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FINALIST Science Fiction ForeWord Reviews Book Of The Year 2013 It’s 100 years since the Genetic Integrity Act was passed and America closed its borders to prevent genetic contamination Now only the enemy dysgenic Deviants remain beyond the heavily guarded border The Department of Evolution carefully guides the creation of each generation and deviations from the divine plan are not permittedWhen 16 year old Jess begins to show signs of deviance she enlists in the Special Forces with her best friend Jay in a desperate bid to evade detection by the Devotees Jess is good with data not so good with a knife So when the handsome and secretive Sergeant Matt Anderson selects her for his Black Ops suad Jess is determined to figure out whyAs her deviance continues to change her Jess is forced to decide who to trust with her deadly secret Jess needs to know what’s really out there in the Deviant wasteland over the border if she has any hope of making it to her 17th birthday Because if the enemy doesn’t kill her first the Department of Evolution probably will

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    35 starsNot sure this one will be for everyone but it held my attention well enough to be enjoyable It has a lot of the same components as several of the dystopians I've read lately but with a few tweaks to keep it from being a carbon copy This seems fairly familiar to meIn the United States people are now genetically engineered from birth to be perfect and anyone who shows any imperfection is called a Deviant If a child is born with a deviation it is taken from it's parents and killed However occasionally babies slip though the cracks so everyone is re tested during adolescence just to make sure Here's a little tweak to keep things interestingAt some point in the past the government of the United States totally closed it's borders Evidently it was due to some sort of warning from the gods Almost immediately following the shut down a bunch of natural disasters devastated the rest of the world And this left the good ol' US of A the last functioning government that had any resources left This transmission from a higher power is what America is now founded on and the reason the Department of Evolution is in charge of everyone's lives The DOE is a uasi religious group that is a mixture of science faith and politics Goodbye separation of church and stateThe main character Jess has a small splotch that has recently appeared on her stomach which makes her a target for the Devotees She knows once her birthday rolls around she'll be tested and found out Devotees are the folks who ferret out the Deviants by the wayJess also seems to have an affinity for technology and is a bit of a small time hacker She plans to use her skill to get herself and her BFF into the military early Hopefully this should buy her some time to figure out what to do about the mole on her tummy While she wants to avoid being inspected by the Devotees her friend Jay wants to join to get away from his motherwho doesn't know he's gay Surprisingly it doesn't seem like being gay is considered a deviation because other than his mamma everyone else seems to know about Jay's sexual preference Marks on your stomach will get you killed but the religious fanatics in charge are ok with homosexuality? Suuuure That sounds reasonableJess' mark isn't just sitting there though Nope It's growing in direct correlation to strange adrenaline fueled moments where it appears to Jess that she can slow time down M'kay Here's a mild spoiler but I don't think it will surprise anyone Even I knew as I was reading it that she wasn't slowing down time She was just able to move faster than the average bear when she was in a stressful situation DuhI'm not sure why the author thought it was a good idea to have Jess thinking she was a Time Lord for a large portion of the book I'm really freakin' fast makes sense than I've slowed down everyone else on earth Maybe it's just mebut I don't think soAnyway once Jess and Jay get into the army training camp Jess catches the eye of a young handsome sergeant from a Black Ops suad He seems to be tampering with her test results but not always in a bad way In fact his interference allows her to pass the tests for using a gun Although she suspects he also had a hand in one of her other test scores lower I had some flashbacks to the Divergent series during this part of the bookI have to say that the last half of the book goes off in a pretty interesting direction but I don't want to spoil anythingso I'll shut upLike I said this isn't going to one I would recommend for everyone Not only is it a dystopian not everybody's cuppa but it has a lot of elements that are going to make hard core fans of this genre compare it to other books they've already read My personal opinion is that the author was not being a copy cat It's justwell there are only so many ways society can rise and fall and it's a subject that's been fairly plundered in the past few years I think it's only natural that some plot points will start to seem a bit repetitive This may not seem like a glowing review but I really did have fun reading the book Thanks to NetGalley for a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review

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    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI Loved it Absolutely LOVED it This book reminded me a lot of divergent with the whole character romance thing Jess and Matt vs Tris and Tobias New girl trained by the extremely attractive bad ass boy But I have to say I liked Jess and Matt Jess is full of sarcasm and attitude courage and bravery life and love She is the perfect main character for this book and it is written wonderfully through her point of view Jess begins to show some signs of being a deviant so she changes her age in the system and enlists in the military with her best friend Jay The military is the only thing NOT controlled by the government or devotees I personally HATE the Devotees but then again you're supposed to Jay is a kick butt kinda best friend throughout the entire book The perfect friend that you can always count on to be there “They are all invited to his party except Jay isn’t interested in girls We have a bet on who will kiss a boy first Jay will win” Pg 42This absolutely cracked me up when I first read the book I've read it twice nowMatt is a fairly young guy to be a Sargent He grew up on the base because his parents were both military And of course he is very attractive Can't leave that part out I was all for him in the book until around page 530 iBooksePub version Don't worry though he gets his act together and everything turns out ok where he is concerned Jess has some weird stuff going on with her body hence her fear of being divergent First it seems like she can slow down time and then she has this weird brown growing birthmark looking thing that shows up on her Everyone wants her approval and to be around her This is all explained in the book in a much better way than I can describe it obviously But bottom line READ THE BOOK It's amazing thrilling enthralling jaw dropping laugh inducing and butt kicking I can't wait to get my hands on the seual

