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The perfect life or the perfect lieTeen witch Rosamunde thinks she has it all friends parties a happy family and magic at her fingertips But something dark lurks underneath the surface When Rosa uncovers strange spells in her house the illusion of the perfect life begins to crack hinting at family secrets she never imaginedWith the help of her friends and the handsome kitsune Kai Rosa peels back the layers of lies Her search for the truth will take her far from home into the dangerous Land of Faerie but if the truth threatens her family’s apparent happiness will she choose to live with the lie or break the enchantment that binds them all?

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    I really enjoyed this book it was an adorable concept I LOVED the idea of a small town devoted to supernatural and normal people living amongst each other and aware of it I really liked Rosa as the main character she felt very real and acted like any other sixteen yr old would The interactions between the supes and normies was very interesting Having a school where both types of people could go was neat and the fae ball even cooler Besides this being a supernatural story there was an exceptionally strong friendship theme in this story Rosa's friends were all different but came to aid her whenever she needed them and vice versa This was a very sweet book and I can't wait to read what happens next in Rosas lifeI received this book from story cartel in exchange for an honest review

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    I liked reading this book 'Small Town Witch' is a town with an array of paranormal beings The story was uite good Rosa a teen witch has a difficult task ahead of her Her friends help her deal with the situation and aid in what needs to be done The characters are all great Well written Recommended

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    Rosamunde is a sixteen year old witch living in small town Madrone Northern California In the world of this story humans and magical creatures or magikin coexist in relative peace with a series of laws and rules regulating the magical beings' activities Rosamunde herself is a regular human who made a pact with a fae in order to obtain her magical powers and follow in her mother's footsteps She's eager to learn advanced spells but her mother who has been teaching her for the past three years thinks she's not ready much to Rosamunde's frustrationMagic isn't weird in this world In fact at Rosamunde's private school sorcery and magitek are electives; she attends faerikin parties with invisible floating dance floors; and many of her friends have some magikin blood in themI found the setting fascinating and all the little imaginative details really brought Madrone to life in my mind I was enchanted and I didn't want to leave On the other hand the characters are all drawn vividly with their very real problems and intriguing personalities that ground them even in this world where magic is the norm Rosamunde herself is a great character strong and smart but real and her voice which narrates the book in first person rang true I loved the other characters too especially the faerikin Ashleigh and Glen the kind of human girl Heather who's basically me and the enigmatic charming fae man who changes names from day to dayThe book grabbed me from the first page and I devoured it whole in two days The plot has plenty of surprising turns and exciting moments all driven by realistic characters who act in ways I could always understand if not always sympathize with The first part sucked me in with its charming picture of life in this small weird town But slowly sinister hints started to appear leading to the exciting and dramatic conclusion and keeping me glued to the book throughout It ends on a slight cliffhanger leaving the way open for seuels which I will most definitely read

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    Did I enjoy this book You know what? It was great Think Harry Potter with cell phones Humans and fae share control of the magical town of Madrone so along with the usual teen angst high school’s also filled with multi day faerie parties vampires and parents who use locator spells to keep track of their kids I was expecting to have to put my “willing suspension of disbelief” to the test but Walker manages to mix everything from shape shifting and sorcery to family politics and teen sexual exploration into a cohesive delightful story Walker’s young adult readers might not be witches or kitsune but I can bet they’ll find Rosa’s problems magical AND mundane to be both entertaining and realisticWould I recommend it AbsolutelyAs reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance BooksDisclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewhttpeveryfreechancecom201411me

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    Rosamunde is a witch so is her mother It's not so unusual at least not in Madrone a gold rush town where faeriekin abound Rosa as her friends know her and her sister Akasha go to Crowther Private Academy the Jr and Sr High School for magikin few humans even witches or scorcerers go there In Rosa's class there were only 5 humansHer family gets along very well almost never arguing or fighting about anything Even her friends think they are exceptionally nice to each other Rosa is at that age where she should start dating but really she's never wanted to Just the thought of dating makes her blush She slowly starts to realize that there IS something odd about her family I won't spoil the story but what she finds is a real shocker A great book to start a series good for middle school and upsome mention of LGBT issues but not the main focus of the story I can't wait to read about Rosa and her friends

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    I originally rated this a five star but feel the need to adjust it This is rare for me but I feel this review needs to be adjusted honestly Yes I did enjoy the story but it doesn't earn it an auto five star when actually with all the skimming I had to do with the over wordiness it should only get at most a three star

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    This was a pretty fun read I enjoyed the characters and the story My only complaint is there were a few minor inconsistencies nothing major thoughpretty much comes with the territory of self published fiction Overall I had a lot of fun reading it If you are looking for a uick and fun read this one is a good book to pick up

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    I would read the second book if there was one D

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    A great story that especially appeals to teenagers because the heroine in the story is a teenager herself Kristen deals with the topic so many teenagers have in thinking that their parents are controlling their lives In this case a very powerful witch mother has done just that but her family is unaware of it It’s a riveting story that sucks you in and holds a spell over you so that you have to get it read When events start to unfold where the witch daughter starts to look into her “perfect” family she uncovers spells that make her uestion if she has had any free will inHer life or her father and younger sister as wellIt becomes a real page turner as she confides to her friends about her suspicions and goes about getting evidence on her motherThe cliffhanger at the end only makes me want to continue the story in the next book in this seriesIt is well written and teenagers especially will enjoy but adults will tooI wholeheartedly recommend this book to all those who like a good witchy story I encourage you to check it out and see if you don’t agree with me It will keep you hooked to the end

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    A worthy readDisclaimerI've enjoyed other books by 5 star Kristen S Walker and wanted to try a new series outshe definitely has the ability to immerse you into yet another new world with complex peopleand situations past present and future There are a variety of beings that inhabit this northern California town seemingly aware of each other and co existing on the surface and this includes humans witches fae vampires and others This diversity is strengthened with a tasteful understanding of gender and identity particularly resonant with teens However deception and intrigue bubble up swirling around Rosamunde Rosa our teen witch and those around her Be prepared for zig zags in this maze