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On July 6 2003 four months after the United States invaded Ira former ambassador Joseph Wilson's now historic op ed What I Didn't Find in Africa appeared in The New York Times A week later conservative pundit Robert Novak revealed in his newspaper column that Ambassador Wilson's wife Valerie Plame Wilson was a CIA operative The public disclosure of that secret information spurred a federal investigation and led to the trial and conviction of Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff Scooter Libby and the Wilsons' civil suit against top officials of the Bush administration Much has been written about the Valerie Plame story but Valerie herself has been silent until now Some of what has been reported about her has been frighteningly accurate serving as a pungent reminder to the Wilsons that their lives are no longer private And some has been completely false distorted characterizations of Valerie and her husband and their shared integrity Valerie Wilson retired from the CIA in January 2006 and now not only as a citizen but as a wife and mother the daughter of an Air Force colonel and the sister of a US marine she sets the record straight providing an extraordinary account of her training and experiences and answers many uestions that have been asked about her covert status her responsibilities and her life As readers will see the CIA still deems much of the detail of Valerie's story to be classified As a service to readers an afterword by national security reporter Laura Rozen provides a context for Valerie's own story Fair Game is the historic and unvarnished account of the personal and international conseuences of speaking truth to power

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    This book should make every American angry Angry that an American President Vice President and their staff would break the law destroy the careers of patriotic civil servants and send thousands of soldiers to die in an unnecessary war for no reason but to avoid an embarrassing headline in the newspaper Angry that an agency whose sole reason for existing is to discover and present the truth to those in power should spend taxpayer's money keeping the truth from those who are paying for it Angry that half the American voters would be so willfully ignorant that they would vote to keep such a despicable administration in power Valerie Plame Wilson is not a great writer but she has a story to tell and she tries to tell it as simply and as directly as she can The CIA's Publication Review Board is a group of craven bureaucrats who they try to keep Ms Plame Wilson's story from being told The real story in this book is in the CIA's redactions the blacked out sections that have been left for the reader to see on almost every page The reader does not have to be that perceptive to see that every reference to the duration of Ms Plame Wilson's career in the CIA spanning than 20 years; that she was assigned to Athens and worked with Greek nationals; that as head of the Ira desk in the Non Proliferation Division she investigated A Kahn's actions in assisting rogue nations in developing nuclear weapons has been blacked out These simple facts can not only be found in the appendix of her book they are available from a variety of external sources That flunkies in the CIA PRB would kowtow to self serving politicians and try to keep Ms Plame Wilson from publishing her book by redacting such simple and harmless facts is shameful They were not trying to preserve national security they were trying to make this book as unpublishable as possible To govern effectively our leaders need to know the truth To vote effectively American citizens need to know the truth When both the government and the voters are told half truths and outright lies stupid wars will be fought the economy will fall into recession Americans will suffer and die for no reason The truth matters Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson are American heroes for sacrificing so much to try to tell it to us

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    I followed this story for nearly four years so I was delighted to finally be able to get the story from Valerie Plame Wilson's point of viewWhen I first dug into the book I thought Well she's not a writer but neither am I so I can't hold that against her But the further I went the I felt like something was missing besides the blacked out parts; it was curiously flat with very little depth or dimension Even the chapter where she dealt with post partum depression failed to move me and I was so disappointed that I almost gave upI'm glad I didn't because in the second half of the book Valerie finally comes alive After her exposure in Novak's column and the uproar that followed she frankly discusses how she and Joe dealt with the havoc wrought on their marriage their careers their finances and their reputations They experienced threats and some weird episodes at their home that made them fear for their children's safety while they bore the full force of the wrathful Republican noise machine It was pretty scary

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    SPOILERSI had been wanting to read this book While I enjoyed parts of it and was pretty angry on Plame's behalf as others have said it was toughreally toughto follow because so much was blacked out I have heard the word redacted so much on the news lately I hate to use it myself but that aspect made it tough to get full enjoyment out ofI still rated it a 4 because were it not for the redactions I am sure it would be a 4 or even a 5 Plame is a good writer and it isn't her fault they made it as hard for her as possible Obviously I'd still recommend this book particularly to political junkies

