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Sometimes you need a demon to fight demonsLincoln Marshall is a small town deputy with a very big problem Six members of his church have been found dead killed by a rogue werewolf He’ll have to make a deal with the Devil to save victims that have gone missing — maybe literally Elise Kavanagh preternatural investigator and exorcist is the expert when it comes to violent deaths at the jaws of evil She’s also among the most powerful demons that Hell has spawnedElise jumps at Lincoln’s case and it’s not just because of his down home charm Someone’s laid a trap for her in Northgate and she wants to find out who She’ll have to team up with Rylie Gresham Alpha of the last surviving werewolf pack to figure out who’s trying to blame the murders on werewolves Only together can they stop the killings — and uncover the secrets buried in Northgate

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    🖤 Elise Kavanagh Thou Art the Sunshine of Our Black Withered Hearts Buddy Reread EKTAtSoOBWHBR™ with the MacHalos 🖤➽ And the moral of this reread is color me bloody shrimping surprised I didn't hate Lincoln Officer Uptight as Fish OUsF™ or the Silly Werewolf Cliue SWC™ as much this time around Okay so I still strongly slightly dislike them but I no longer feel like unleashing my murderous children on them Well I still do A little But not as much as I used to That's progress right? Right➽ And the other moral of this reread is demons are sexey as fish And that my Little Barnacles is a scientifically proven fact Told ya💌 A very private message to James the Bastard Faulkner I hate you You're one of the most delicious biggest assholes in the history of most delicious biggest assholes So Poof Gone Harem and stuff Obviously· Book 2 Oaths of Blood ★★★★· Book 3 Ruled by Steel ★★★★· Book 4 Caged in Bone ★★★· Book 5 Lost in Prophecy ★★★★★· Book 6 Torn by Fury ★★★★★· Book 7 Sins of Eden ★★★★★January 2015⚠️ Disclaimer the fangirl in me might make an appearance at any given time during this review As a conseuence said review might not make much sense It should make even less sense if you haven't read Descent Oh and brace yourself because this should take a while Don't say I didn't warn you⚠️ Warning HUMONGOUS Descent spoiler upcoming Thou hast been warned and stuff Where to start? Oh yes Elise is back Elise Kavanagh Kopis Exorcist Father of all demons Godslayer Omnipresent shadow Mother of all angels Total badass Bloody hell I love you You're one of the coolest most complex most original heroines ever “What made you like this?” Lincoln asked Simple uestion with such a complicated answer Yatam father of all demonsMetaraon the Voice of GodAdam the first manIsaac my fatherJames Faulkner my betrayer Lovely bunch of bastards right there It's a wonder Elise is still sane after all these guys put her through in Descent Well she can get slightly bipolar at times but the girl went from being human to being god like in less time than it takes to blink so cut her some slack will you? Besides she's a demon but now she also has Eve's heart yes Eve as in Adam Eve which certainly doesn't help And she feels lonely And James broke her heart But hey it's not all bad She swallows dead bodies like no one else She's everywhere and nowhere She gets shot in the face no biggie She apparently regenerates through sex yay And she's her own weapon of mass destruction Pretty handyOops Sick of hearing about Elise are you? What can I say? The girl's awesome Hey don't complain I warned you about the fangirling I guess at this point you'd like to hear about the story? Right Let's go back in time for a bit Elise's Descent adventures finished in 2013 after seven amazing instalments It was hard to let her go but Reine wrapped things up nicely and everything came to a satisfying if heartbreaking end Time passed And then one day I found out Reine had started writing another series about EliseI bought the first book right away And put off reading it for than six months Couldn't bring myself to read it Paradise Damned was such a mind blowing finale to Descent that I was afraid to go into Sacrificed in Shadow I didn't want to be disappointed I was scared to death of what Reine was up to and of what she would put me through The woman has no mercy But hey I'm a brave girl So I started readingAs much as I love Elise I have to admit I had a hard time adjusting to the new setting What I didn't realize before I dived into the book is that Ascension is a crossover between the characters of Descent and of Seasons of the Moon one of Reine's other series about werewolves To me Elise's world has always been about demons and angels so seeing her mixed up with shifters was unsettling Then Reine worked her magic and I was sucked into the storyDon't think you'll even get so much as a synopsis from me because in typical Reine style this story is one hell of a ride and impossible to summarize It all starts out innocently enough well as innocently as things can get when Elise is involved but all hell breaks loose faster than the speed of light My nerves My poor nerves SM Reine you are insane There are enough twists turns and revelations in this book to last a lifetime or two And I didn't see any of them of them coming Reine defeated my inner Sherlock once again So this is me while reading the book OMG this is so cool – WTF??? – OMG OMG OMG – Oh please don't break my heart – Damn Where did that come from? – YES YES YES YES YES – Oh you bastard – Oh shit – Hahahahahahaha – Oh no you don't – Ooooooh yummy – NO NO NO NO NO SM Reine don't you dare do this to me – Bwahahahaha this is so sick I love it –Seriously?? – Double damn – Wow wow wow wow – Bloody hell – OMG OMG OMG this is freaking crazy – Someone call an ambulance I think my heart just stopped – Elise you are the shit girl – Triple damn faintsGut wrenching? You bet Emotionally draining? Yep Heartbreaking? That too I'm exhausted I think I'm going to need a few weeks to sleep this offWhat's that back there? I can't hear you Oh you're asking if there are other characters besides Elise in this books? Sure I was just getting thereJames Freaking Faulkner Elise's aspis Ethereal Gray Aggravating idiot What are we going to do with you? And what's up with the I'm a semi god attitude anyway? What the hell happened to you while you were away? Where did all that power come from? And What the Fish are you up to? Well I think I might actually have an idea about that view spoilergetting your son back and reverting Elise back to human form? Please tell me this is it hide spoiler

