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This is a story about firsts—love hate and agony Olivia Taylor’s life turned upside down when she found out her mother was moving into her boyfriend’s home The glitch? The boyfriend had a son named Greyson—the guy she loathed than anything Greyson Edwards was your typical arrogant self entitled jerk He loved to taunt and tease Olivia But the time they got to spend together the complicated things became Will these two stubborn folks ever figure things out? Will they let themselves feel what was truly boiling underneath the angst and unveil the passion that’s only a mere kiss away?

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    cliffhanger that makes no sense heroine that can't get her crap together hero that loves her with everything and still a wishy washy stupid secret keeping love story

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    I was mixed on this book It contained so many elements that HATE when reading a book Why not just effing TELL him that she's being blackmailed to stay away from him? If it were me I'd insist on proof of Edith's cancer cuz I have a feeling she's gonna make a miraculous recovery after the wedding I'm sorry but NO ONE is that selfless to stand by allow the man you love marry a conniving blackmailing bitch I wouldn't No way in hell Pretty sure we'll find out Edith wrote the break up note in the 4th grade Which leads me toGrayson should've gotten over that shit by now Really It's just weird that he's still hung up on it Also so her Dad is gay Pretty sure her Mom has already told Brett Pretty sure NO ONE will fucking CARE Not in this day age 30yrs ago maybe I just hate these books where the heroine hero don't talk about things allowing gossip misunderstandings to ruin their relationship Damn people lay it all out let the chips fall where they may Don't move to another country I've gotta say an 18yr old boy can't take care of a terminally ill 18yr old girl And what girl wants her fuck buddy to have to wipe her ass clean up her vomit? Cuz I've had to care for a terminally ill person it is HARD Can't do it alone have to really love the person Who puts that kind of burden on a HS graduate? What about college? Idk book bothers me in so many ways

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    Four are you freaking kidding me? starsI hated this chick in this book She was ridiculous Seriously how annoyingThe guy was great I loved him What miraculous person because I would have told that chick to shove rice up her nose Just sayingAnd then?C L I F F H A N G E R LAME

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    A train wreck Both main characters are totally off their trolley tracks Complete messes with no hope for recovery Over the line nonsense that makes absolutely no sense Reality missed its mark here I didn’t connect with one tiny particle involved in this one I’m not going to spend too much time on this review either Supposedly two third graders fall into the forever after kind of love while playing spin the bottle Along the way to fourth or fifth grade something happens and I was never really sure what the biggie problem was – and still don’t – but something broke them apart At that point they are horrible to one another And some may argue that it’s Greysen that’s the mean and out of control side of the story but let me tell you Olivia was no angel She was just as mean a serious tease and out of control herself There’s an overload of crude rude and plain old stupid Way too much sex alcohol and drugs for high school seniors with absolutely no parental control No legal ramifications no police on the scene at the wild and unruly parties – and I just didn’t fall for any of it Add the fact that it ends with a big old ugly crazy unbelievably unrealistic cliffhanger And you know what? I don’t care to know if these two go over the cliff or saved themselves And after saying all that I could add a ton negative adjectives and it still wouldn’t be enough Pamela Ann’s writing isn’t the problem Fairly well written and a clean edit Otherwise my recommendation is to take a detour

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    This book is one serious bubbling pot of messed up People fall in love People break up People fall in lust People break up People fall in love People break upIt just goes on and on and on Until you're not uite sure why you started reading it in the first place

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    Well I'm so not surprised I can always count on Pamela to take me down memory lane when it come to roaring emotional reads This one is no exception Truly amazing tantalizing gut wrenching heart slamming and awe inspiring I say yes to Greyson Let's add him to all her other alphas she's given us A must read One click chicks get your finger's ready babes3

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    SERIOUSLY??? WHAT WAS THAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? I NEED THE SECOND BOOK RIGHT THIS SECONDPamela Ann never ceases to amaze me from her writing She is pure genius when it comes to angsty and hot romance I have never felt so frustrated by her books before but I have felt so many emotions and this was no differentOlivia and Greyson have been each other's first love first kiss and first heartache And as soon as they grew up they hated each other constantly But the time came and they can't fight the attraction any they resorted to a forbidden relationship Their scenario was very complicated Other's may think it's effed up but it was still love and no other feeling could compare from it Their story made me laugh at times it also made me tear up actually I teared up There was so much feelsDuring the end though I just wanted to scream and reach into the book and keep them together It was frustrating as hell to witness their hurt The last surprise at the end I can't help but feel that it was all a lie Just a lie to keep Greyson trapped and guilty I can't freaking wait for the next installment