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    A Kafka esue story that will send chills down your spine because it’s actually true; too bad it’s such a dry flat read It’s worth 35 stars than just three because the author was able to make this mess into something that the average reader could understandThis is the story of ex CIA spy Valerie Plame Wilson whose cover was blown by the government that employed her all out of pure spite because her husband a diplomat told the powers that be that there was no cause to go to war with IraHaving read her story in the media I always found it extremely confusing and chaotic to make heads or tails of the whole thing Granted this is her side of the story but there is so much evidence that she provides explaining how all she was doing was her job something she did well and people in the White House took it upon themselves to ruin her to get to her husband The nightmare that these people went through really reminded me of Kafka’s novel The Trial where you’re wondering what kind of twilight zone you walked intoThe first half of the book chronicles her life in the CIA and how she moved up in ranks to become a spy tracking the proliferation of WMDs around the world She felt she did her job as any true patriot would she fell in love later in life and got married and had twins A lot of the first half of the book is hard to appreciate because the government has redacted several paragraphs individual lines or just the odd word in various chapters so there are holes What makes no sense though is that the person she wrote the book with Laura Rozen was able to recount nearly all of the holes in the extensive Afterward Many chapter written by the Plame Wilson had an accompanying chapter by Rozen in the Afterward According to Rozen the government was fine with that because it was public knowledge but the main author could not say the same things herself A very WTF moment And the story continues like that There are some parts where she gets personal like how she tried to deal with post partum depression or she tries to describes family dinners etc but it felt like filler and didn’t match the tone of the rest of the bookIn the second half things get interesting because it talks about how she was exposed who did it why the ramifications etc which still makes for some dry reading but you manage to keep turning the pages because you just can’t believe the number of roadblocks that were put in her way to try to silence her It was as if the government wanted her killed they denied her family security even though she received threats or at least in harm’s way so that she would be frightened enough to stop her investigation into who leaked her cover What’s even frightening is that not only was her cover blown but all the people overseas who may have spoken to her were now in danger and these were foreigners who helped the US government and the same went for the sudden danger for her family and friends who were now exposed as being related to her They tried to ostracize her from everyone but she didn’t give up It was disgusting to read that President Bush had commuted Scooter Libby’s prison sentence when all the facts were there but that seems to be how the previous Administration worked with all these back alley dealings and hush hush meetings Plame Wilson's career was ruined and she had to move to another state and all for what? Just makes your hair stand on endIt’s a disturbing story as well as a cautionary tale for anyone wanting to tell a truth that the powers that be aren’t prepared to hear

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    Valerie Plame Wilson has a story to tell and it's a compelling one But the story isn't the problem The execution in this book is almost unreadable and while Wilson has been through a lot I don't think that absolves her of the blame for pushing this book to publication when it wasn't readyWilson's story is probably interesting and exciting but I'll never know because she and her publisher chose to move forward with a book after the CIA redacted almost all of its contents And instead of starting over at suare one and rewriting the narrative under those constraints Wilson and co decided to publish the book as is with black lines covering all of the classified information Her point about censorship is completely valid but she makes it in the first few pages An entire book of blacked out lines sometimes entire pages with no words on them is not an indictment of the CIA it's a punishment for the reader who paid to muddle through this for some reasonThe book then contains an afterward that basically reveals most of the information that was classified and makes excuses for the piece of garbage book you just read Because Wilson was being antagonized by the CIA andor because she was now without a job and really needed the money from her book readers are supposed to be happy with an unreadable mess This should have been handled much differently If nothing else the publisher should have included a warning of some sort on the coverThis is the first book I've read in years that I felt was almost a complete waste of time and money The information I gleaned could easily have been printed in a magazine article If you want to learn about Wilson check out the Wikipedia page