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    I think this is the best book I've written so far And I just finished it

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    YAYYYY Elise's story continues

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    Cover Title 4 out of 5Favorite character EliseI stayed up so late last night to finish this book and after i finished it it was all i could think aboutElise was a brand new character to me as I have not read her own series i found her really interesting A kick ass female protagonist is my major love I enjoyed her throughout the story I think i will have to go and read her series now actually Not knowing anything about Elise did not hinder me in anyway I still easily got into the story and the I read the i knew about her and liked I would definitely say you can read this book without reading the other series that are linked The story was fast passed high emotion bubbling with drama action packed and it had twists turns major excitement all round From start to end I did not put this book down it hooked me in and I loved it I am already looking forward to reading the next book in the series I would recommend this I plan on reading a hell of a lot by this author

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    well oopsMight have rated this higher but I read this one without reading the preuelsAlthough it wasn't too difficult to understand all of the lingo and background history going on I don't think I can go back now and read them with out the current relationships coloring how I feel about some of the characters cough view spoiler James hide spoiler

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    Finally a good book from kindle freebies I thought the day would never come cries a littleI loved Elise a total badass that did not suffer fools I didn't find it hard to get into but knowing that there is a preuel where Elise was just a normal human makes me curious I'm also hoping there is some degree of romance to this series as well

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    I am always up for good supernatural fiction Until now I've enjoyed all that I've read by SM Reine While Reine's writing is intelligent with clear imagery complicated human emotions and an intricate back story the novel as a whole was not enjoyable for me to read Her creative theology is just plain wrong Adam becomes God who gets drunk on his power commits all kinds of violent acts; and as a result had to be destroyed I know WHAT? Further there is an interesting if not confusing juxtaposition in which life is valued yet human beings are objectified and heinous acts such as eating human flesh are treated as nothing than necessary means of survival There is a lot of pointless profanity explicit sexuality and gore In my circle of auaintences I could not in good concience recommend this book However if a person is not bothered by the content mentioned above I'm sure they'd have a very enjoyable read

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    I can't deny it Reading Sacrificed in Shadows was a shock No I had no doubt going in I would have loved it But I left Elise as an incredible strong hunter so in love with her Shield that she sacrificed everything to save him I was really sad and angry reading what had happened to herBut Elise is still the great kick ass hunter that she was and I sincerely hope that she'll stop James and makes him pay Yep this is the strength of the emotion this book churned in me DThe world building in this series is pretty complex and not easy to go down if you are a very religious guy But then I suspect that you wouldn't be reading UF if you were I love this level of grittyThe plot revolves around a series of killings that may involve a werewolf Elise has to unravel the mystery trying to stay alive at the same time And enemies are hidden everywhere The Ascension series unites two previous one from SM Reine but you don't need to read them to get this story I have only read Death's Hand the first volume in the 7 books Descent series and All Hallows Moon the second book in The season of the Moon one I had no problem whatsoever Not every author is able to avoid info dumps and at the same time leaving the readers strandedI'm glad the book revolves around Elise though I'm not a fan of Rylie I prefer the dark and gritty heroine to the sweet and blond one Always did I'm sorry Elise was shut down by the pack after everything she did for them I hope the future will hold something differentAnd I really hope James is not in it grin DRC courtesy of SM Reines

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI could not get my hands on this book fast enough I am absolutely in love with both of the series that come together in this book After picking this book up I seriously considered calling out sick from work just to finish uninterrupted Even after all the expectation I had for this series I still don't think I would change a single thing about this book It was filled with all the things I was hoping for We get a good dose of James and Elise in all their dysfunctional glory answering all my uestions about where they ended up after their last book We get to learn a little about Nash which is exactly what I wanted after completing his book Seth gets time in the spotlight to make up for him being away in the last book Some familiar supporting characters and references show up along the way which makes me feel like a little fan girl Anthony is only present in small sections of the book a plus for me because I still hate him There is tons of action which really kept the pages turning Lastly the story was what I've come to expect from this author great I love a story that can keep me guessing until the last few chapters It's so rare that you can pick up a book especially this deep into the series or than one series and still be surprised at the twists and turns the author throws at you I can't wait to see where this new Ascension Series goes and I'll be counting down the days until the next book comes out