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Kennedy's book on the tarnished and enigmatic Rose is exceptional Like the best writing about sport Liebling Angell it ualifies as stirring literature I'd read Kennedy no matter what he writes about Richard FordPete Rose played baseball with a singular and headfirst abandon that endeared him to fans and peers even as it riled others a figure at once magnetic beloved and polarizing Rose has base hits than anyone in history yet he is not in the Hall of Fame Twenty five years ago he was banished from baseball for gambling then ruled ineligible for Cooperstown; today the uestion Does Pete Rose belong in the Hall of Fame? has evolved into perhaps the most provocative in sports a layered slippery and ever relevant moral conundrumHow do we evaluate the Hit King now at a time when steroid cheats appear on the Hall of Fame ballot even as Rose is denied? What do we make of this happily unrepentant gambler this shameless but beguiling showman whose postbaseball journey has led him to a curious reality show and to the streets of Cooperstown to hawk his signature his story himself?Best selling author Kostya Kennedy delivers an evocative answer in his fascinating re examination of Pete Rose's life; from his cocky and charismatic early years through his storied playing career to his bitter war against baseball's hierarchy to the man we find today still incorrigible still adored by many Where has his improbable saga landed him in the redefined post steroid world? Do we feel any differently about Pete Rose today? Should we?

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    Having a big time prejudice against Pete Rose I enjoyed this much than I thought I would I knew that Rose was a crudecockyshallow man but what I learned was he is what he is he has never pretended to be anything else I can respect that Probably many sport stars are not people I would admire but pretend to be than they are I hadn't known how hard Rose worked to succeed in baseball harder than most what he lacked in natural talent he made up for in sheer determination His incredible work ethic awards honors and record making statistics combined with his passion for the game seem greater than the man Without knowing a lot about the Hall of Fame I think Rose should have a chance to be inducted and that is a big change in attitude for me because of this book

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    This review is from Pete Rose An American Dilemma Kindle Edition This is a very fine biography that highlights the ups and down of an American enigma The book is an easy read and fortunately doesn't dwell on minutiae as some biographies often do It focuses on the personality of Rose as influenced heavily by his father Harry but there is no deep pycho babble analysis of Rose Indeed it appears that no one truly understands the man; not his brother Dave his son Petey Jr and perhaps not even his first two wives Yet we can all agree from reading Kennedy's book that Rose is crude coarse and often a total jerkAnd yet he was never a drinker or one to stay up late As former Baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent said Rose is a man without a moral compass Money seems to be the driving force behind the man since his 1989 banishment And yet Rose will treat the average Joe or acuaintance with utmost respect at social events where the elite meet to drink and eat He is in that sense the common man; a blue collar man of a different uniform who knows how to lick the hard times in life And as a leader or cheerleader there can be no doubt of his prowess and commitment to his team and to the game of baseball No man except perhaps Cobb ever played with as much intensity and desire to overcome his limited skills to become a living legend He was so admired that he made the all century team in 1999 despite his banishment from the game that was his life Kennedy raises the often debated uestions that still occupy Facebook Goodreads baseball discussions and provides a balanced take on them Did Rose gratuitously crush Ray Fosse's shoulder unnecessarily in the 1970 All Star game or was it a collision caused by Fosse's block of the plate in the 14th inning of a game with few opportunities to win Was Jim Gray a jerk for his postgame interviewHint he still is or was it newsworthy? Should the man who steadfastly lied about gambling on baseball for 15 years and who was sentenced to federal prison be permanently banned from eligibility to the Hall of Fame or should a 25 year ban from baseball be sufficient deterrence and punishment? Should an ad hoc committee picked by the Hall of Directors stacked against Rose at its inception continue to block admission to one of the greatest players of any generation? I can judge the man morally flawed and egocentric and still find that he belongs in baseball's shrine of honor To do otherwise is to turn a blind eye to a man who humbled himself before hundreds at the 25th anniversary of his 4193rd hit and begged for forgiveness for having disrespected the game that he loved Rose never cheated the game his numbers are not artificial He belongs Thank you again Mr Kennedy for writing a very fine and timely book PS I loved 56 as well

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    By making Rose not exactly likable but sympathetic than I ever would've expected Kennedy has pulled off uite a literary feat That's not to suggest that he goes easy on Rose far from it; he presents the man in all his brazen arrogance and venality but also credits his monomaniacal passion and dedication to the game and his generous praise of teammates and opponents Regarding the Hall of Fame debate Kennedy is impressively even handed giving voice to all sides avoiding getting preachy on the topic himself Near the end of book Kennedy sums up Rose thusly Rose may be given to lies to stretching a story to saying one thing one day and another the next but there remains an unassailability in the way he lives his life stripped bare busting his ass to first base or on his latest autograph shift no matter who is hooting at him Take me as I am Pay me Pete Rose will never be a man to whom cardinal virtues can be ascribed and yet in the impression he leaves and in the essence of what he projects he may be one of the few honest people that you will ever meetRose should be thankful for having a biographer of such fair minded insight and stylish prose even if he didn't get a cut of the royaltiesIn some ways the compelling figures in the book are Rose's son Petey Jr who toiled in Minor leagues for nearly 2000 games enduring endless heckling from ugly fans with only one brief call up to the Bigs to show for it and Rose's older brother Dave a Vietnam vet who according to many was a much better athlete than Pete but ended up working as a cook in his famous brother's restaurants rarely hearing a word over the years from Charlie Hustle who apparently was too busy hustling for his next appearance fee