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    “Fair Game” is an odd book Reading accounts of the Plame affair in the “New York Times” or “Washington Post” tells about her career and issues with the CIA than she was allowed to in her book Those who followed the machinations of the cabal that used bogus and cynical claims that Saddam Hussein and the Irai armed forces had so called weapons of mass destruction were familiar with the scurrilous treatment of Valerie Plame career CIA officer and her husband Joseph Wilson retired State Department manager and ambassador Wilson’s crime was honest reporting of a trip he made to Niger one of the four African nations that produced uranium ore and lightly processed yellowcake a uranium concentrate powder that with a lot of further refining can become weapons grade uranium with U 235 levels above 90 per cent Yellowcake has the same relationship to nuclear weapons as a rubber plant in Malaysia does to Maserati uattroporte although about 100 times complex Still shipping tons of it to Ira where rud banks of smelters and centrifuges lay waiting would be a shocking development and one reuiring further action Except that it didn’t happen The tonnage of yellowcake claimed to have been sent to Ira would have been over a year’s worth of production and used railcars and trucks than existed in Niger and the nations around it It couldn’t be covered up—would have been obvious through satellite surveillance or anyone who might have asked about it Joe Wilson was sent to Niger to ask about it—actually he was sent to confirm that something that hadn’t happened did happen A former ambassador of Gabon with long experience in Niger and other Francophone West African countries he had the expertise and gravitas for the mission That he was married to a CIA officer working on nuclear non proliferation was seen as a bonus When Wilson’s report was buried in the national security bureaucracy and references to Ira refining yellowcake from Niger continued he wrote an article for the New York Times “What I Didn't Find in Africa” laying out the truth of his mission It had the impact of rolling a grenade into a henhouse Wilson’s fledgling business as a consultant on West Africa was trashed More importantly from a legal and perhaps ethical standpoint Valerie Plame was identified as a CIA officer She had been working undercover for years—not undercover like a DEA agent trying to bust Pablo Escobar but as an unacknowledged US intelligence officer who met with people in Europe and the Middle East—nuclear chemists technicians getting euipment ready for shipping sales reps for aluminum tube producers academics essentially anyone who might have a bit of information that could point to a nation trying to acuire nuclear weapons secretly Once the story hit that the attractive blonde reporterhedge fund analystpublic relations hack who everyone thought was so nice was actually a covert operative for the dreaded CIA it ended her career and put many of her contacts at risk It was a dastardly thing to do and seemed to be the result of a fit of piue by Vice President Dick Cheney and his chief of staff Plame does an excellent job describing the fears and frustrations after her exposure Some are big deals—she was denounced on Fox News than once for example—some mundane although still the type of thing that can cut to the uick She was shunned by people she had trusted at the CIA; the Wilsons lost most of their income; they were denied security even after being informed of real threats against them As the weapons of mass destruction refused to appear in Ira and the Wilsons plus a few allies fought back they became symbols of what can happen to citizens that the government decides to harm in shadowy extra legal ways And it turned out that publicizing the name of a CIA officer was illegal thanks to Phillip Agee and “Counterspy” magazine who had done just that in the 1980s I think the real turning point in the entire debacle was when Patrick Fitzgerald a tenacious workaholic career prosecutor and US Attorney was named special counsel Among his successful prosecutions were the Gambino mob family the blind sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and a generation of Chicago politicians who had been beyond the law for decades The most intriguing parts of “Fair Game” are chopped to bits by CIA censors with words line or entire pages obscured by black bars However Laura Rozen author of the Afterword wasn’t bound by the same non disclosure agreement and laws It is a perfect and necessary complement to “Fair Game” and is worth reading in itself

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    I followed her story at the time of its unfolding This book tells the story again though not much new or interesting was added A good part of this book shows the CIA redactions That’s part of the story too but the black lines pages of them were distracting The long afterword by Laura Rozen I suppose relates what Plame Wilson could not say because of her work with the CIA But it was like adding a second book and it was just too much The Bush people were shameless when it came to payback for Joe Wilson’s report that he did not find yellowcake in Niger Plame Wilson begins her book by describing her cultivation of relationships under false pretenses so there's some irony in the book's subtitle My Betrayal by the White House

