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After his devastating actions in Accidentally On Purpose Kyle Sterling is trying to move on He has lost the love of his life and he does not believe he is worthy of ever being loved againLily Whitman has been devastated by the ultimate betrayal and later tragedy hits her heart full force She doubts she will ever be able to give her heart to anyone again She hides her own demons behind a wall of colorful hair piercings tattoos and a style and attitude that is all her ownKyle and Lily find themselves thrown together when Lily takes a position at Sterling Corporation after her place of employment burned to the ground Lily is the complete opposite of the type of woman that Kyle has ever had any interest in Lily is rough around the edges and challenges Kyle at every step Despite his dick like disposition and violent past Lily fights to prove to Kyle that he is worthy – of being loved and worthy of redemption but Kyle is afraid of repeating history and he can’t let go of his pastAnd maybe a very important someone from his past isn’t ready to let go yet either

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    5 Redeeming Stars Have you ever done something unforgivable? Something you can in no way justify and because of that you feel like you could never be redeemed? Kyle Sterling has He doesn’t remember all of the details but he knows he has done something horrible to the one woman he’s ever loved “I didn’t” I say aloud to myself “I wouldn’t have”
But did I? Was it possible? Even to her? Kyle wants to apologize find some way to make it up to Emmy but she’s gone Disappeared Now he is just trying to keep it together He is fresh out of rehab when he sees Lily again Lily is the opposite of Kyle She isn’t ‘clean cut’ she has tattoo’s piercings and she manages Emmy’s bar She see’s Kyle and she knows he is in a bad way She has always found him attractive but she would never go there Guys like him don’t go for girls like her But she can’t watch him self destruct so she tries to help him She drives him home and helps him keep it together For some reason Kyle opens up to Lily that night Lily has a lot of hurt in her past so she can relate to some of what Kyle is going through She gives him sound advice “You did awful things but no one is going to punish you than you are going to punish yourself but you can also redeem yourself” The two have a moment a connection but as soon as it starts it’s over A few years goes by before they see one another again Lily’s job is gone her big plan’s for the future gone She is desperate She takes a job offered by her friend Mayson at Sterling Inc What she doesn’t know is that she will be Kyle Sterlings assistant She can do this Lily is a professional and she needs this job not just for herself she has others who depend on her as well Kyle is hesitant about Lily taking the job but he lets her prove herself And she does He can be an ass to her at times but thats just the way he is “I have asshole tendencies I’ve been trying to work on it” The time Lily and Kyle spend together the Kyle starts to fall for her He doesn’t want to He knows he doesn’t deserve her Doesn’t deserve love period Lily has issues too and Kyle isn’t the one who can help her He is too broken himself She needed an unselfish man to cherish her put her on a pedestal and love her unconditionally without any real risk of ever hurting her She was broken and since I too was broken I wasn’t the one to fix her Lily is confused by Kyle’s behavior Sometimes he acts protective of her like he wants her and can’t get enough Other times he is totally distant It’s only a matter of time before he makes his feelings known to her “You are repeatedly making me love the things I don’t want to I didn’t want to love your tattoos and piercings and style I didn’t want to love the way you drive me fucking crazy with that obnoxious mouth of yours I didn’t want to love you and I do” He won’t hide their relationship Kyle made that mistake once never again He wants to be there for Lily protect her Even though she can handle herself pretty well he needs to take care of her Keep her safe There is someone out there someone dangerous that is a bit obsessed with Lily and he does whatever necessary to protect her She does something for Kyle that no one not even Emmy was able to do She makes him feel like he is living I love my broken guys and Kyle is definitely broken He has had a terrible childhood and most of his issues stem from that For the first time in a long time he is truly happy But something happens that brings him back to his past and scares him He can’t be with Lily He isn’t good for her He does the only thing he knows he pushes her away
 “It’s only a matter of time before I completely ruin you” 
Lily hasn’t had an easy life either She has lost almost everything and everyone who was ever important to her She has had her fair share of tragedy and heartbreak She won’t let Kyle go that easy Especially once she learns view spoilerShe is pregnant with his child hide spoiler