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    External Forces by Deborah Rix is one of those books that is difficult to categorize because it has it all Even though it was written primarily for the Young Adult audience this middle aged woman LOVED itIt is difficult to believe that this is the author's first novel Her characters are fleshed out so much that the reader feels what they feel I felt my adrenaline flow just as Jess' our strong female protagonist flowed I felt the butterflies in my stomach the fear the angerwell you get the picture I was very invested in these charactersWhat really impressed me about the characters in External Forces is there were so many with strong personalities In general when I read a novel it seems that I have to go back and check to see who the secondary characters are; I don't remember their names or what their relationship to the plot is That never happened to me as I read this book ImpressiveAnd the science fiction? Very close to being non fiction particularly the bio engineering of crops I won't mention the company by name and don't want to write any spoilers but pay attention to the news Some of this is already happening Just ask any farmer It is very scary indeed This author has done her homeworkI wish that I could be as imaginative as Ms Rix The plot is so intricate that it completely immerses the reader into the world of Jess and the other members of the Special Forces Black Ops team Finishing the book was exhilarating as well as disappointing because I knew that the ride was over I can only hope that this author is as fast as she is good because I can't wait until the next book in this series

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    I won this book in a giveaway on the Apocalypse Whenever group and the author was kind enough to send the book to Pakistan What I likedthe characters they were all fun to read aboutJess and her sense of humour made me chuckle a lotthe story kept me interested right up to the end when it didn'tWhat I didn't likeJess wasn't confident about the abilities at times seemed to hate them but whenever the others needed saving she did that easilytoo easilythe ueen bee bit was unnecessary and too similar to the prevalent fad of the MC suddenly being in demand as soon as the hottest boy starts dating themthe whole religion part needs to be stronger to ring true and sound serious enough to become a rallying causeEven after she was found out Jess was still hiding the mark from her friends I had no idea why Another thing that irked me was that I couldn't imagine what the mark looked like dunno why I kept wanting to see a picture of itAn interesting book which I read through uite uicklyAlso reviewed atBNShelfari

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    The External Forces has everything a reader could ask for action comedy romance it has it all The dialogue between characters is completely relatable and the science is realistic Fans of the Divergent series will love this book for the similarity of being a different type of human and overcoming the prejudice that comes with being different I can’t wait for the next installment and to find what happens to the characters I have come to know

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    WowI have read a few books similar to this but nothing REALLY like this it was crazyI had to read parts a few times to make sure i really understood it ONLY because i wanted to make sure i did not miss something And i was blown away I loved every black ops soldier in this book

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    This book is amazing It wraps adventure like military adventure romance not too much but not too little and science like genes and plants into one The book is very well written and the characters are very well developed Jess the main character is extremely relate able and proves that the prejudice of her type is all false and that they can be loved Thank you for letting me read this amazing book as a give away and I look forward to the series

