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For twenty three years Cross Carlson was a playboy You know the type Tall dark and wealthy Blue eyed Charming He seemed to have it all so easy But Cross was harboring a terrible secret one that helped ruin the life of an innocent girl and almost ended his ownFinally out of the hospital Cross is flailing scarred in both body and mind and stifled by the weight of the secret he still keeps The only way to absolution lies in a Mexican convent and going there could cost him everythingIf there's anyone who knows what it's like to screw up big time it's Meredith Kinsey Just a few years ago Merri was an ordinary girl with a job at her college newspaper and white picket fence kind of dreams Now she's holed up in a Mexican convent hiding from a drug lord who thinks he owns herWhat happens when the only way out of hell is with the son of the man who put you there? They say love conuers all but does it really?

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    45 Fracking StarsTaming Cross is the journey of Cross Carlson; a journey that takes him to Mexico to right the wrongs of his father to rid himself of the guilt for his own actions and a journey that leads him on a path he never expected Cross has woken from his coma but he is a long way from being whole He’s not the man he used to be and he isn’t uite sure if he’ll ever be He’s had plenty of time to think about what almost happened to him and Lizzy and what did happen to Merri Missy King Merri has been gone for nearly two years College student turned escort sold as a sex slave and now seeking refuge within the walls of a Catholic clinic in Mexico Bad decisions have turned her life upside down and just when she’s ready to pay for her sins she sees an Angel Cross Cross isn’t sure if he will be able to find Merri but he knows he has to at least try His silence can’t go unpunished And when he does find Merri he also finds himself in the cross hairs of the cartel as he attempts to bring his father’s former mistress across the borderMerri isn’t sure why this man is there to rescue her she only knows him as Evan and thinks he has been contracted by some government agency to bring her home She never expected to fall for the man who saved her and she never anticipated that her Evan was the view spoilerson of the married man she was having an affair with As for Cross the idea of falling for a woman that was his father’s dirty little secret was not something he was worried about hide spoiler

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    I remember absolutely loving Book 1 Selling Scarlett but I didn't really warmed up to Cross Carlson then so I keep putting off this book So I am amazed to find out I love this one just as muchCross Carlson the guy who spent almost the entire Book 1 being in coma after a motorcycle accident was now on a mission to save his father's mistress who was being sold to Mexico as sex slave After the awful accident that nearly took his life Cross had lost the functionality of his left hand his body was scarred and suffering from occasional severe pain attack Despite his less than stellar condition he was committed to right the wrongMeredith Kinsey aka Missy King used to be a journalist grad student on the path to a successful career but due to some wrong choices in life she ended up being a mistress to a politician and now a sex slave in Mexico How did someone screwed up their life so drastically?By hiding his true identity Cross tracked down Merri and convinced her to escape with him she was hiding at a convent clinic She was initially wavy of his intention wondering who was he working for But due to the life threatening situation they were thrown in Merri decided to make the leap of faith and escape with himAlthough Cross was not at his best of health condition we can't denied that he was like a knight on shining motorcycle travelling cross country to save the damsel in distress Merri He was simply heroic and selfless and it breaks my heart to see him being all battered and bruise up throughout the book I find Cross and Merri interaction and romance uite poignant She simply don't understand who would sent this handicap and scarred man to rescue her They were this two lost soul in this evil world I don't even want to mention about Cross awful family Merri had a seriously case of bad luck in her life and meeting Cross was the best thing that ever happened to her However when she find out Cross real identity can she able to accept him for who he is?We also managed to do a little catch up with Lizzy and Hunter Marchant and Suri also made their appearance The evil Priscilla Heat was still alive I wonder when will they get rid of her for good and wrap up the issue with the human trafficking view spoiler I don't understand why did Merri was so reluctant to tell Cross about having sex with Jesus in front of others For God Sake the guy knew you were sold as a sex slave I would have expect her to be gangbang seven ways to Sunday hide spoiler