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    35 starsThis was suppose to be the summer of baseball for me I bought loads of tickets and I cleared time So now I'm loosing my mind and I picked this up to understand what the big deal was with Pete Rose was I hear old timers argue endlessly about him today so it still bothers baseball fans The book was well written clear and concise I was thrilled reading about the race for Ty Cobb's record I don't know if it was Kennedy's goal but I honestly felt sorry for Rose Take me out to the ball game

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    Rating 5 of 5 stars outstandingReviewPete Rose has been one of the most polarizing figures in baseball for the last 25 years In that time he signed an agreement that permanently banned him from associating with Major League Baseball has admitted in a tell all book that he bet on baseball after denying so for over 15 years spent time in prison for tax evasion hawked as much memorabilia and as many autographs as he could and yet still have a lot of support to win reinstatement and enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame All of these topics and are covered in Kostya Kennedy’s outstanding book on RoseThis isn’t a typical biography in which the story of the subject is told from birth to present day Oh sure there are pages about Rose’s youth his relationship with his father and his climb from the minor leagues to the Cincinnati Reds However the focus of the book is on Rose and the manner in which he handles himself with the ban from baseball There are several chapters interspersed throughout the book on his presence in Cooperstown New York during the weekend in 2012 when two players were inducted into the Hall of Fame These stories of Rose and his presence in the hamlet selling anything he can while at the same time being banned from enshrinement in the museum less than a mile away on Main Street smacks of part irony part melancholy Kennedy makes the reader feel like he or she is experiencing induction weekend in Cooperstown during these chapters When Barry Larkin one of the players inducted that year mentions Rose during his acceptance speech the reader cannot help but feel Rose is there thanks to the prose of KennedyOther topics which are captured and vividly described by Kennedy are Rose’s relationship with his oldest son Pete Jr Here another emotional event is illustrated well when Pete Jr makes his major league debut with the Reds in 1997 but cannot enjoy the moment with his father in the clubhouse because of the ban However my favorite chapter in the book was chapter 17 simply titled “Gate Keepers” The first paragraph in this chapter is all you need to know in order to understand the title It ends with the phrase “Keep Pete Rose out of the Baseball Hall of Fame” This was the meeting in 1991 when a special committee met and drafted the rule that became known as the Pete Rose rule – simply that a person on baseball’s ineligible list shall not be eligible to be elected to the Hall of Fame Kennedy can barely hide the contempt for this rule calling it “the greatest disservice to be inflicted upon the Hall of Fame induction process” and further stating that nothing else “has so deeply stained the procedure nor delivered such a blow to the integrity of the process as a whole” This shows that not only has Kennedy done his research but that he has a deep passion for the topic His writing is a reflection of that passion No matter how the reader feels about Rose and whether or not he belongs in the Hall of Fame this outstanding book should be read by every baseball fan The stories are rich the research through the interviews with other players and Rose’s family members riveting and the entire book is a fine work by Kennedy Did I skim?No Pace of the book Excellent Kennedy’s writing keeps the reader engrossed and the pages turning whether the topic is Rose hustling to third base on a hit the gambling investigation Pete Jr or the latest sale of Rose merchandise in Cooperstown Do I recommend? This is a must read book for any baseball fan It doesn’t matter whether you like Rose or not nor does it matter how the reader feels about whether or not Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame this book will keep the reader rivetedBook Format Reade book Nook

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    As the title indicates Rose represents a dilemma The main issue is whether he should be allowed on the Hall of Fame ballot after being banished from baseball Being banished from the game and its official activities is not the same thing as being eligible for the Hall In light of multiple recent steroid offenses since the Rose exile there is a strong case for his eligibility Steroids' users compromised the integrity of the game and its records far worse than any offenses Rose committed and yet Bonds et al are all on the ballot The author does present the other side Rose was defiant for years and refused to admit he bet on baseball and his public conduct by freuenting Vegas and continuing to gamble has done little to aid his cause As Kennedy shows in this well written book Rose was a victim of his own excess and poor legal representation He unwisely accepted an arrangement that would come back to haunt him Part of that was certainly a product of his own arrogance and part of it was inadeuate legal counsel His problems were compounded when Fay Vincent became commissioner and clearly maintained a vendetta against Rose An interesting sub plot is the career of his son Pete Rose Jr who kicked around for years in the minors and enjoyed only a brief stint in the majors He would be subject to relentless abuse for the sins of his father As for Pete he finally succumbed and did confess to his misdeeds; perhaps too late for his redemption In an era of bogus records and players who approach the game in a lax even lazy fashion Rose remains a model for how the game should be played on the field He was Charley Hustle and he is the all time hits leader They were clean hits unaided by performance enhancing substances The commissioner and Hall of Fame needs to acknowledge that by making him eligible and letting the voters decide

