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Hardly a week has passed since Samuel Osmond’s first adventure but already the dice are calling the Lorekeeper back to Metverold The Yfel’s sorcerer aims to sabotage another legend and this time the birth of a nation is at stake What’s the sorcerer is not acting alone A terrifying and cunning creature accompanies him and Samuel will have to outwit both of them to protect the legend Samuel joins descendants of the Trojans as they approach the land of Albion In Albion he will make new friends but he will also encounter terrible dangers Together with Angeline he will discover that the war between Virtus and Yfel is not as straightforward as he had thought What are the true intentions of the Yfel? And what secret has Virtus buried in the depths of Albion? As Samuel struggles to defeat the Yfel’s sorcerer once he will have to confront these uestions and their terrifying answers

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    I received this book for free as part of Goodreads First Reads giveawaysThis review may contain spoilersSo I just finished reading book two of the LorekeepersI found this book to be much interesting than the first one There were uestions raised and less of a certainty about who's doing the right thingThere were some pretty new interesting characters in this book I did figure out who was really working with the Yfel towards the end shortly before it was actually revealed but I still found it worked pretty well and it was good to see that Samuel didn't have all the answers and couldn't do everything perfectlyI would have liked to see of Samuel's other ability to link with animals There were a couple of occasions where it could have really come in handy but Samuel seemed to have forgotten he even had that abilityI really liked Cathasach and I especially liked Arkadios I felt that his policy about letting go of his desires for revenge and continuing to smile and see the bright side of things no matter what worked really well And I liked his relationship with Brutus though I'm not sure I particularly liked Brutus and Corineus I agree with Samuel it seemed cruel that they wiped out a whole race of beings that were there before them instead of even attempting to try for peace Even if it was part of the legend it seemed cruelI liked the link in with the first book how the legend involved the ancestors of the people from book one I would have really liked to find out the identity of the Yfel's agent It also would be nice to find out about these two organisations and what their true purposes areI did find some errors in the book Again nothing too major but I still noticed themI have to say I didn't particularly like Clara When she threw a tantrum after losing in the LARP all I could think about was how childish she was And Samuel's fantasies about her while he was in the shower were weird Though I suppose he is a teenage boy so perhaps they're naturalI'd probably be interested in reading the next book in this series I've already lent the first one to my brother who I imagine will relate well to the characters

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    The Giants of Albion is a very interesting book to read especially if you want to learn about mythology and legends It describes how Brutus led the Trojans to Albion future Britain and the difficulties that they had to face in order to settle in this land I believe that again Samuel grows up from participating in the legend and understands the difficulties he will have to face in order to save the myths from changing I really liked the character of Arkadios and the background story that the author gave him However I think that important characters of the book such as mainly Corineus and also Brutus did not get that much attention on making the readers understand their actions I would love to read about Corineus background and what led him to become the strongest man in the Trojan army as well as about Brutus and his belief in the goddess Diana It was nice to see how the author made the friendship between Arkadios and Samuel grow as the story progressed It was also a very good touch that the author made the struggle between good and evil shady and unclear as the goals of both the Yfel and Virtus are unknown to us I hope that he will say about this in the next booksThe most interesting thing in this book series is the many things the reader learns about the mythology of Britain and other countries I had never heard the myth of the Giants of Albion and the struggles that the Trojans had to face such as fighting Giants in order to settle the land I had no idea that Britain took its name from Brutus the first king of Britain It was also nice to learn the myth of the creation of Cornwall which took its name after Corineus after his fight with Gogmagog the giant leaderI recommend to people to read this book as it is very enjoyable and informative I will definitely read the third book of the series which I'm happy to see comes out only in a few days