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From experiments to exploration to war T L Decay takes you through the universe and back These stores capture the mind and hurtle it through space Rail to the Stars makes exploration possible Mutated Crew showcases the true folly of technological warStep into the capsule and explore worlds beyond imaginationRail to the Stars – Is a story of record breaking and exploration in the future set to attitude of NASA’s glory days Peeling Away – Is a contribution by Catt Dahman explores the vicious side of vanity Magellan’s Zoo – While expanding humanity through colonization the crew of the Magellan must fight for survival on their ship against the dangerous Earth animals slipped into storage by terrorists Breaking Dawn Rescue – When colonization becomes commonplace human faults cause dangerous situations The crew of the Breaking Dawn is enlisted to help rescue survivors from a doomed planet Hand Built – A contribution by Mark Woods Through change progress and innovation humanity lost itself only to be saved and resurrected by its own robotic creations Unfortunately its savior is misunderstood and becomes the enemy in the mind of those who were saved

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