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    Actual rating 25 stars Ladies don’t say I never warned you “You’ve always been mine” he murmured looking torn “You just wouldn’t allow it” Yup it’s true Greyson really was your typical arrogant self entitled manwhore jerk turned sappy and overly romantic and gasp in just a matter of days ladies gents Woop di doo; but I guess that’s the irony of it all – a double edged sword whereby I just can’t win either way I had a hatelovehate relationship with him I hated that he was SO obvious and cliché and bad boy and slutty in nature all the while being so protective possessive passionate and a social drug user if there ever was one I was wildly intrigued enad and totally “in like” and mad swooning for him Big time I really hated that But that’s not allI really love hated his undying passion for Oliva Liv She had the personality of a wooden plank Translation ZERO personality She was just like a blank sheet of paper and it was like the author was describing her “blankness” and how a paper is a paper you know? It was horrible But I have to admit that there were some very steamy hot bothersome scenes in this book that made for the perfect guilty pleasure read Like high voltage – sweaty goodness not suitable for kids kind of stuff which was totally mouth watering worth all the bull But the bull shall not be ignored It can’t be It bothered me too much and sort of ruined the whole experience for me; I would’ve rated this book so much higher if it wasn’t for these TWO disastrous issues 1 Liv was a cowardly “mind” slut who just strung guys along Her favorite pastime lying And it wasn’t the vulnerable likable kind of lying either Nor was it the completely evil and conniving but still somehow likable in all her badassery kind either It was the cowardly selfish kind And was it really plausible that she was a view spoilervirgin hide spoiler

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    8 starsno exclamationcoz i feel totally sadand I want to kill a witch with a capital BI just finished this novel around 1230 Midnight and I don't think sleep is a good thing to do after reading SUCH an endingit was toofrustrating? I just feel all this pent up hate but at the same time I feel tired yes tired Like all my energy got drained and I feel pretty depressed right now So Here I am online at 12 midnight to RANT And the worst thing is? I have to wait for months to read the next book how long??? I don't know so Please clue us in dear Author I've been waiting for this novel since November 18 the day I finished reading FOY so please don't let us wait for too long HAVE MERCY ON US I love this novel so much but if you hate cliffhangers DO NOT READ THIS novel coz gawwwd I want to turn back time and wait til the next book is out cozthis novel just messed up with my headThe story started really REALLY GOOD and Oh my god I was friggin' giggling for hours and I was all smiles and shit and the ending left meoh wait why am I talking about the ending already? Whatever I'm not gonna tell you much about the novel just that it's really good and it's worth your time I've read it in less than 8 hours so I'd recommend you read it without any disturbance to really feel the story AND Avoid any human interaction after reading the novel coz I do feel like punching someone right now just to release my pent up anger for that WHORE I hope she's lying and Please Dear author DO NOT HURT US THIS WAY Don't let it happen I don't friggin care if that 'HORSE' isARGHHH Now I'm looking for some really good novel to read to distract me for awhileand in a few hours they're going to release CHERISHED by Kelly Elliot so I hope it's gonna be a good distractionPamela Ann's novel can do that to you but damn I have to wait for a few months to read book 2 and a few months might be 6 months Fuckin A Nowwhen are you going to release UNVEILED? I thought you were going to release it last September? can't wait for Dimitri OMG It took me awhile to notice that I haven't mentioned the characters I've been busy ranting about that witchI totally loooooooooooooooooooooooove Greyson damn He's such a sweet guy and he's totally in love with Liv which is really cute The opening of the story's totally sweet I just want to kiss that eight year old Greyson who asked Liv to be his girlfriend how adorable You know what I love most about this novel?? That it was written with a dual POV how awesome is that?

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    OK even though there was so much bloody unnecessary drama there with young adults making their lives so unnecessarily difficult instead of just going with the flow and shutting off their unbelievably nonsense thought trail there was tension that kept me reading and you can't fault that It was actually pretty well portrayed cause I was thinking back on my own messy teenage years and yeah I guess we were all a bit crazy back then?And Edith was a Grade A bitch but you need one of those bullies in every book Nice reading for a change