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    A cautionary tale of what can happen when you A assume that like you others will do the right thing especially when one works in a bureaucracy B assume that the government wouldn't sell you out in a heart beat to forward its own agenda no matter how ludicrous C don't cover your own ass and back up your own work D assume that the CIA wasn't partisan or politicized before the Bush administration E are literally that naive I learned a lot from this book and it also confirmed a lot of what I believe went down leading up to the war in Ira And I happen to completely agree with Valerie Wilson that Ira was a rouge state that was bound to cause problems but frankly we did not have enough intelligence to invade a country as unstable as Ira and to poorly attempt to establish a democratic style government the people themselves had no desire to be a part of We created a huge power vacuum in the middle east and now we're paying for it Also based on the source material provided on was Ira actually had in its weapons program I've come to the following conclusions; A Saddam Hussein was a huge asshole but he had to have been hands down the worlds greatest poker player He literally had some of the world's best intelligence agencies unsure of or convinced that he had WMDs when really he didn't have shit Hadn't had shit since the early 90's and even if he wanted shit it would have taken monthsseveral yearspossibly a decade to create those weapons By witch time the US intelligence apparatus would have caught on and easily thwarted B There was no real reason for our country to go to war with Ira the way we didI've also come to the conclusion that justice is an illusion especially when you live in a country where the white house administration is than willing to throw a highly trained and valuable CIA asset under the bus because they felt some kind of way about an article her husband wrote; and essentially get away with it That said I would like to take advantage of my first amendment rights and say that Karl Rove is a shriveled raisin like anus and that Scooter Libby is literally the world's biggest brown noser who suckled the tit of Dick Chaney who is in fact a heartless vampire to screw over an innocent American family and our country Not only did they undermine our country's security and intelligence apparatus but they also undermined and abused our judiciary system to cover their shame and their own dried out crusty asses They are so lucky they are citizens of the United States where the only real penalty they had to face for their actions were a few dragged out inconvenient trials and the withering comments on this book review Thousands of men and women are dead because they cherry picked the intelligence that helped forward their agenda and pushed our country into near endless war In short this woman and her family paid a heavy price for speaking truth to power and I have a ton of respect for her

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    Awesome biography I'd like to thank her and her whole family for being strong enough and tough enough not to let our White House get away with itThe Bush administration unfortunately has still gotten away with too much and in my opinion the result of Karl Rove and Scooter Libby was too tame They should have been tried for treasonperiod I wish justice could have been done the right way with not only this but 9 11 itself We'll never see it done Not enough people are yelling for justice We'll be lucky not to wind up with a dictatorship within 20 yearsThis and still to me is a side issue with the whole thing that has happened to her family however What I gained from this story is thisUnited we stand Divided we fallWhen this whole thing hit her it destroyed not only her career and the rest of her life and almost her marriage as well But when she and her husband stood side by side and fought back they gained at least a modicum of justice and held their family together which is the most important thing They eventually regained some of what they lost and they did gain their reputations because they stood together and fought together That was the really cool part and the lesson we should all learn Adversity can break you if you're alone but with somoene to stand by your side and have your back you can overcome anything What they did gives me hope there is still time to get our country back and enforce our Constitutional rights which the Patriot Act has stolen United we stand peopleThanks to Valerie and her husband for doing the right thing for our country Clarrissa Lee Moonauthor of Memoirs of The Nightwolves and The Celeste Nites series

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    Well I had followed this story in the New York Times so was eager to read Ms Plame Wilson's memoir The book wasn't horrible but not the juicy read I hoped forThe redacted sections courtesy of the CIA as if they haven't done enough to her make for a choppy disjointed story For example the part explaining how Valerie meets Joe is so buried in blacked out pages that the reader goes from Valerie hoping to have it all to giving birth to twins The narrative lacks the emotion I expected from someone who had experienced such professional and personal upheaval as if the CIA succeeded in sanitizing even her feelings Reading the book left me with uestions than it answered That said it was interesting to learn about the mechanics of being a CIA employee and renewed my anger toward a government so ruthless that it willingly ruined a career jeopardized a family's safety and then lied about it InfuriatingI recommend reading the Afterward section first to help fill in the blanks while reading the memoir