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    This book is the second in the series although I haven't read that one and as such can be read as a stand alone bookTaming Cross is a book that deals with the subject of sex slaves illegal activities and violence If you don't like any of those subjects then this book is not for youHowever saying that this book is a romance that will take you for a ride on the main male's hybrid motorbike There is not a single drop in the action except for where it is needed ie when a hospital visit is being played out You don't know who to trust where it will go next and you will find yourself egging on the main characters and wishing nasty things on the 'villains'The plot is fast but well paced and the characters are written with depth and their own individual characters Cross is a flawed man which only makes him loveable in this story and Merri is almost too soft but I'm guessing that is what makes their story work And to be fair I haven't been in Merri's situation thank god so I don't know how I would react either She does show an internal backbone though as she has survived in situations that most people wouldn'tA brilliant read that made me stay up late to finish The only downside for me is that I wish I had read the first book first as I think it would have made some of the history of this book make a bit sense to me BUT this is a standalone book so that is just my opinion on how I like to read and does nothing to detract from this storyline I was lucky enough to be given this book in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    Taming Cross By Ella JamesReview By Amber Haynes NerdGirlAmbz This book is the second in a series Although I have not read the first book which believe me NOW I am going too This book can be read as a standalone This book has it all Mystery love intrigue sadness drama heroism and much It is a captivating storyline The author writes as if she has lived the story This tells me that not only is she an intelligent writer but that she also researches very well before writing about specific topicsI do not want to give any spoilers away so I will be brief This story takes adventure seriously It captures your attention and sucks you in I love that about this story Cross injured in an accident and left sort of disabled and in pain decides to be a hero in this book He embarks on an incredible journey filled with drug cartels drama danger and undeniable connections Cross learns new things and travels to Mexico for a search and rescue There he tangles with a drug lord and makes and unusual but undeniable connection to a lovely lady Merri The end leaves you hanging a bit but isn’t that the point? This author sucks you in and leaves you wanting This story is action packed and the characters are beautifully written They have a depth and creativity I have not seen in a while The storyline is fast paced and leave you guessing at every turn I constantly found myself thinking I knew where this story was going and I was wrong EVERY time The only downfall I have is my own That being that I need to now read the first book because I am hooked I look forward to reading a third installment to this seriesIf you would like to know about the exhilarating characters and amazing storyline then you will just have to read this story yourself I recommend that you do and soon

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    Taming Cross is the second book in the Love Inc series and the book’s description on indicates that it can be read as a standalone However before I even finished the first chapter I began to feel uneasy about continuing with the story Although the narrative summarizes significant details from the first book to show the connection between Cross and Merri the information was too vague to satisfy my curiosity about the events that took place earlier to land these two characters into their current situation I decided to backtrack to the beginning and read Selling Scarlett before I went any further with the second book and I’m so glad I did because it enriched my reading experience Taming Cross features Cross and Merri’s love story and the plot continues two months after the end of book one In both books the story is presented in present tense that establishes sense of immediacy about the events occurring and intensifies the action Even though I enjoy stories that are narrated in the present tense I’m also wary of this techniue because I’ve read works where the tense was inconsistent with the author inadvertently slipping into the past tense which interrupts the flow of the story I’m happy to say that James is successful in creating a vivid story where the action seems to leap off of the page I also appreciated having the story narrated from both Cross’s and Merri’s points of view Otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to like either character Cross in a minor character in the first book and I just didn’t connect with his seemingly easy going lifestyle Although we don’t meet Merri in the first book it’s easy to understand why Cross doesn’t like her Rumors indicate she was a mistress of Cross’s father and Merri’s relationship with this man of prominence makes her a target for the emotionless despicable villains who kidnap and sell her into sex slavery in Mexico Although Cross thinks Merri is a prostitute blackmailer and his father’s whore he feels guilty that he didn’t tell anyone about his knowledge of and his father’s involvement in her disappearance Because of the trauma he’s recently suffered he can now empathize with her plight Because he has evidence of his father’s illicit activities his life was almost destroyed As a result he is determined to find Merri and bring her back to the US no matter how he feels about her James has done an excellent job in creating realistic complex characters who struggle with their pasts She shows how their histories their vulnerabilities and their mistakes have shaped them into the characters we meet in this book As I read I could feel the intense and raw emotions of each character as they sort out their feelings for each other Their relationship is awkward it’s painful and it’s ultimately healing I was mesmerized by their perilous emotional and physical journey to escape the demons following them James does a great job in tearing down the playboy and prostitute façade and revealing two imperfect characters who truly deserve happiness I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Full review and guest post can be found here Cross was such a fracking exciting book It was stressful and frustrating and scary and sweet you will experience the whole range of emotions with this one When we last saw Cross at the end of Selling Scarlett he wasn't in a good place He had been injured pretty badly in a motorcycle accident then almost sold to a nasty Mexican drug cartel along with his BFF Lizzy As he's recouperating his thoughts turn to Merri the mistress his father had taken then had sold to the same group of people And Cross decides he's had it with his awful father and goes down there to rescue her When he finds her they start running for their lives and almost lose them time and time again before it's all over Cross is such an amazing character The guy is so damaged both physically and emotionally it's a wonder he hasn't gone blooming crazy His parents especially his father are the worst sort His job that he loves reuires him to work with his hands and now he's lost the use of one of them The girl he liked is engaged to someone else And guilt is eating him alive Yet he digs deep and does what everyone would consider impossible he heads into the bowels of the Mexican drug cartel to find the girl that he feels like he abandoned down there Cross was the source of most of my angst He truly is a good guy and he has put so much pressure and blame on himself and it's not right He feels unlovable and not useful It breaks my heart Meredith Kinsey was also done well She was sold to the head of a nasty cartel and passed off as his girlfriend even though he was gay Eventually she escaped to a convent but things are about to go south in a bad way when Cross shows up pretending to be Evan a bounty hunter working with the US government Of course she isn't going to trust him but she still escapes with him because he's the lesser of two evils Merri is such a strong woman She has endured the absolute worst things and all because she was just a victim of circumstance Then she's being shot at by the people who want to take her back And then she's with the son of her worst enemy She has every reason to break but she doesn't In fact as it turns out She and Cross are the medicine that each of them need Taming Cross is told in dual POV Have I mentioned how much I love dual POV stories? I love that we get both sides of the story from the people living them And in this case getting inside Cross' head was so valuable to my understanding of the story We get to see little glimpses of Lizzie and Hunter the characters from Selling Scarlett That's always nice We also see a few other characters from the first book Suri and Marchant I think my only complaint about Taming Cross was the ending I feel like there were still a bunch of loose ends that didn't get tied up But I trust Ella James to bring those stories to a satisfying close in the final Love Inc book Unmaking Marchant

