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Vanessa knows she should run in the other direction when Brendan enters her life Her sueaky clean upbringing is in direct opposition to his piercings a myriad of tattoos and the rumors that surround him But she doesn’t run Love betrayal and lies become the foundation of their lives but one heartbreaking confession makes Janessa uestion everything After a devastating diagnosis Janessa’s world crumbles around her When she can no longer ignore the reality of who Brendan really is she must choose between those who love her and the only one she has ever loved

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    This story felt like something that needs to be on the Lifetime Movie Network It's a heartfelt story about a girl who at thirteen meets the man she can't say no to They don't actually start dating until she is 15 but she knew that he was bad for her heart as soon as she saw him The attraction between the two of them was undeniable by anyone even though everyone knew they shouldn't be together Brendan has the ability to get Janessa to do anything and everything he wants even after breaking her heart over and over and over It starts with her being the girl on the side right from the beginning but who she is stealing him from comes as uite a shock She fights for his affections from two other men Personally I probably would have found the strength to be done with him right then My self esteem wouldn't be able to handle being with a man who also liked other men I would always wonder if he wanted me out of pity or if I was manly than womanly Janessa doesn't feel that way though and continues their relationshipOver the years Brendan calls or shows up in her life only to tear down her walls Whenever she feels like she has finally gotten things under control with her family he is there to destroy them again She knows what is happening and has no willpower to stop it She knows that she shouldn't be with him and should stay strong with her family but continues to destroy her family with her uncontrollable love for him She abandons everything putting her life into his hands by sleeping with him when he's HIV She does things to be with him that for some may seem like a normal teenage thing to do but in the end just hurts her It's a very well written story that will make you fear what your kids might get themselves into It will make you want to scream and cry and slap the crap out of Janessa In the end you can still find a way to understand why she does what she does The ending will help you to understand how she made it through and will not leave you hanging I liked it but I think I need to read something happy now

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    I received this book in exchange for a fair and honest review The opinons in this review are 100% my ownThis book is amazing I think every teenage girl should read this around the time they start dating Often girls pick the wrong guy and stay with him no matter the cost I was in Janessa's shoes so to speak at one time Although our situations were not identical I was dating a guy my family did not like I drove a wedge between relationships between myself and those that loved meI found myself wondering what Brendan would next and shocked that Janessa forgave him time and time again I give this book a 5 out of 5

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    Tough Love was one of those books that just grabbed you from the start The characters were so relatable for something that could have happened to any teenage girl I always had low self esteem when I was a young girl and always tried to get the guy that I knew was totally not right for me I feel like this is what Janessa was doing She was obssessed with the though of being with this older and mysterious man named Brendan The attraction that happens between Janessa and Brendan is undeniable Everyone around them does not want them to be together but they just can not be apart Brendan has the ability to have a mind hold on Janessa to where she will forgive him for all of his wrongs in a heartbeat even cheating I couldn't believe when it was made known that Brendan was living with two other man and being affectionate with them If I would have been Janessa I would have given up my fight right there She holds on strong though and continues to try and be his one and only Years go by and Brendan is still in and out of Janessa's life Two years of this she finally feels like she has gotten her family life back together and his her head back on straight Brendan shows right back up and starts to tear down her strong walls once again She goes on with recklessness even sleeping with him when she knows that he is HIV positive At this point I am thinking that this girl has no regard for even her own health I loved how the author bounced back and forth to explain the back story between Janessa and Brendan with the past and her visiting him on his death bed in the hospital in the present Her husband is so supportive and I know that some would not understand why their wife would be going to see an ex lover especially one that did her as wrong as Brendan did Even though you may get frustrated with Janessa's character along the way her heart is definitely in the right place I give this story FIVE stars and I can not wait to read from Marcie BridgesDisclosure I was given a copy of this book to give my open and honest opinion All thoughts are my own

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    Tough Love caught me by surprise I was expecting a good girl bad boy drama filled romance While Janessa was a good girl and Brendan is a bad boy the issues were not actually what I was expecting to find There are a lot of tough issues dealt with in this book especially considering the time frame that it was set in Things many authors would avoid Marcie A Bridges tackles in a brave and moving wayThe characters in this book are very believable Janessa starts as a 13 year old girl and I love how well Bridges writes about her She is a typical angst filled little girl spotting a cute boy and being shy about it all I even found her progression throughout the relationships to be believable As a former angst filled teen I could relate with her I could also see what she was doing wrong and I kept hoping she would change thingsBrendan is a user I hope that isn’t a spoiler but I just felt that he used people for everything; financial emotional and physical support It made him a very unlikable character Again though I found him believable There are plenty of people like him out there in the world The secondary characters are great They had very typical responses not boring but definitely what I would expect from them as Janessa and Brendan’s relationship progressed I really enjoyed this book I felt like I was being told a good friend’s hard past I felt for Janessa and even by the end Brendan a little bit I think that this was a beautifully written story that shows how love can be blind and that you can overcome your past I may not have gotten exactly what I was expecting but I was not disappointed in what I did read A wonderful first book for budding author Marcie A Bridges I received an e copy of this book in exchange for my honest review All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own

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    When I hastily read the blurb for this title I mistook it for a romance which was totally my mistake This book is not a romance and even before a uarter of a way through it’s clear that the book is going to be a tragedy of sorts That said this is not my genre of choice but I did enjoy this storyI would call it Young Adult or New Adult Literary Fiction If that’s you this is a well written drama that you’ll want to check out The story moves back and forth through time and memories but each jump is clearly defined with dates and it is not hard to follow It’s about a young girl’s addiction with the wrong boy her journey and the choices she made Every teenage girl struggles with relationships and has met and maybe dated the wrong boy Love never makes sense at that age and this novel does a great job of portraying the struggle of a girl’s heart and head wanting two different things

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    THis is truly an amazing book I am so glad I won this bookJanessa Daily is a young lady that goes through some terrible things Then she meets a man by the name of Brendan there is something about Brendan that keeps her going back Even though her best friend Aimee warned her about Brendan Does Janessa end up finally giving up on Brendan? Or does she keep going back?? You'll just have to read it

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    I started crying early in the book and kept crying until they were happy tears The picture of Janessa's pain this book painted in my head made some chapters difficult to read but made her triumph even sweeter A beautiful story over all and very inspiring Helps you remember that your family and your faith are sometimes all that you have and all that you need to see you through to a time when you can stand on your own 2 feet again

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    Awesome storyThis is such a beautiful story about how a young woman had make the right decisions about her love life I loved how she throughout the years learned from her past mistakes I couldn't put this book down I loved it