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    45 Redeeming starsI have to start off by saying that I always knew I love Kyle Sterling even his darkest hoursThis book is Kyle's book after the whole fiasco with Emmy in Accidently on PurposeThat book was a crazy love triangle with Emmy Kyle and LucasEmmy was Kyle's drug and he loved her but sometimes that love is toxic and isn't enoughKyle was forced to be with Jessyca and Emmy was his secret Living and being a drug addict didn't help Kyle either and he broke Emmy and himself in the process the night he hit herNow Kyle is struggling to pick up those broken pieces of what he did to EmmyIn comes LilyShe's fiestly sexy and totally opposite to what Kyle is used to in his lifeLily puts him in his place and helps him in a way that he needs itYou are repeatedly making me love the things I don’t want to” I said as I grinned down at her “I didn’t want to love your tattoos and piercings and style I didn’t want to love your skills at work I didn’t want to love the way you drive me fucking crazy with that obnoxious mouth of yours I didn’t want to love you and I do Now I love snuggling but if you repeat that to anyone you’ll never get snuggles againUntil Kyle and Lily realize they have feelings for each otherTheir chemistry is scorching hottttLily is exactly what Kyle needs I love you” he said his voice thick with emotion “You have revived something in me that I thought was gone and dead You don’t just make me feel alive but you make me feel like I am living But Kyle always has the demons of his past haunting him and he can't let what he did to Emmy goBravo to Lily for doing what she did to give Kyle the closure with Emmy that he needed Fight for him and don’t ever let him go” I loved this series and a definite recommendation to everyone Thank you”For what?”For believing I was worthy of redemption

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    I always had a bit of a thing for Kyle He broke my heart in Accidentally on Purpose Worthy picks up two years after the violent and devastating end of his relationship with Emmy He broke Emmy and broke himself too if I'm really honest I was a little unsure about this book because deep down I really wanted Kyle and Emmy to have another chance at what they had had but as soon as we are introduced to Lily I fell in love with her tooI always knew that Kyle was Worthy of Redemption I never doubted it and yes Kyle being Kyle I knew he would be a dick at times and he didn't disappoint I'm glad that Enmmy and Kyle had a chance to say things to each other that needed to be said and I still have a thing for Kyle in fact now I've got even a bigger thing for Kyle Accidentally on Purpose is one of my all time favourite books but i always felt so sad at the way Emmy and Kyle's relationship ended but now I feel much complete about their story deep down I knew they could never go backThank you LD Davis for giving me closure and some truly erotic scenes where I wished I was lily

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    I love Kyle way than I probably should and this seriesIt's addictive angsty and drives me up the freak wall but I can't uit I love it

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    I'm too excited about this I know I know but I felt bad for him not excusing him just thought he needed help and needed to get away from his dadwell that's how I felt after reading AOP there was something about Kyle that was familiar and I knew his pain ran deep But what I didn't know was just how broken he himself wasI have to give it LD Davis she nailed it for me in this book I know many people hated Kyle thought what he did was inexcusable but I felt a connection with him Unless you yourself have been broken its hard to understand Kyle's fucked up way of thinking it's irrational cause you're irrational When you are told over and over again that you are nothing worthless and a disappointment you believe it When you believe it it's easier to hear and accept the bad things about you but hard to believe the good So that's where this story continues Kyle's journey to redemption But it's not about Emmy forgiving him it's about him forgiving himself and that is the hardest forgiveness No buts Yes you did awful things but no one is going to punish you than you are going to punish yourself but you can also redeem yourself If there was no redemption for anyone then every criminal should just be executed because the time they'll spend in prison would be pointless I do believe you can be redeemed despite your stupid big mouth Kyle meets Lily a spitfire with a heart of gold Lily has had heartache but she's tough and can put Kyle in his place Kyle I will hurt your balls and leave you on the floor without a second thought Are you understanding me?? God I loved her she understood Kyle but unfortunately she felt like she was always in the shadow of Emmy This is a bit of a roller coaster ride We find out about Kyle's past which is heartbreaking how anyone can speak and treat a child like that is disgusting And when Lily told off Kyle's mom well I was right behind her Am I still angry that you and your asshole ex husband have been verbally and physically abusing Kyle his entire life? You bet your sweet rich ass I am angry Am I still angry that the only way you know how to apologize to your son is by taking him to brunch? Fuck yeah I'm angry You have no idea the damage you have doneThis story is heartbreaking the journey that Kyle has to go through just to believe he's worthy is frustrating I loved how Emmy came back and forgave Kyle tried to set him free take some of the burden away Our love was one of addiction and instability Kyle broke mebut I broke him first Sometimes love isn't enough and if you thought after AOP that Emmy loved Kyle well you will have a different opinion after AOP2 Kyle and Emmy did love each other but were both too weak for each other they were a drug for each other dysfunctional Emmy realized and found her rock in Luke her HEA but will Kyle accept he can be forgiven worthy and realize Lily can be his rock?? Or does he think he will always be unworthythis story is about real heartache and at times it doesn't always have an HEAbut remember forgiveness is about understanding and acceptance it's not about making excuses or saying what you did was ok it's never ok to abuse someone but holding on to that anger can destroy you So if you can't forgive you can't move forward and forgiveness starts with yourself and that is the hardest partand that is Kyle's journey will he able to forgive himself and move forward with Lily or will he continue to punish himself and be stuck in the past with Emmy???

