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Tito Momen was raised Muhammad Momen He was born in Nigeria and was taught to observe the strict teachings of Islam At age five he woke at 445 every morning to attend the mosue and perform dawn prayer with the other men in his village His training to memorize the ur'an began at age five It was at this same age that he began copying the entire ur'an word for word He was being raised to emerge as a leader among clerics capable of leading a jihad or holy struggle to convert nonbelievers to Islam However Tito's path took an expected turn when he was introduced to Christianity His decision to believe in Jesus Christ cost him his family and his freedom Tito thought he would spend his remaining days enduring a life sentence in an uncivilized Egyptian prison For fifteen years he suffered and waited and prayed Tito said I never gave up hope I never stopped believing Although he was falsely imprisoned beaten and ridiculed Tito's remarkable true story is one of faith forgiveness and testimony that God does hear and answer prayers

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    I think if I had rated this book immediately after we read it I would have given it 4 stars but my opinion has changed a bit after some reflection Burke gave me this book for Christmas and we read it together this past month in less than a week as we were so fascinated by the story While Tito's history is interesting and his conversion to Mormonism is uite remarkable I found myself reflecting on the impact this story might have on the pool of readers who are most likely to read it as in those who freuent Deseret Book for all their literary choices You see with a brother who dreams of being an international lawyer in the Middle East and who has now traveled to Jordan Egypt Israel etc I couldn't help thinking how skewed a perspective this book might give to someone who's only exposure to Islam or the Middle East is through its pages Tito's life experience was being raised in an Islamic Fundamentalist community where most people hated Christians had held great animosity towards Western Culture especially the USA However this is not true of all or even most Muslims I believe this book could put an unhealthy fear into Americans that the entire world hates us and our culture which is not at all accurate once you talk to people like my brother who have actually been in that region in the world and had many positive experiences with the people there In that same breathe that is not to discredit his experience or say that we shouldn't exercise caution if thinking of a trip to that region but I think it is unhealthy to think that everyone practicing Islam will be hostile towards Americans

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    The next time I see him will be on the other side I do believe he'll be there At that point he won't be a Muslim and I won't be a Christian We will simply be children of God Tito Momen

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    This is a frank and honest description of a very intriguing yet incredibly difficult paradigm shift; Islam to Christianity Momen had an interesting and uniue upbringing in Nigeria which is an integral part of his story He was raised to be far observant than the rest of Muslims his age not only within the religion but also in his village He was curious and intelligent which put him on the path for a colorful ride What I appreciated about the book was that Momen does not belabor his own sins faults or experiences yet he does not hide them He goes from nearly militant Muslim who has simple uestions to rebellious and acting out to Christian to imprisoned He shares his experience factually including his darkest moments of discouragement and the turning of tides when the miracles occur that strengthen his resolve and testimony I like the way he tells his story as it does not feel forced or contrived He is honest sincere and open He clearly explains how Jesus is the literal Son of God and how the atonement makes sense in his understanding of sacrifice It's so simple and beautiful as he explains it It is also one of the most difficult accounts to read due to the politics of Nigeria and Cairo Also a very touching relationship shift at the endhttpamusingreviewsblogspotcom20

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    I may be inclined to give this book a 4 or 45 but marked it 5 because I really want people to read it when it comes out I read an Advanced Readers Edition The only reason for lower marks is because it is a biography so by nature there are parts that move slower Not slow just slowerAnyway this is the true story of a Muslim who was converted to Christianity specifically Mormonism while studying to become an Imam Islamic preacher at a prestigious university in Cairo His life is incredible to say the least His is a story of intense faith and hope throughout his life but especially during the 15 years he spends in prison for his beliefs I was really impressed with the description of both Islam and Mormonism in this book and felt the author did a good job of explaining that his personal upbringing in Islam was uite extreme He did not lead the reader to believe that all Muslims wereare this way The co author Jeff Benedict did a great job of tying various stories together to show how small events in our lives will lead to much bigger events later on I especially enjoyed the tie in of the prodigal son throughout the book The book comes out in November 2013 so mark it on your calendar as a must read

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    5 star story and 3 star writing so I settled in the middle with 4 stars An incredible life story that sucks you right In The writing was lacking for me in many ways A rushed ending I wanted a little info on how his father came to want to see him again and his change of heart What his future held for him after he left Nigeria just throughout I felt some bits were not detailed enough Overall I really enjoyed this book and think his story is one to read

