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Deforestation Desertification Species extinction Global warming Growing threats to food and water These driving issues of our times are the result of one huge problem Us Just over two hundred years ago there were one billion humans on EarthBy 1960 there were three billionThere are now over seven billion of usBy 2050 there will be at least nine billion people on this planetAnd sometime near the end of this century the world population will reach ten billion As we continue to grow these problems continue to grow And this means that every which way we look at it a planet of 10 billion people is set to look increasingly like a nightmare Stephen Emmott a scientist whose lab is at the forefront of research into climate ecosystems food webs and plant biology sounds the alarm TEN BILLION is a snapshot of a planet and our species approaching a crisis how we got here what’s happening now and where this leaves us for the rest of this century TEN BILLION is anything but a “green” book And it’s not another book about the climate TEN BILLION is a book about us

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    First things first this guy works for microsoft and half of the book is empty pages yet he says the solution is to diminuish consumption? OK guy how about giving an example before selling your book?Then there is almost no mention to the fact that the major responsible for the current state of affairs are government policies and corporations actions and he mixes that with the single consumer I guess that has got nothing to do with the fact that he works for microsoftHow about the fact that the discovery of fire was as important as the development of agriculture? And the fact that processed foods were determinant in increasing pollution and health problems not in satisfying food demands? And what about the fact that one third of world food is wasted everyhere? Oh and yeah if this keeps up millions of people will go hungry because there aren't any starving people anywhere in the world right nowI guess everyone should consume less but still consume the same useless garbage so that microsoft and all the other corporations keep existing the way they do?The only good thing is the end and also the fact that it ends

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    Tis book is written by a scientist whoe lab is at the forefront of research into complex natural systemsIs a sort of scientific SOS about human supervivence yet in some way hopeless is a really depressing bookAfter read the book one have the sensation of awake and meet oneself in the nightmare of the incredible anticipation environemental movie Soylent Green by Richard Fleischer and with Charlton Heston as the main characterIs a book of real facts and indestructible logical silogisms built with those factsis a book concise that one reads in a few hoursIs a rather uniue book because has a lot of data and graps normally spread in several booksI only as a sample will copy some of these facts and silogismsJust over 10000 years ago there were one million of usBy 1800 two hundred years ago there were one billion of usBy 1960 fifty years ago there were three billion of usThere are now seven billion of usBy 2050 our children will live in a planet with nine billion of usNear the end of the century there will be at least ten billion of us probabilly much manyIn 1960 there were 100 million carsby 1980 were 300 million of carsnow there are 1200 millions of carsIn 1800 the carbon dioxide concentration was 280 ppmin 1960 was 320 ppmin 2013 was 400 ppm and raising with even speedTo day 40 pecent of the entire ice free land of our planet is used for agricultureThe 50 percent of cereals produced are used for make meatThe meat industry is resposable of 50 percent of greenhouse gases emisions and rainforest destruction especially in as to plant soy to feed herdsAs our numbers continue to grow we continue to increase our need of far cerealsfar landfar transportationfar waterfar energy mainly of fossil fuels speeding the global warmingWhat does a car cost? 13000 dollars or eurosThis is not trueThe iron ore of the steel of the car has to be mined in for example AustraliaIt is then transported on a very large and very contaminat ship to for example Indonesia to made into steelThe steel is then transported in a very large and contaminant ship to for example GermanyThe rubber of the roads has to be produced in for example Indonesia and again shipped to other country to make tyresThe plastic for the dashboard is made using oil in the ground that has to be extracted and carried in a enormous ship and so onWhat is the cost of the car? A absolute fortuneWe have to paid the environement cost the externalities paid maybe for us or for our childrenIn 1960 we flew 62 billion pasanger milesIn 1980 we flew 620 billion pasanger milesImagine today with the low cost companysThe data of rainforest destructionoverexploted seasoverexploted acuifers and so on eually depressingFor the first time over a hundred plumes of methanemany of them a half mile in diameterhas been observed raising from previous frozen methane stores in east Siberia seaprobably there are many othersThis could be a big trouble on a big scaleA rise in 4 6 celsius degreesprobably in mean global temperatures seems inevitableThe UN Framework Convention on Climate Changewhose job it has been for twenty years to ensure stabilice greenhouse gases on earths athmosfere failedIn reality this gases emisions are growing near exponentiallyIf the current rate of reproduction continuesat the end of the century there will be twenty eight billion of usCERN physicists tell us that they are conducting the most important experiment on EarthIt isntThe biggest and important experiment on Earth is the one we are all conductingright nowon Earth itselfOnly a idiot would deny that thre is a limit to how many people our Earth can supportWe urgently need to doactually to dosomething radical to avert a global catastropheBut we dontIn my opinion a strongly recomended book to everybody including schools along the entire world