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    Like us on FacebookRead More Reviews On Our BlogAnyone who reads my reviews KNOWS how much I hated Kyle Sterling That man aggravated every fiber of my being in Accidentally On Purpose I hate him so much I didn't even want him to have his own storyHe's a piece of shitPieces of shit don't deserve to have their story toldOKSo I'm also a woman and women are allowed to change their mindClears throatI love Kyle nowYou really shouldn't judge someone until you know their story Poor Kyle's story is a rough one My heart ached for him throughout the entire bookAnd I just love Lily and her smart ass mouth I found myself laughing out loud repeatedly while reading There are so much smart ass banter being thrown around in this book and it thoroughly entertained meWe get to see some of our favorites from AOP and get some seriously shocking situations At first I was pissed off at some of these surprises But It's life it's real and just like in AOP sometimes good people do fcked up shit Don't get scared it all makes for entertaining readsAnd in true LD Davis fashion BIG SURPRISESPlease pick up this book You won't regret it

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    Read reviews | Find Me on Facebook Warning Spoilers if you have not read Accidentally on Purpose Accidentally on Purpose #1If you have been a follower of mine for a long time you would know how much I freakin’ love the book Accidentally on Purpose It was one of my top books of 2012 and a book I have read over and over again AOP played with my emotions in every way and I absolutely loved it I loved the Characters Emmy Kyle and Luke so much I couldn’t wait to read Kyle’s story and understand his drug addiction since it did not get revealed until the end of AOP Worthy of Redemption is Kyle Sterling’s bookIt is written in Kyle Lily’s POV alternating between chapters Plus a couple of chapters in Emmy’s that was my favorite part at the end Kyle was left completely broken by the end of AOP after beating pregnant Emmy while high on drugs He has no memory of the incident and is haunted by what he did to Emmy the woman he loved In WOR he struggles with not knowing what happened that night and can’t move past it He begins a relationship with Lily but pushes her away fearing he'll hurt her as wellKyle has always known Lily a worker at the bar Emmy owned but never had any type of relationship with her Lily is the complete opposite of any woman Kyle has dated She has tattoos piercings and multi colored hair while he is Mr G Her personality reminded me of Emmy with her no taking BS from anyone especially Kyle Kyle is now sober and Lily is there for him not only to stay sober but helps him move on from Emmy and takes over the job of his office manager Kyle and Lily begin a real relationship; out in the open and everyone knows they are a couple no hiding for Kyle Lily feels like she is living in the shadow of Emmy Kyle loves Lily but he pushes her away because he is worried he will relapse and hurt her like he did EmmyI love Kyle and all his craziness I knew Luke and Emmy belonged together but I couldn’t help but want Emmy with Kyle too I love Kyle AND Emmy reading about Kyle AND Lily was different I had a hard time connecting with their romance I just did not feel or understand the connection between Kyle Lily I wanted to so badly but felt Kyle fell in love with her too uickly This is to no fault of the author; LD Davis is a fantastic writer I am just a reader who has a hard time reading about a character who has a new love interest different from before What I LOVED about the book was the end there is a long chapter in Emmy’s POV and her current life married to Luke living in Chicago with two children The chapter seemed thrown in and out of place with the rest of the book I am hoping this means a third book will be written about Luke Emmy’s marriage I would completely devour it I am not ready to say goodbye to Emmy yet Emmy also comes back at the very end to help Lily Kyle and give closure to her relationship with Kyle They are finally face to face again after two years discussing their relationship It was also one of the best parts of the book and I felt I had closure for them as well They were finally honest with each other no longer hiding secrets I loved the ending for everyone it was perfect I still didn’t totally understand Kyle Lily but by the end I had a better understanding of them together and was happyWorthy of Redemption did not have the same magic as Accidently on Purpose had but it still a wonderful story I can’t imagine any follow up book living up to AOP because it was so amazing I loved being able to learn about Kyle and all he has had to go through with his childhood his parents his relationships he struggled with a lot and I am happy he found happiness and peace with LilyWorthy of Redemption is a wonderful story I think any fan of the first book will love it and be excited to read about Kyle Luke and Emmy againI give Worthy of Redemption Accidentally on Purpose #2 4 Stars