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    Well this is very strange I’m 99% sure that this is a rip off of Divergent But the usual stuff firstExternal Forces is about a girl called Jess She lives in a dystopian society which is united against a special group of people known as the Deviant She joins the army to fight against these Deviant people She makes friends and then becomes freakishly popular She develops a crush on her instructor Matt and they plot to escape the armyThe characters were pretty poor I didn’t give a shit about any of them except Sheree They were all pretty unremarkable Matt was the typical mysterious person Jess was average and Jay was a bore Sheree pretty much saved this book for me She was badass and awesome and I freaking loved herHonestly the plot is pretty confusing There’s some twisted religion stuff about God’s Fury and angel messages that aren’t well explained There’s all this data and weird ways of retrieving it There’s this grand escape and I’m not entirely sure what they want to achieve The book isn’t very interesting The start dumped a lot of info about the world and how it went This was all fed through to the reader by Jess It was pretty overwhelming and because of the information overload I can’t remember a thing that Jess explained After a bad start my interest in the book plummetedThis book isn’t exceptional in any way However it also isn’t horrible I could definitely see people liking thisHowever there were so many similarities to Divergent by Veronica Roth that this book borders on being a mediocre rewriteThese similarities include· Having a group of people who are considered dangerous and un normal These people are called Deviant in External forces and Divergent in Divergent These differences lie in the brains of these people However they are uite different with the Deviant being much extreme and well known· A gated society okay that’s a pretty insignificant one· A knife throwing scene where people STAND IN FRONT OF TARGETS Seriously One guy even gets his ear nicked The Divergent scene is much better and has better reasons The Deviant one is pointless and ridiculous· Sim seats that act like the simulations in Divergent· A sim test that involves choices like the aptitude test in Divergent· Sim seats that are just like the simulations used in Divergent · The main characters of both books are deviantdivergent· Different sections of society In External Forces this involves the places that people choose to work The sections in Divergent are severe and are a way of life not just a job· Both heroines choose to join the fightingarmyfearless sector· Both main characters have to go through a tough selection process which involves fighting psych tests sim tests and people dying· The sim tests or psych tests; I can’t remember document the fears of a person just like the fear landscape in Divergent· Both heroines fall in love with their instructors· Both heroines get sexually harassed by people jealous of them and then proceed to have very similar conversations with their instructors about it· Both main characters have many people jealous of them· Both main characters get their hair cut short right after people they love get killed by the armyDauntlessThese similarities aren’t just minor They’re pretty major The knife scene was probably the most copied one It was just way too similar to be a coincidence This combined with all the other similarities give this book a real “rip off” vibeEven though the foundations of the society are very similar to Divergent the last half of the book changes and becomes uite different to Divergent It looks like this series will head down a very different path However IMO this is not enough to make up for the suspicious similarities throughout the bookThis book reads like an inferior rewrite of Divergent It isn’t completely horrible but it barely has any redeeming ualities I would not recommend this book; the similarity of this book to Divergent was a deal breaker for me An ARC was received from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    After reading the blurb I was intrigued and drawn towards the premise of this story; filled with anticipation I was expecting something awesome and I wasn’t disappointedThis story is enticing and thrilling It grabs you from page one and it keeps going all the way to the end It has the perfect mix of suspense mystery action and love not leaving behind issues like real friendship and loyaltyThe most appealing thing though is that the future that was devised by the author felt actually plausible which is spooky All the new technology that is developing to help us enhance experiences could fairly lead us into creating virtual realities like the sim seats described in the book They were like being plugged into a computer That part I thought was cool but the bad part was this Genetic Integrity Act which allowed the Department of Evolution to dispose of people who were “genetically deviated” in order to “cleanse” the species It reminded me of the Nazis and their idea of the Arian race which means that this dark piece of our history could repeat itself in a similar way; and this could be it We are not so far away if not there yet from decrypting our DNA code and being able to make decisions in order to manipulate it Therefore this book actually raises a very delicate issue how far are we ethically allowed to mess with this kind of information of power and control over our genetic code?The characters were good My favorite was Sheree I loved her confidence and personality But the greatest thing about these characters is their relationships How they learn to accept and most importantly depend on each other so they can work as one I loved them as a team and how they only needed a simple gesture to communicate to each other I also liked how love was developing between Jess and Matt you could feel every longing and anticipationThe writing is excellent The story is immediate and engaging making you full part of the action You see and experience everythingI really enjoyed the way the story was being told actually You could fell the intimate connection with the narrator who in this case was Jess the main characterSo to sum up this book is great One of the best books I’ve read this year I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a great read and am waiting anxiously for the next book in this series because this books leaves you wanting I couldn’t believe it was over Good job DeborahNote I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review but my opinion was not biased in any way by this fact

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    This is a review from Kirkus Reviews It does not have a star rating here D RixKIRKUS REVIEWShttpswwwkirkusreviewscomsearchBOOK REVIEWIn this dystopian young adult novel a teenage girl with a secret genetic anomaly undergoes grueling military training—and also finds loveIn Rix’s debut the first in a planned trilogy America closed its borders after an asteroid known as “God's Fury” destroyed most of the world Now the Department of Evolution or “Devo” carefully culls people not deemed genetically acceptable and controls breeding to enhance or remove genetic traits Devotees serve the Devo to ensure order and genetic purity—because beyond the borders genetically imperfect Deviants are lurking trying to get in Sixteen year old Jess Grant and her best friend Jay have only a few possible futures They can become Devoteesbecome breeders or join the military But Jess has a reason to avoid the Devotees—she has a genetic defect that has given her a brown mark on her stomach and the ability to react at superspeed when attacked The handsome mysterious Sgt Matt Anderson takes a special interest in her and picks her to be a part of his Black Ops suad Soon she’s learning to shoot guns and throw knives as part of her military training while also exploring a romance with Matt Jess eventually finds out that people outside the borders may not be monsters; later she learns that she may be a prophesied savior of theworld known as “The Navigator” Although this dystopian novel doesn’t tread much new ground it does provide a magnificently imagined world and intriguing characters Rix engagingly plays out Jess and Matt’s relationship with subtle touches longing looks and playful banter She also effectively challenges her young readers to face difficult uestions—what does “human” mean and who should decide?—while ably setting the stage for an upcoming seuelA complex intriguing YA sci fi adventure