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1734 When a young country lad comes looking for his sister who’s run away to Leeds Constable Richard Nottingham isn’t optimistic; too many girls come seeking their fortune But before a day has passed the young man is found dead his throat cut Who could have wanted him dead?The Leeds Nottingham knows is changing Someone is vandalising the charity school his daughter has founded There are plans to reopen the workhouse And Tom Finer a criminal who vanished years before has returnedThen the girl the young man came seeking is dragged from the river drowned Nottingham John Sedgwick and Rob Lister find themselves investigating killings where nothing is as it seems

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    Find this and other reviews at by a gorgeous piece of cover art I uncharacteristically opted out of my usual background reading threw caution to the wind and jumped into Chris Nickson's Fair and Tender Ladies a virtual blank slate far familiar with the folk song from which it took its name than I was the author or his workA uick read I found Nickson's work refreshingly entertaining Where most period mysteries focus in some way on the privileged upper class Fair and Tender Ladies takes place in the streets among the every day citizens of Leeds Never having studied the city I can't speak to the accuracy of Nickson's portrayal but I found the atmosphere he created within these pages the authentic uality of the town and its inhabitants very appealingAgain not having read this author before I was pleased to discover Fair and Tender Ladies was written as a stand alone Having started with the latest installment of the Richard Nottingham series I feared I'd be forced to play catch up for much of the novel but this was not the case While their pasts aren't fully explained Nickson provides enough insight for new readers to feel as familiar with his cast as his older fan base A character driven story with well plotted mystery Fair and Tender Ladies is a cleverly penned historical rich in dramatic and period detail

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    Sixth and I think last in this series set in 1730's Leeds UK that features Richard Nottingham Constable of Leeds I've thoroughly enjoyed this series from the beginning and while part of me is sad that there won't be any part of me acknowledges that it was time to end it and the author did so graciously It was a hard book to read because of the grief and bother afflicting some of the beloved characters but still very worth it The mystery was uite easy to sort out and sometimes I wanted to clout the main character on the head for not getting it but it was always the characters and sense of time and place that drew me to this series not the actual mysteryThankfully this excellent author has several other historical series going so I shan't be deprived of his great stories anyway

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    A bit different for me but a nice read Very well played by the author leading you right to the very end to find out who done it

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    This was a very sad book Can't say too much without giving the plot awayA good read despite that

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    Awwwthese folks are friendssad to say goodbye

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    I returned to Leeds for a riveting visit with Richard Nottingham as he continues to do what he has always done best solve crimes with his wit and his heart Chris Nickson tells a spellbinding story taking the reader with him into the hearts and minds of the citizens of this city as they existed in 1734I should digress here and tell you to hop on over to com and purchase Convalescence This short novel for a tiny price can precede your reading of Fair and Tender Ladies until publicationNickson like his protagonist the Constable has a love and an intimate knowledge of the city Why Leeds? he has said It's where I was born and raised and that puts a place in your bones You know it the way you can never uite know anywhere else Nothing enhances my literary appreciation like solid historical facts and appropriate period detailsEmily Nottingham the Constable's only living relative is in danger as are many young women Why is that and how do these and other murders and crimes tie into each other or do they? What would Nottingham do without his right hand man Deputy Sedgewick?Answers to all of these uestions had me biting my nails as I finished the book Relief of a sort was followed by wondering what will happen to Leeds if a certain letter is delivered How much time will elapse until we see the Constable again?Were I you I would purchase Convalescence this very moment and preorder and read Fair and Tender Ladies I am pleased to be able to designate this a Five Star mystery novel in my review Recommended to historical and mystery lovers and anyone at all who enjoys a well written period tale Off to my next Nottingham read

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    Fair and Tender Ladies by Chris Nickson is the sixth book in the Richard Nottingham Historical Series Coming in to a series is never optimal but this books seems to stand well on its own Heaven knows that there is usually a lot of textural depth to a series but if wishes were fishes we'd all cast netsThis book set in Leeds England in 1734 follows the life of Richard Nottingham Constable and the lives of his his daughter Emily and the Constable's deputies It starts with a suspected murderer being stabbed by a mob moves on to a young farmer looking for his runaway teen sister and before long the constable is investigating one then two then three murders Also someone is vandalizing the school for girls that his daughter runs The body count is small and the Mr Nickson is a subtle writer Descriptions and characters are swift and sparse and the majority of the book consists of Richard and his two main deputies walking over Leeds and talking to it many and varied citizens These scenes too are rather spare and for a time I felt like a needed a dramatis personae to keep track of everyoneAbout a third of the way in I noticed something with all of these nagging little complaints still on my mind I was moving briskly through the novel There is a lot to be said for many weapons of the writers arsenal but one that is usually overlooked is the ability to make the reader want to know what happens next Sure this book is low keyed but I cared about the characters and their story They were grounded and real and deeper into the book the story became tense and even tragic Understand that this is not a book full of fireworks and stunt writing; but Mr Nickson seems to understand that sometimes the best way to cook is with a low slow flame

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    In Chris Nickson’s Fair and Tender Ladies three members of the Leeds constabulary try to find a murderer in 1734 Unfortunately it didn’t live up to my expectations The structure was messy as the narrative got passed back and forth between Richard Nottingham Rob Lister and John Sedgwick so rapidly that you have to pay careful attention to the next bit of dialog to figure out who the narrator is The exposition and descriptions are sketchy to non existent The plot is thin The characters are unfocused The ending is rushed And there are historical errors that annoyed me Read the rest of my review at A Bookish Type I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review consideration

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    “Fair and Tender Ladies” by Chris Nickson is the latest in the Richard Nottingham series This series is a great selection for those readers who love historical mysteries The series takes place in the 1730s and the main character Richard Nottingham is the Constable of Leedshttpwwwreadamysterywithmeblogspo

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    I've enjoyed all the books in this series although this one wasn't my favorite I've found myself getting depressed over Richard's ongoing depression At one point I was thinking that I hoped there would be some dramatic event that would knock the constable out of his fugue A few pages later there was certainly a dramatic event but it wasn't what I had in mind