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Alternate cover edition of ISBN 1484955951 and 9781484955956With uncompromising honesty and hints of her usual humour the author describes emigrating from post war London in every shade of grey to the technicolour splendour of Kenya as part of a dysfunctional family From profound lows to sublime highs the one constant is her pony Cinderella You may shed a tear at her losses and you will almost certainly be shocked and appalled by what she does for the love of Cinderella If you have enjoyed reading of Susie's life and travels in France then this book will give you a moving insight into her earlier life and allow you to judge her actions for yourself

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    This beautifully written memoir is the heart breaking story of a young privileged English girl's early childhood in Kenya in the 50s At a time when the country is undergoing chaos and upheaval Susie is neglected by her selfish parents and is forced to make a daunting life decision at age seven when they divorce Confused by her parent's lack of communication with her and each other she says she will stay in Kenya with her fatherHe later sends her away to a convent boarding school in England where her independent spirit often annoys the overbearing 'nasty' nuns Her Nan is the only bright spot in her young life Three cheers for NanWhen her father remarries he takes her back to Kenya to live with his new wife and child Susie's stepmom is jealous and cruel which forces Susie to leave home at age 16I understand why it took Susie Kelly years to open Pandora's box and sort through the painful times I admire her determination to pick up the shattered pieces and learn how to choose a happy healthy life It's a page turner from beginning to end and the title is a poignant reminder of the passing of time

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    Susie tells the story of her life with freshness and honesty the hopefulness and humour of her young life is translated through the pages as if it had happened yesterday and the unbearable sadnesses are enough to break our hearts and touch those lonely places in our own lives we had longed to forget This isn't a story that wraps up neat and tidy it's real life and that's never like the movies kid but I hope that for Susie and the rest of us there is some comfort yet to come Thank you Susie Kelly

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    Disappointment; thought book would be about Africa and less about self Something of a pity party

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    Couldn't put this one down so finished it in two readings Susie Kelly's tale so touched my heart Her young life torn apart by parents' divorce she struggles to find happiness in England and Kenya but such moments are brief as a result of the lack of love and support she sees in those that should love her Only her horse Cinderella brings her that joy and she must part with that as she must every brief moment of happiness It is a sad tale but Susie Kelly tells it with such compassion and humor you must pursue her next obstacle and hopefully a victory If you were or are a child of divorce beware this will hit you in the gut

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    Couldn't put it down am moved to tears Susie Kelly did not have an easy time growing up and I genuinely want to give her a massive hug to make up for all the heart ache and sorrow

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    Modestly described as ‘a memoir of life in post war London colonial and post colonial Kenya and a dysfunctional family’ I must admit I was interested because I was also living in Kenya at the same time as Susie during the difficult and dangerous transition to independenceI was delighted with the evocative details on almost every page that took me right back to my childhood What I didn’t expect was to be put through every emotion from laugh out loud humour to heart wrenching sadness This is a wonderful recollection of a fascinating life – yet also a story which Susie admits was very difficult for her to writeOne of the unusual benefits of reading on a Kindle is the option to see what other readers have highlighted – and one of the most freuent was the poignant line ‘when people suffer terrible losses they need to have an opportunity to talk about them’This book had me gripped from the first page and left me feeling uite emotional at the end Susie wins my ‘best book of the year’ without hesitation for the uality of her writing and the honesty and truth which makes it such a great read I highly recommend I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry and happily award a rare five out of five stars

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    I don't cry Toward the end of this one I had tears in my eyes It's poignant fun real and historical I don't know of a book I've read lately that has covered in depth a British family at the end of the British occupation of Kenya that really has touched on the heart and soul of that period of time I highly recommend this book to just about everyone

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    Loved this book Beautifully written

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    Much respect for an amazing womanAnother great read from Susie Kelly I have several of the authors books and have thoroughly enjoyed them I Wish I Could Say I'm Sorry gives you a look into Susie's early life in the UK and Kenya After being asked to make a life changing decision at the young age of 9 she is unwillingly sent back to the UK to live with her father's parents and then into a Catholic boarding school The story takes you on into Susie's adult life as she enters into marriage Not the best of circumstances to say the least It seems that she can never catch a break The author tells the story without needing sympathy for herself and her circumstances It's a beautifully written memoir I have gone right into reading the seuel Safari Ants Baggy Pants And Elephants A Kenyan Odyssey

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    Amazing poignant funnyI read this not knowing what to expect Wow An interesting memoir is a vast understatement Honest heart wrenching sarcastic and funny many times and well written Very moving I plan to read all her works Life was tough but she was tougher And laughed in its face