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    Worthy of Redemption – LD Davis 45 stars“I know you want me I know you love me but you don’t need me You still need Emmy That’s why you cried last night” she touched her neck with remembrance “Because as strongly as you feel for me you don’t need me I’m not enough I just wish I didn’t need you too”OMG how could I fall in love with Kyle SterlingI loathed him after Accidentally on Purpose even though I loved him tooI felt his pain I knew there must have been a solid reason behind how his relationship with Emmy ended but I was devastated all at the same time He needed to get away from his “father” before any damage could be inflicted on him but what was his reason for staying? He seemed to be bound to the company but why? After everything his “father” put him through why stay?? Well all is revealed and so much But LD Davis managed to do the impossible she has made me love someone that beat a woman and that is no mean feat Whilst there is no excuse for such an act and I would not expect Emmy to ever forgive him you understood why and how by the end of this book he was not in control of what he did he has no memory of what he did only nightmares and even then he does not know if they are real images or a figment of his imagination but what he sees he doesn’t like they torture him“I was very much in pain after losing Emmy and as cliché as it may be I couldn’t imagine ever loving someone else again”Kyle Sterling is a broken man having just come out of rehab he tries to find Emmy he needs to know what happened but toying with these emotions leaves him on the brink of relapse He has always used drink and drugs as his coping mechanism but after that fateful night where he beat Emmy he realises that he cannot continue and that he needs to find other ways to deal other ways to cope but most of all he needs punishing He feels that he got away with it even though he lost the person that meant the most to himever as if that wasn’t punishment enough even though his heart had been ripped out he wanted to keep on punishing himself He couldn’t let go and he couldn’t move on he just tortured himself It wasn’t until Lily came into his life that he could actually see a life after Emmy but even then the dark thoughts were always there punishing torturing remembering and he could not help but let these thoughts interfere with his relationship with Lily“He was my drug and I was his” she said so softly I almost didn’t hear it “Our love was one of addiction and instability Kyle broke me” she said and then paused for a moment Then she looked at my face with a hard expression “But I broke him first”Lily was not Kyle’s “normal type” she had her own issues she was broken herself In an attempt to “reinvent” herself she changes her hair colour cuts her hair has tattoos and piercings anything to change the “old Lily” to the “new Lily” but this was all just a mask as the pain and the hurt that she was feeling was still there lurking underneath She has only given her heart away once and that ended badly very badly so she keeps her heart firmly guarded She is a ballsy feisty girl can look after herself and is extremely independent but she is also selfless as we find out during this book It will take a very special someone to break into her heart again and is Kyle Sterling that man? If he does manage to penetrate her walls would he help heal or destroy what was left? With what we know about Kyle how volatile and emotionally wrecked he is the odds do not look good If Lily wants this relationship to survive she needs to make Kyle realise that he is “Worthy of Redemption” that they can both move on from the past and the future is theirs for the takingThis book is incredibly deep I couldn’t possibly convey in words how emotional and angsty this book is LD Davis drags you into their little world and pulls you through it warts and all you feel their pain sadness emotion happiness yes there is some love fragility and fears You need to read it to experience it in all its literary glory There were times when I was laughing mainly at how idiotic Kyle was at times I just wanted to punch him strangle him and make him see sensebut then once you had learned throughout the book what he had been through and had to cope with you just wanted to give him cuddles and make him realise that he is worthy everyone is worthy no matter what their past indiscretions there is room for forgiveness both received and givenThere are some twists and turns in this book you do get to see how Emmy and Luke are doing We learn about Kyle and Lily’s families and how their pasts have so destructively moulded their present We realise what needs to be done to help these two both move on going forward Free from their past just living for their future“I love you” he said his voice thick with emotion “You have revived something in me that I thought was gone and dead You don’t just make me feel alive but you make me feel like I am living”I have loved this series I will admit that this book was long and at times it felt long I seemed to be reading and no progress was being made but on reflection I think it all needed to be said I can’t wait to see what else LD has in store for us I love her stylewwwtheromancecovercom

