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Absolute Resolve Part Two in The Coffee Cafe SeriesEach of the first five stories are individual stories and can be read in any order however they will all connect up in the sixthThe Coffee Cafe is a place where friends are made lovers meet and relationships begin Of course how they will end is yet to be knownNick is a new author his story has touched the hearts of every young girl in the UK and they all want a piece of him Literally​To escape the madness of celebrity life he retreats to the Yorkshire Dales to find solitude and peace to write his next best seller But fate is playing its hand when it throws a feisty young woman into his life Nick is unable to resist her charms but in trying to gain her heart his life is placed in danger as he struggles to uncover the truth about a dark secret​Can he save her from the dangerous men now hunting her down and give her the forever she deserves?​Contains adult language and adult scenes

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    Despite this being the second book Absolute Resolve was easy to read as you immediately began to understand the characters and develop feelings for them I personally developed an attachment to Mel the orphan with no identity who later becomes our protagonist’s love interest Not because she was female and I’m all for the “Girl Power” malarkey No I fell in love with Mel as she was a strong independent woman who rocked her tattoos and I’m a sucker for fictional characters like thatThe book itself is fast paced which works brilliantly and allows the story move forward I particularly thought it worked well with the characters of Nick and Mel as their lives are fast paced due to the fact that Nick appears to be needed in a million places at once due to his job as an author and Mel commits herself to the small community that she embraces as her entire family The one thing that I didn’t enjoy about the pace was the speed that Nick and Mel got together – one week However it does show that there is something special between these twoWith violence expletives and murder in the first couple of pages Claire successfully drew me in with her fantastic prologue which was definitely not meant for young readers or those of a nervous disposition It took me a while to fully grasp which character was given birth to in the prologue and this isn’t me exaggerating It took me around 10 chapters to resalise it OopsThe climax of the book had me holding onto my kindle for dear life and praying that what appeared to be inevitable wouldn’t happen Don’t even get me started on the epilogue I had genuine tears rolling down my cheeks at the sheer beauty of it The imagery and the idea of the blossoms on the tree had me shaking which is not a good thing at half past one in the morning when you’re supposed to be sleepingOverall I found Absolute Resolve a must read over the summer It has everything that you’ll need; romance action and a beautiful setting

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    Nick is a first time author and his book is doing really well He is doing interviews and book signings a lot but the problem is he is not really a people person and can't handle the fame On a night out with he's uncle they decide that he needs some time away from everything His uncle owns a cottage in the Dales so he goes to stay there for a while As soon as he gets there he meets a girl named Mel She is different and he is intrigued by her They start to bump into each other whilst out and about They become closer but will her past come back to haunt her and ruin everything? I really enjoyed this book it wasn't too long and i read it in a few hours It wasn't too deep and kept me intrigued to find out what was going to happen This is definitely a book that you can lose yourself in and i couldn't put it down until i had finished it I would recommend this book to people who don't have a lot of time but have to finish a book uickly I can't wait to read books in the series

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    I loved this book it's the second one in the series but a stand alone book in it's own right At one point I was worried that Mel and Nick might be twins luckily they weren't but I won't give away any of the story than thatIt wasn't the ending I was expecting I guess I expected nice and neat but the ending in the book was better and much suited to the charactersIt was well written the characters felt real and believable and I'd read work by this author

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    5 well deserved The second installment of the Coffee Cafe series Absolute Resolve is another winner just like its predecessor Bitter Reflections The building of a good plot around solid characters is one of McBride's fortes I fell in love with Nick from the start and his love for Mel is highly touching Overall a riveting emotional read that I would highly recommend Can't wait for the next in the Coffee Cafe series

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    This Coffee Café series book follows Nick an author through his wild ride with Mel a fiery girl he meets Although successful and popular as a new author Nick is uncomfortable in the spotlight When he meets Mel she’s most definitely likes the attention with all of her wild hair and tattoos However in falling for Mel Nick gets thrown into a darker web of secrets than he realized existed I really enjoyed the story of Nick trying to save himself and Mel in this twisting turning romance Having read the first book in the series I was somewhat familiar with the writer’s style and I think the characters are written well in this book Recommended for a not so traditional love storyReviewed by CrystalThis book was given free for an honest review

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    CRMcBride has done it again Brilliant read l loved this story l got so engrossed with Mel and Nick l felt l was outside looking in I got so into their love for each other l being a bit of a softy with tears flowing down my cheeks I couldn't wait to finish it and want l didn't want it to end great read keep it up