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To mark the centenary of the start of World War I the Antiues Roadshow team filmed a series of specials at the Somme where the public brought in their family's war memorabilia and photographs These 'antiues' weren't financially valuable or in some cases even very beautiful but the stories that came attached to these momentoes were priceless Antiues Roadshow World War I in 100 Family Treasures takes 100 of the most fascinating and moving stories and shows how they fit in to the wider history that was occuring around them From Rifleman Frank Edwards who led the 'big push' in September 1915 kicking a football in front of the troops and survived to tell the tale to the formidable Catherine Murray Roy one of the first 50 nurses to be sent to the front lines in France The story behind each object paints an intimate portrait of a long lost relative and uotes from the modern day participants in the roadshow provide a moving link between the families then and nowFully illustrated and featuring all the stories from the show this is a truly uniue way of telling the story of those ordinary lives that were by the onset of war in 1914 thrown into the most extraordinary of circumstances

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    The beauty of this book was that it is the sort of book that you can dip in and out of and I read the book over the course of several monthsThe book is exactly what the title says it is a history of World War One through 100 personal family items For each item a biography of the owner is given brief details of what was going on I their particular theatre of war and information about the item itself The items are not of national significance on the whole some items featured are just say a family photograph a postcard or piece of jewellery but this is what I loved about the book items telling the personal stories behind the campaigns and battles that we have all read about in the history books The individual stories keep your interest as they are not too long and rambling This is a truly engaging book which will bring home to readers the true human cost of war Although intended for an adult reader this book would also be invaluable to young adults who are perhaps discovering World War One for the first time

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    Very good book Items from ww1 that were brought onto the Antiues Roadshow programmeFamily members showing items that were used during WW1 and this wonderful book was made after the programme as so many items were brought onto the show it was hard to show everythingBrilliant book very interesting

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    I did enjoy reading all the little stories that went with each item in the book Though I was disappointed that there were not women included in the book and that the ethnic minorities were not represented

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    Very interesting it offers a intimate view on the First World War since the Second is know to everyone It's amazing to see some of the artefacts the families have been able to preserve all that time

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    The book is very moving and makes simple objects feel important The history has led me to look further in to my family's history