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    I loved Accidentally on Purpose and I like most people who read it was not a fan of Kyle's at all When I found out that he would be getting his story I could not wait to read it I needed to know all about Kyle Why he was the way he was what happened to him that caused all that pain and I needed to know about that night that would forever haunt him LD Davis did an amazing job with his story She managed to take a character who I did not like at all and made me fall in love with him And yes you read that correctly I fell in Love with Kyle Sterling in Worthy of RedemptionKyle is a broken and tortured man We learn about his past and his issues with his father which leads to the anger and pain that Kyle has been dealing with Over the years Kyle has coped with his pain the only way he knew how drugs and alcohol But that horrible night not too long ago when he hurt the woman that he loved he realizes that he needs to find other ways to deal with his past There is a vulnerable side to Kyle and seeing what he has gone through will break your heart There is one person in his life right now that makes him feel alive and that is Lily WhitmanI let my emotions flow through my body into hers I held her as she did the one thing I wouldn't allow myself to do I held her tightly and let her cry for meLily has her own issues from her past that she has been dealing with as well In ways these two characters are both broken an find comfort with each other Lily knows that Kyle is bad news and knows what happened with him and Emmy But she doesn't know the worst part and when she does find out what he did she doesn't run She sees that there is to Kyle than most people do She sees the pain and the hurt and gets a glimpse of what has caused it Kyle opens up to Lily in ways that he never opened up with anyone not even Emmy He finds himself falling for her but he feels she deserves better He will only screw it up somehow and hurt her Kyle's biggest issue is his past with Emmy While Kyle is in love with Lily there is a part of him that will always love Emmy The biggest hurdle for Kyle is Emmy and his feelings for her He doesn't remember the night that he hurt her And while he has tried to move on from her knowing that she is in a happy place with Luke he realizes that until he knows what happened and until he can forgive himself for what he did he can't move forward Can Lily convince Kyle that he is worthy of redemption and deserves to be happy? Can she help him move on from the past and build a future with her?There is so much depth to this story that I will not go into because you need to experience it all for yourself There are Lily's issues with her family and her past that she needs to confront We see Emmy and Luke and see how Emmy has affected Kyle and his thoughts And how he needs her to help him move on Lily and Kyle's journey is a very emotional one There were moments I laughed mostly at Kyle because even though I loved him he was still a douche at times and I found myself just laughing at how much of an ass he was There were moments where he was so sweet with Lily and then moments where he completely frustrated me and I wanted to kill him all over again After seeing all that Kyle has been through you truly understand him in so many ways When you get past the surface of Kyle Sterling you will find that he really is an amazing guy that will capture your heart I love you he said his voice thick with emotion You have revived something in me that I thought was gone and dead you don't just make me feel alive but you make me feels like I am livingThis was an amazing story that had me crying on a few occasions LD Davis did a fantastic job with these two broken characters I went through all the emotions with them the pain anger sadness frustration and happiness that they felt There are a few twists that were thrown in there that completely surprised me Worthy of Redemption is a must read and one that had me in tears at the end in a really good way Amazing job by Ms Davis I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

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    I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review Wow I loved this book I was hooked by the end of the Prologue and barely put the book down until it was done I didn't think I would since even though I didn't want Emmy and Kyle together I didn't want him with anyone else But then along came Lilly She was a really great heroine Instead of being broken by her past she was stronger because of it She put things out there and really kept Kyle in line My heart hurt for Lilly about 34 of the way through the book The author elicited strong emotions when writing this story We learn a lot about Kyle's back story and the pressures and insecurities that have led him to behave the way he did in book 1 and subseuently this book The man continually has shit thrown at him Its almost understandable how he bent under the demands And I think seeing his vulnerabilities made him loveable And I loved how Emmy and Luke made an appearance Without giving away spoilers my heart was racing when Emmy first came back on the scene I couldn't believe what I was reading I was hoping it was wrong I was hoping it was all a joke Boy was I nervous But in the end I think everyone ended up where they needed to beI will definitely continue to read books from this author