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    This is the most phenomenal hard hitting profound books I've read in a very long time It's a uick punchy read that really drives home the real costs of the unsustainable decadence of the human race at the expense of this planet's fragile ecosystemsI feel genuinely guilty for what I can only view as a debauched lifestyle intensified so perhaps by the fact that tomorrow I will be flying 4000 miles to the USA I already want to do something to alleviate the issues identified in this book to reverse the catastrophic discrepancies in our attitude to global warming and so on But Emmott sums it all up pretty clearly I think we're fucked he writes And that is why this book is terrific Emmott does not care for namby pamby reassurances and hopefulness He is blunt and to the point and that is what makes this a simply enlightening readEverybody should read this book especially anybody with an interest in international politics ecologism and so on

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    Content wise I'm 100% behind this book I really wanted to love it so I could recommend it to people because I want everyone to know about these issues BUT turns out I spent the whole time reading it borderline pissed off One obvious issue is that for a book that's entirely about our total lack of sustainable use of resources each page has about 10% usage A significant amount of pages have only 1 2 sentences on them which also just felt like a cheap DRAMA trick The arguments often dropped off without support the serious tone felt mostly like heavy handed schtick and overall I was pretty disappointed that a very important issue was not served well through this book There are a lot of other books out there making this argument with much supported writing and way less ego

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    There are many important books that must be read However I think I just read the most important book of our time written by an active scientist involved in the science of which he writes The book is beautiful Short to the point but each point and arrow to the very heart of our most critical problems Thank you Stephen Emmott for caring enough to write about these facts and put the difficult uestion out there with such simplistic clarity Now everyone just needs to read this

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    This is the most life changing book I have ever read in my short but entire life It left me stunned unable to actually understand what exactly I had just read It made me afraid Really afraid It made me doubt so many of my beliefs in life I don't know if life will ever be the same again but my deep interest in getting knowledge getting to know the truth makes me happy about all this I'm glad that I've read this book I believe everyone should On the other hand I'll never be able to think the same way again No one should feel this way; but it's necessary I'm blown away by the way Stephen Emmott writes

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    After reading this book I was confused Very very confused I needed time to think I've been thinking about this book for a couple of weeks and my confusion has now changed to anger I'm incapable of understanding how people can live their lives not knowing about the fact that we're slowly destroying our world Not only are we destroying it for ourselves but for all life on Earth In some way I'm glad to have earned all this knowledge but it also makes me sad that so many people walk around happily unknowing Everyone should know Everyone

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    This book is another bitter reminder of the direction of our future Climate change is happening with devastations than ever Population is increasing and food sources are decreasing Moreover the pure water scarcity is another global phenomenon We may increase our energy resources to deal with many problems but we won't be able to control the climate change like this ever The author has shown the alarming statistics with citations and proved that increase in population climate change energy production food crisis etc are all interlinked global phenomena and we need to act ASAP to conserve as much as possible There are two options for a better future First is technologizing our way out of it and second is radical behavior change Author has reasoned that former is not so possible but latter is possible If we change our attitude and waste less resources we may help in creating a better future for us and for our kids

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    The premise of this book horrible stuff is happening to the earth due to overpopulation is sound And the design of the book is pleasing just one or two horrific facts per page to increase their impact However the scientific facts stated on every page are done so without citations and references This blows my mind and undermines the book's credibility I really want to believe everything Emmott purports but I don't want to have to search the web to fact check every single assertion That being said if even half of what he says is true we need to start training our children to be very creative thinkers because the proverbial shit will be hitting the fan some time later this century This book has information every human should be aware of; I just wish he had cited relevant and credible sources

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    Short and devastating I don't entirely agree with some of the facts presented – embedded water is complex than stated; ice sheet melt is a little incorrect as written; no allowance is made for recyclability; renewable energy holds far promise than suggested; and frankly I cannot see how we'll possibly get to 10 billion with all of these enormous systemic limits we're crashing headlong into – yet ultimately these only affect the rate of looming cataclysm not the underlying conclusions I hope and try to act as if we aren't but it is so very hard not to believe we aren't indeed totally utterly fucked