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2015 Canadian Jewish Literary Awards — Winner FictionJudith finds the courage to stand up for her beliefs and protest anti Semitic hypocrisy Judith is a young woman who lived in Israel for a decade was a peace activist there and defines herself as left wing yet in graduate school back in Canada she discovers that vilification of Israel is the expected norm When the keynote speaker for Anti Oppression Day turns out to be a supporter of terrorist attacks not only against Israeli military targets but also against Israeli civilians and Jews around the world Judith protests As a result she is marginalized by the faculty and her peers and her life begins to unravel This is a moving novel about love betrayal and the courage to stand up for what one believes as well as a searing indictment of the hypocrisy and intellectual sloth that threaten the integrity of our society 'Wistful Woman' painting on the cover was created by Peter Worsley and used with the artist’s permission

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    In Fields of Exile author Nora Gold takes on the BDS movement with courage and authority providing the reader a compelling realistic portrait of anti Semitism's most recent incarnation as seen through the eyes of Judith a peace activist in Israel and graduate student of social work in Canada Judith's professors and fellow students find her bona fides as a liberal impeccable but her status as an Israeli uickly becomes problematic as she struggles to defend her beloved country against the hate fueled anti Israel activism of her professors mentors and fellow students Underlying that conflict is a tender love story that uestions notions of devotion to lovers friends home and religion Erudite instructive and convincing Fields of Exile is an excellent choice for book clubs It deserves a wide and thoughtful audience

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    Please see my A with author Nora Gold

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    Nora Gold's novel vividly captures the struggles of a young woman fighting against antisemitism masked as anti Zionism on her college campus

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    Gold demonstrates a deep understanding of academia anti oppression work and the struggles of being part of two cultures I was both educated and entertained Her main character Judith is a complex woman who made me laugh and cry

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    Stimulating read on a challenging topic

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    I wanted to like this book I am sympathetic to its premise I support a two state solution and the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace and govern themselves Like Judith the protagonist of the novel I can be both supportive of Israel's right to exist and critical of its government's actions at the same time And I am surrounded by people who use terms such as Israeli apartheid and expect those around them to nod in agreement Like Judith I do not always feel free to express my nuanced view of the situationSadly there is too much wrong with this book for me to embrace it except on principle In Judith the author has created a cardboard cutout of a left wing Canadian Israeli peace activist forced to pursue an MSW while in exile in Ontario Even though she is in her early 30s she is hopelessly naive and often behaves like someone a good 10 years younger We are told how intelligent she is but we rarely see it expressed She's also rather dull and boring and yet her every mundane thought forms the narrative of the book I couldn't help mentally rewriting and editing what I was slogging throughThis book has important things to say about the Left and its intellectual rigidity and about how at least some anti Zionism is actually anti Semitism Sometimes it manages to convey this message well But far too often the poor writing and characterization get in the way If you're already sympathetic to the author's premise you'll be glad that premise has been given voice but you'll wish the voice had been better

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    Nora Gold has written a brave and provocative book Its story is focused on ideas but is told with great authentic emotion Judith the main character uests to understand herself and others with humour and integrity and a sharp eye for hypocrisy Bravo to the author for her unflinching eye and perceptive observations of human beings at their best and worst

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    355This book is filled with ideal and ideas longing for peace and understanding All these elements are important to me and I couldn't help feeling pain while reading Including at the very endthis 'not so happy' ending when we come to read the Seder I'm used to fold the pages' corner whenever something catches my mind and I did it uite regularly with 'Fields Of Exile'While I like the content I'm less fond of the form Firstly the main character sounds so freaking annoying and immature to me We're constantly repeated how clever and uniue she is but to me she often appears childish and stubborn and not for good reasons And well when you can't manage to appreciate a character spending your time reading about his silly or boring behaviour doesn't help to get caught by the book And that's my main problemBeside I'm glad to read for once about the hypocrisy surrounding the so told 'pro this or that' opinion There is a huge difference between free speech and hate speech and Nora Gold offers a good reminder about that Which isn't bad at all

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    Read this book in 2 days at the beach and was very impressed with the author's knowledge of the subject and presentation Probably really a 45 because it got a little too melodramatic for me near the end Highly recommend

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    An important highly political book about anti Israelism as the new anti Semitism of the PC left on campuses Probably too polemical to include on a syllabus; as well the story is so obvious and so slow and repeated sex fantasies scenes are uncomfortable and pointless