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    I read large excerpts of this book in an LDS Living magazine with my wife Sorry for the length of this review but what an incredible storyThis man was raised in Nigeria to become a militant Islamic cleric and a leader of Jihad His father sent him to a radical Sunni school in Syria and when he graduated from that he got an appointement to a highly sought after Islamic University in Cairo run by the Muslim BrotherhoodThrough his own research uestions integrity and seeking he came to doubt Mohammed's validity as a holy prophet But he could not discuss this train of thought for obvious reasons with anyone there He wrote his thoughts down in notesjournal form and they were ultimately discovered and he was publicly dennounced humilitiated and expelled from the University His father disowned him in NigeriaHe turned to the world and went into Cairo and worked at a night club and became a disc jockey living a life of sin and worldiness A close friend of his became a Christian and when Mohammed uestioned him about he invited him to his church LDS Mohemmed attended and wanted to join but was forbidden by law After some time they found a technicality so he could be baptised and he wasHis fiance uit him and reported him His father held a funeral for him in Nigeria and his mother committed suicide because she gave birth to him He decided to change his name from Mohammed to Tito and was approved to do so but when he went to sign the paperwork he was arrested and severally beaten for abandoning Islam and defiling the name of Mohammed by changing his own name Trumped up ficticious chares of drug smuggling were leveled against him and without so much as being able to speak for himself he was found guilt and sentenced to life in prison with no appealWhat follws is fifteen years of abject hardship faith serious sickness and health conditions perserverance and miraculous expereinces that lead to this man's ultimate freedom healing and a deathbed reunion and reconiclliation with his father Highly recommended and a testament to faith the atonement of Jesus Christ and the reality of God's knoweldge and care for His chidren even in the most difficult of circumstances I will own the entire book as soon as it is available

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    well this book is attacking our beloved Muhammad peace and blessing be upon him in an indirect way this book gives an imaginary hope for those who wants to stay as a mormon or Christiansyou can't tell me that because a Muslim become a Christian Christianity is a true religion ask yourself why did he become Christian what is wrong in Islam ?? where are the mistakes in Islam The writer never give a real reason to show the readers why he lift Islam what did he saw about Islam that made him change his faith well I did not wait to write all my thoughts here I was in UVU to ask the writer in front of an audience about why he lift Islam ? but my friend nasr was faster than me and asked him but he did not answers and the real problem is the audience were really dispirit that they did not care so I'm telling you clearly that this is a nonsense Jesus himself worship one god and Mormon worship three gods so how can Mormon be a real religion ?? it doesn't make sense and they say you have to pray about it to find out weather it is true or not what a stupid excuse they truly sounds like 225 but you need pray to understand who need to pray to know that 22 4 anyway to all the readers who read this book you are simply not intelligent intelligent people don't waste their time with nonsense and this is a gift from me to all readers did Muhammad peace be be upon him tell about that when there was no super technology it a true from god without a doubt

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    Well all I can say to my Goodreads friends is you should read this Recently written it's a true story of one man's journey that is very applicable to today's world A child raised and groomed by his Muslim extremist father converts to Mormonism and pays a price beyond comprehension It will give you a wrenching view of what it means to live where there's little religious freedom Our Branch President here in Kyiv Ukraine works for the US State Department and lived in Cairo when Tito was imprisoned there He would visit him in jail and accompanied him to the airport when Tito was freed after serving fifteen years of his life sentence

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    This book gave an in depth look into the Islamic religion which I admit I didn't really know much about I bought the book thinking it would tell of his conversion to Christianity in general but I was surprised to learn that he actually converted to the Mormon church He goes through his thought process and how easy it was for him to accept Joseph Smith because he had been taught his whole life to believe in the prophet Muhammad The book doesn't get overly preachy and mainly just tells the overall story of how he went from a hardcore Muslim destined for the jihad to a devout Mormon in Egypt A very uick and interesting read that I would recommend to anyone

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    Tito Momen’s Story is one of confusion searching falling and finding It is an amazing telling of a humble man who could not fake what he believed even when it was ingrained in him from every angle I was absolutely enthralled and amazed to see how each event in Tito’s life prepared him for the next one It was an engaging and inspiring read I especially loved the themes of self realization blessings in disguise and the story of the prodigals son I totally recommend this to any Christian or Non Christian seeking to deepen their faith