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Miranda a uirky strong minded and lovable young woman splurges her inheritance on the old Miranda Bay Sanatorium in the sub tropical Bay of Islands New Zealand simply because it bears her nameShe knows little about running a business and depends heavily on loyal cousin Pansy's expertiseIn her frantic drive for success Miranda hires a motley crew to get cracking on the propertyHamilton her lascivious financial adviser seizes the opportunity to undermine herBut now with paying guests expected she must make some serious decisionsSo the guests trickle in hardly the sophisticates Miranda has envisagedAt the brink of despair she experiences deepening depression and manic behaviorShe contrives an outlandish economic solution to the problemWhat follow is intrigue and terror and an emotional and tender unfolding of events in the face of financial ruinWitty and wicked scandalous and scary this is a story to make you laugh and cry

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    This is the first book written by my wife Susan Not being biased I have read the book MANY times and thoroughly recommend it for its humour and readability It is indicative of SOME peoples view of Kiwi life particularly as it relates to the Far North and the locals humour New Zealand is uniue in our cultural heritage and Susan portrays her understanding of it very well

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    A well written compelling story This author has done a splendid job crafting a story that is both realistic and captivating The story is funny but touching emotional but amusing and above all else interesting to read I loved the author’s writing style It is packed with humor insight and fantastic descriptive prose I highly recommend this fabulous book

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    This contemporary fiction novel by Susan Tarr was one of those books that I managed to sink myself into easily right from the first few pages The story was credible and I could identify with some wrong decisions in the pages Miranda is an impulsive woman who falls head first into a whole lot of trouble when she purchases a run down piece of real estate hoping to turn it into a popular resort I wondered at an early stage in the book just how she was going to get through her problems I rooted for her prayed for a happy ending and a way out of the stress caused by this business endeavour Thus every page was like a journey following Miranda and a cast of interesting funny and emotionally charged characters; many of whom had troubles of their own Ms Tarr has a way with words there is no doubting that I particularly enjoy her writing style which made me feel fully invested in the story It is rare to find an author who captivates and engages me all the way through a book but this author manages it effortlessly with an easy flow of straightforward writing and feelingsI also enjoyed the setting in the book the agony of a court case and the ending which left me feeling like I had been hit with a burst of fresh airThis is the second book I have read by Susan Tarr The first one was Phenomena Lost and Forgotten Children which I also enjoyed immensely I will make sure now to wait for her next and look out for it Congratulations on a great book and poignant story

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    MIRANDA BAY READ BELOW 13 ADDITIONAL REVIEWS FROM PREVIOUS PUBLICATION morphed from a diary I wrote whilst managing a resort in the glorious Bay of Islands in the northern part of New Zealand Some of these jottings were hilarious others were very painful for me Some portions of this work are fictitious you'll soon see which but most parts are not Working with people who should be relaxed because they are on holiday can be hilarious but it can also be exasperating Working for a Management Committee made up of retired bankers and control freaks can be hell Put them all in the same bathtub and you have Miranda BayAt last a truly original voice Susan Tarr is a born storyteller Her exuberant style razor sharp wit and characters so brilliantly well developed it feels they could step right off the page at any moment drives a narrative that skillfully combines comedy intrigue terror and heartbreaking tendernessMiranda Bay is a wonderful debut novelDANIEL MYERS author of Corporate Blue and The Second Favorite Son 'At last Ireland's acclaimed Marion Keyes now has a Kiwi cousin Susan Tarr's debut 'Miranda Bay' introduces us to her publicly emerging talent Susan's ability to write about deep fear; failing dreams the helpless spiral into substance addiction paralysis under abuse and bullying et el and make it humorous is a uniue talent In modern self appeasing independent Miranda we can loathe her and like her; identify and deny her as we parade weave and crawl with her to her realisation revelation and salvation as she learns that hard lesson; that of reaching above our own human frailties and remembering others theirs And this worthwhile read is set in our fair northern coastlands of NZ Well done Susan' Ngaire Riddell Business Woman Timaru Miranda is a wonderful woman She reminds me of the shallow nature that is in all of us though we try to hide it And that dreadful booze I imagine that you would have to have been through a nightmare situation such as this to write like you do yet you manage to make it so funny The way you write of her awful paralysis when being bullied by her banker is obviously something you know I thoroughly enjoy the way you combine the ridiculous and the deep Miranda's evening chats were fantastic what a glorious resort Where can I book in? And you know what? Every girl should have a best friend like PansyBusiness Woman SI Miranda behaves as I'd like to sometimes I loved how she did exactly what she wanted to do with little regard to other's feelings or the law Flamboyant and self centred Inside she wanted to be loved for herself Not for her looks or money Her tender and philosophical side was very real at times Miranda Bay is a funny entertaining and touching bookIsobel Power Business Woman Auckland Excellent read A journey of sharp witty entertainment Full of hilarious moments yet with a recognizable undertone of the dark side of the human condition I've just finished the book and could really identify with Miranda's financial crisis The brilliant ending was just what I needed to give me some hope for the futureJeanien van der Geer Business Woman and mother of 2 Thames“At last a truly original voice Susan Tarr is a born storyteller Her exuberant style razor sharp wit and characters so brilliantly well developed it feels they could step right off the page drives a narrative that skillfully combines comedy intrigue terror and heartbreaking tenderness Miranda Bay is a wonderful debut novel”Daniel Myers Author of Corporate Blue Second Favorite Son USA MIRANDA BAY is a wonderful romp through a year of one young woman’s life If you like the idea of taking a dump of an ex sanatorium in the Bay of Islands and turning it into a resort and ‘health spa’ with a healthy overdraft a villain of a bank manager uirky employees and myriad guests that come and go sweetened with lots of too much alcohol nail polish designer clothes and high heeled sandals then go for it Read MIRANDA BAY – and that ending Can’t tell you; wait till you get there You’ll love itTannis Laidlaw Psychologist Auckland Brilliant writing and the way you talk about fat people had me in hysterics I'm 140ks It's wonderful excellent made me laugh and made me cry I've got to get another copy because I want one for me But I'll probably keep lending it out And the ending was brilliant It's a fantastic read It's got to go to the top'Marie Secondary Teacher Hauraki'Crafted with rare skill by a master wordsmith Susan Tarr transports you from laughto disaster to laugh on the journey through Miranda Bay with such ability thatit seems you are there watching as each new scene unfoldsI look forward to seeing of Susan’s work in print' Charles Knaggs Warkworth “Miranda Bay is a superbly written tale of an impulsive young woman who follows her heart rather than her head; but doesn’t discover the error of her ways until after spending her entire inheritance on a resort without even looking at it simply because it shares her name What follows her purchase is a lighthearted foray into frivolity with her cousin Pansy trying to keep Miranda Bay running while trying to keep Miranda herself from sinking below the high tide line Assisted by Neville the local “personality” and sometime resort groundskeeper Miranda Bay slowly begins to flourish Susan Tarr has written a beautiful book with snappy one liners hilarious anecdotes wonderful nuggets of wisdom to live by and an awesome cameo from an elephant It’s definitely a book to read than once” Cindy Olsen Paeroa 'I took my copy of Miranda Bay to Australia with my when I was visiting my daughter I read it and so did she We both thoroughly enjoyed it' M Forrester Retiree Dunedin I loved the book so much it's now doing the rounds of my sisters We all want to know Is there a seuel? If not there should be'Nina Business Woman Auckland'Amazing There is a whole person in there I could hear their voice all the time I was reading Very interesting read One part I particularly liked was the ending referring to the last chapters where that creep's character was amazingly dissected Great depth and insight I thought Also cleverly ended to get you to read the seuel Congratulations Susan Tarr Maura Young Teacher New Plymouth