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    I'm just like everybody else I have two arms two legs legs and four thousand hitsI love this uote from Pete Rose It shows his sense of humor as well as his arrogance and the fact he is kind of a jerk Pete Rose An American Dilemma by Kostya Kennedy is a uick and detailed book that works sometimes succesfully sometimes not to drill down and gain an understanding of the famous baseball playerThe dilemma he addresses is of course should Pete Rose be allowed into the baseball hall of fameKennedy manages to paint a complete picture of Rose Yes Pete bet on baseball Yes he lied about that too In fact Pete Rose comes across as the kind of self centered cheating on his wife ignoring his kids kind of bastard we all think he is But like all of us there are other layers there too Pete is an exceptional baseball player Pete is loyal to his family and friends So the uestion remains should the all time hits leader in baseball be allowed into the MLB hall of fame?I asked around Gaylord Perry wouldn't comment because he was too busy working on his spitball Don Sutton and Whitey Ford answered but to be honest I couldn't hear what they said over the noise they were making scuffing and cutting up their baseballs Ty Cobb told me his thoughts and then he started to beat up a handicapped man most of what he said was then a little racist too Roberto Alomar spit at me MLB Commissioner Landis was too busy working on segregating baseball to answerin other words there is no way he should be joining such a pure and illustrious groupGood book though

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    The fact that Pete Rose for all his warts and personal failings is still not in the Hall of Fame after 25 years is one of the great slights in the history of the game of baseball To be sure Rose is a deeply flawed man whose personal failings deserve the punishment he's received but when all is said and done a hall of fame which fails to include the hits leader is a joke Cobb and Speaker threw a game for money and are in Cap Anson was a racist of the highest order Gaylord Perry is famous and enshrined for an illegal pitch yet Peter Edward Rose is still out even after he has admitted his faults When will enough be enough?Kostya Kennedy's book is a balanced look at Rose and delivers his story with clear eyes and a great deal of heart He's a sportswriter of the highest order and the scholarship and heart that he lends to Rose's story in this book is considerable I am very pleased to have read this book

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    Pete Rose the one many compare to Ty Cobb as their intensity for the game of baseball was similar and unmatched by any others The all time hit king of the MLB any true fan of Pete Rose needs to read this book it is great for anybody that is fond of Pete Even though he is a nasty little jerk he is able to show the most respect to the common man as his on field persona doesn't define him as a man Many of his lessons were taught to him as a Child by his father who was a great athlete who continued to play tackle football well into his 40's; he would run sprints home after bad games this type of mentality would be taught to Pete at a young age After every little league game him and his dad would review the good and bad of the game and his father would always say if Pete went 3 for 5 in a game why didn't he go 4 for 5 Those type of things would turn Pete into the man he is today although he has had some slip ups such as the gambling scandal This book was a great book for baseball fans but can get a little boring and you can become lost at some parts but if you're a Pete rose or baseball fan it is a must read

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    Pete Rose is a performance artist These days he makes a very nice living just getting up in the morning and becoming the character known as Pete Rose the only living baseball player on baseball’s ineligible list Pete was not called “Charlie Hustle” for nothing and the same hustle that made him one of the most special baseball players of his era is still evident today But now Pete is playing a different kind of game and his hustle is focused on how much money he can “earn” by signing his name for fans who are as fascinated by him today as they ever were when he played the game Signing autographs is a full time job for Pete Charlie Hustle is very much alive and well and he makes over one million dollars a year with his trusty penRose has of course also been kept off the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot since being accused of betting on baseball games during his tenure as playermanager for his hometown Cincinnati Reds In Pete Rose An American Dilemma Kostya Kennedy focuses on this aspect of Rose’s life and legacy Kennedy builds a strong case for admitting Rose to the Hall of Fame a case largely built on the man’s career numbers he is after all the all time hits leader in the history of baseball but Kennedy’s argument goes further than thatHow can the HOF Kennedy argues dare keep Pete Rose out of consideration for admittance when it allows every steroid cheat the opportunity to be voted in? That group of cheaters so the argument goes has done actual damage to the game by distorting the very career statistics that baseball fans hold dearest Babe Ruth Hank Aaron and Roger Maris have been upstaged by a bunch of steroid stuffed cheats Their damage is done; it is real and it is permanent Pete Rose on the other hand is banned from the Hall because of potential damage he might have done to the game’s integrity by betting on games he was part of Which is worse? Readers will be pleased to find that Kennedy has included a very frank biography of Rose here one that exposes Rose for the cold hearted narcissist that he is These sections of the book will win Rose no fans and are likely to lose him than a few But that is Pete Rose the man not Pete Rose the baseball player I have long been of the opinion that Rose should be in the Hall and people like Mark McGuire Barry Bonds Sammy Sosa etc should never be allowed in Pete Rose An American Dilemma has removed the last little bit of doubt I still had