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    Taming Cross is the much anticipated second in the Love Inc series by Ella James Although the covers appear pretty erotic I prefer to refer to the series as saucy romance but it’s less on the sauce in this tale about Cross Carlson than we witnessed in the first book Selling ScarlettTo be honest I wasn’t really sure how I felt about that to begin SS was full of sexual tension and HOT moments that had the reader biting at the bullet for something to freakin’ happen already between the two MC’s Well for a long time I couldn’t uite get past that the build up was a lot slower in Taming Cross as well as a lot different and the sexual tension whilst still there in parts and eventually was very much subtleHowever once I’d stepped back from trying to compare it plot wise to its preceding title I realised that Taming Cross was in actual fact every bit as good It was just different And as much as the next person I have to respect when each new book in a series brings something fresh to the tableAnyhoo that out of the way Cross Carlson recovering ‘victim’ of a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma which led to a stroke and resulted in him partially disabled gets worn down by his guilt of having known about the overly unfortunate circumstances forced on his father’s ex mistress and just HAS to roar off to Mexico to save herUnexpected to him—but not so much to the reader—is the instant attractionconnection he feels toward one Missy King and that alongside his obsession to save this woman he’s convinced he abandoned becomes one of the driving forces of his actionsOf course it’s not uite as clear cut as that Because Missy King happens to have some pretty shady people out for her pretty hide and so the rescue mission ends up becoming a race for and then a fight for their lives All which results in them being secluded in an underground hidey hole where we get to see the first hints of sexual attraction as well as the first hints of ‘something about to happen’ as well as learn a whole lot about our two characters And even once they manage to find their way out of the frying pan they’re not necessarily missing the flames On top of all that is Missy’s battles with why she’s not good enough for Cross and Cross’s revelations that he’s fallen in love with this woman and the tug o war of emotions that lead to that much awaited Ah momentIn short Taming Cross is a great addition to the Love Inc series with appearances from the great characters we met and loved or hated in Selling Scarlett well rounded and believable bad guys a GREAT insight into dysfunctional families and the results of failing expectations high speed chases awesome character development a than decent plot and an explosive finale And I LOVED Cross's character to pieces The only thing missing for me was it didn’t uite have the same level of character chemistry as Selling Scarlett did but that doesn’t mean I won’t read on knowing which characters’ book is to come next

