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The Aliens' initial attacks were precise and devastating Traversing the planet under the cover of darkness they eliminated most of the Worlds' leaders and crippled their militaries all in one night The horrific assaults continued unchecked as the thousands of alien craft circled the globe like locust killing anyone in their path For those who saw their methods and survived it was clear that the invaders wanted to do one thing remove all human life from the planet Our only recourse was to rely on the Continuity of Government plan and the people with the background to try and maintain a working government The surviving leadership would do all they could to try and put things back together and to preserve what they could but would preservation be enough? After a harrowing escape from the initial Alien attack with his wife and only a part of his family it was a different world for Lieutenant General Michael Patrick United States Army Reserve No longer would he be just a small town lawyer or a tired washed up former special operator and relic of the Cold War Now it would fall to General Patrick to piece together the military forces that would stop the onslaught Together with other old soldiers and the survivors of the various armies and navies from around the globe they would pull themselves together as a fighting force Their one thought their one mission was not just to preserve life but to take back the night

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    Essentially updatingAmericanizing HG Welles' The War of the Worlds author Michael S Pauley a veteran of all three branches of the American armed forces fires the opening salvo of a series in the military SF genre elevating and honoring the military part Present day Earth gets blitzed by an interstellar invasion fleet nameless nasty ETs soon given the all purpose US Army tag Gomers The energy eating marauders and their craft active after dark only decapitate global defense and government infrastructure In the USA semi retired Lt Col Michael Mighty Mouse Patrick survives the initial onslaught learning upon rescue he holds the most senior rank and experience to take charge as Supreme Commander From his dug in mountain bunker the no nonsense general re organizes the remaining Army Navy and Air Force along WW2 lines failure to do so being an immense flaw of the latter day Pentagon we're told and begins RD to exploit the Kryptonite like weaknesses of the Gomers and put Yankee know how in the forefront of humanity's offensive Even with a subplot about the war from the POV of a grunt ground trooper named Kowalski the narrative emphasis turns on textbook detailed troop deployments resource allocation chains of command and strategies against the enigmatic Gomers whose unvarying and arcade game MO seems to be hit back instinctually with ever brutally gigantic but fewer floating fortresses It does read a bit like a blow by blow of a battlefield sim and while a typical SF author Egghead as Gen Patrick might say might dwell on the sense of wonder awe and culture and backstory of the invaders Pauley belays all that baggage for a straightforward delivery of underdog mankind adapting and beating back a formidable foe so schematized that Gomer ships objects are never clearly described Only late in the game are Gomers revealed as sound familiar Starship Troopers fans? giant arachnids Unlike some others in the Tom Clancy platoon gung ho political endorsements are kept muted though one senses the author's admiration for Ronald Reagan and contempt for the Russians While it doesn't take the hill for originality this brawny procedural in Wellesian interplanetary warfare should earn stars and stripes with undiscriminating combat SF fans and ROTC members

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    I love Science Fiction science and history so this book was a great find for me This is an intriguing blend of aliens and realism They Own the Night deals with how The American Government and others around the world would deal with the devastation of a surprise alien attack that decimates all leadership both military and governmental It has excellent character development This book was especially engaging for me because I really like Sci fi that has a hard science element This story incorporates existing technology and realistic human responses