much character that I'm finding I remember them after all these years once I become acuainted with the situations again

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    Fast fun and funny I am ready for Thanks Joy