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    I spent a lot of this book saying to my self WHAT THE HELL What is going on ?? Did he just? Did she have to? What No Why didn't she??? AHH Talk about a story I didn't see coming Holy crap on a cracker So cross has been in a horrible horrible motorcycle accident So bad he's bad like three spinal surgeries and still can't use or feel his hand That is hard for him to accept and deal with when he runs a custom motorcycle shop let alone rides one everywhere needless to say it takes some major adjustments And the worst part his parents don't give a shit Like they moved him to a shit facility because they don't care And he hates his father Like totally HATES him Wait No that's not even the worst part This accident happened because he found out the truth about his piece of crap dad He just spends one minute with the bastard and wants to hit him Almost has a breakdown Hell I'm reading this thinking'man that guy is a total bastard' and I want to hit him His dad was cheating and had his mistress sold as a sex slave in Mexico by a porn star Yeah You read that right Feel free to back up and read it again Big pill to swallow there Well said porn star and her accomplice also tried to kidnap Cross and his best friend too but they were able to escape When I read the story I was like WHAT THE HELL Jaw dropper I'm telling you this book is DRAMA TO THE MAX well Cross can't live knowing the mistress was sold any longer So he decided to take off and save her Pretty ballsy since only one arm works and he still has pain attacks I was seriously on the edge of my seat reading this I was wondering once he got her would the cartel get them Then all the sudden Cross is this bad ass hero I was like whoa where'd that come from Holy shnikes He is just kicking ass and taking names He's getting them out of freaking Mexico And good for him because Meri's needs help She can help him with his pain management and he can help her get home That's the plan at least Then she starts to tell her story How she didn't purposely become a mistress Hell she didn't even purposely end up in Vegas But be that what it may she's very mature about it all Maybe it's her time at the church I don't know I know I would be insanely crazy I am pretty sure I already am But still There is so much going on with them being on the run the cartel on their tails his attacks where they hide You almost miss them falling for each other But now that they have fallen can they overcome her truths? Her truths behind her past? Oh god I was on the edge of my pillow like yea Cross No Merri Yes No I'm all over the place here good god on a crotchrocket this was a good book

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    This review and others available at A Lust For Reading I received an ARC in exchange for my honest reviewCross Carlson has been keeping a secret for too long A secret that nearly got him killed One that is eating away at him with guilt Still recovering from his surgeries coma and stroke Cross needs to make things right He needs to find the girl that his father destroyedIt has been over a year since Meredith was sold as a sex slave in Mexico Despite everything that she has been through she is trying to make the best of her situation She is now hiding out in a convent and helping disabled children When the safety of the children and nuns in the convent is threatened Meredith knows she must leave themWill Cross get to before the evil cartel does? And if he does will she want help from the son of the man who did this to her?Their attempted escape from Mexico back to The United States is filled with physical and emotional pain utter craziness and suspense and sexual tension They are both drawn to each other but have their own big secrets holding them each backI really enjoyed the action and suspense part of this story There was never a dull moment and it had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next However I would have liked a little on the romance side of things While the connection between Cross and Meredith was deep and intense I just wanted some time to for it to develop I didn't feel it the way I would have wanted toTaming Cross is the second book in the Love Inc series but it can be read as a stand alone novel Though at parts I wished I had read Selling Scarlett first since I felt like I was missing some important details of what happened to Cross I do plan on going back and reading it now to fill in those blanksOverall this was an enjoyable read If you like some action and suspense with your romance then you should try Taming Cross

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    45 Stars Fantastic SeriesTaming Cross is the second book in the Love Inc series by Ella James To be honest I loved the first book Selling Scarlett and I fell head over heels for every character in the book Each person from the main characters of Lizzie and Hunter to the minor ones was richly written well developed and each had a uniue personalityIn Taming Cross Ms James continues the series focusing on Cross Carlson the best friend of Lizzie aka Scarlett from the first book In the book Selling Scarlett Cross the son of the Governor of California is in a horrendous motorcycle accident which sets up the main plot device in the first book In Taming Cross it has been six months since the accident that almost claimed Cross’ life and left him permanently disabled and in tremendous pain The character’s relationship with his parents had never been good but since the events in Selling Scarlett his relationship has gone down hill Somewhat like a sinkhole on its way to the center of the earth His father despite being the Governor of California is a bad guy and surrounds himself with bad guys Cross feels guilty for his lack of action which resulted in the destruction of a woman’s life in Selling Scarlett so he decides to rectify this by making amends This leads him on a rescue mission into the drug cartel regions of Mexico There he meets Merri a beautiful gal with demons of her own Her demons are alive and well and happen to be gunning for her literally Not wanting to spoil the book for anyone by being too specific I can tell you that both Merri and Cross make a made dash to the US border Cross is hoping to find redemption and Merri is hoping to find escape from her pastWhat I liked about this book I loved the fast paced thrilling ride of the book The book is packed full of adventure and Ms James hardly lets me catch my breath The sexual tension between Cross and Merri is palpable throughout the entire book Because of her past Merri’s regrets are heartbreaking as is Cross’ need for redemption If you haven’t explored the world of Love Inc you have been missing out