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    “Miranda Bay” by Susan Tarr is a wonderful little gem of contemporary fiction Knowing the author from her rather serious historical novel I was pleased how she managed to weave depth and emotional undertones into a mostly humorous and light hearted readThe plot Miranda decides to invest in a beach resort but the realisation of her dream is far from rosy Obstacles need to be overcome by our head strong heroine and her cousin PansyOut of their depth with the business side of things and many other problems the book provides great entertainment in form of situational humour but it also has some fascinating characters you will end up caring and rooting for A very compelling and enjoyable read

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    “Miranda Bay” by Susan Tarr is a beautiful story by a very talented author who knows how to pen an intriguing tale She writes about human issues and shares real life raw feelings This story has heart and pulled me right in with the light heartedness and the moments that sent me into the chuckles This is an offbeat story that has a eccentric main character that I fell in love with It’s a real uplift that I enjoyed from start to finish I devoured this in one afternoon The New Zealand landscaping was a real treat Which for me was the best escapeI don’t know who would not appreciate Miranda Bay It’s well written and inspiring There is depth to this story that touched me Highly recommend

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    Well what a book From start to finish reeling with every twist and turn the reader never knows how Miranda Poole’s day to day running of her ‘resort’ is going to end for her or her guests poor fools Resort savvy guests wisely leave very uickly without so much as a backward glance after taking one look at the ramshackle ex sanatorium Miranda has invested her life savings inI love author Susan Tarr’s characterisations She obviously has an in depth knowledge of what makes people tick in any given situation without being over emotive or too over the top to be believable In other words the author has a genuine understanding of the width and breadth of human natureI particularly relished New Zealand flavours throughout the saga Auckland’s ueen Street Pohutukawa trees sandy beaches and flax stands to name but a few They paint a vibrant background canvas for characters like Neville Sykes Jack the wavering priest Hamilton Sofbotham the colourful staff all who conspire to make Miranda’s venture like a roller coaster ride than a prime of life experience And then there are the paying guests Enough saidMiranda’s binge drinking increases as her debts pile up But everything is exasperated by Hamilton’s obsession with her and his constant demeaning of her ability to run the resort Depression causes her to withdraw suppressing her once bubbly personality Her cousin and best friend Pansy Poole gradually takes over most of the management of guests and staff Unfortunately easy going Pansy is fast losing patience with her cousin and their friendship is being thoroughly tested Both miss romance cafés and the excitement of Auckland cityI won’t give away the ending but I will say that it surprised me As the story progresses I was beginning to think Miranda’s uickening downward spiral was going to take her to the nearest psychiatric ward never mind dilapidated sanatoriumBy the way I wouldn’t class this as a Chick Lit novel it’s way too smart and knowing for that sorry chick lit fans To my mind it’s of a 30 something’s catapult into maturity

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    From the thousands of books I have read Miranda Bay is one of the select few that have made a strong impression on me It’s one of the books I want to reread time and time again What I liked most about this book and its characters is their uniueness Miranda Bay is not your average prototype of book with a predictable plot and artificial characters On the contrary our heroine Miranda Poole is the essence of each one of us with very human flaws and ualities She is adventurous determined inventive arrogant funny and kind I’ve rarely identified so much with a book character which makes me wonder if this work is solely fiction I’ve also become very attached to the uiet steady Pansy and the colorful uirky Neville Susan Tarr has a masterful way with crafting words and her smart savvy humor often made me laugh out loud The challenge of transforming a wreck of a place into a modern resort is crazy and exasperating at times and on the whole a fascinating experience spiced up with hilarious scenes that will brighten your day I recommend this book and this author to every reader no matter their age sex or literary preferences Good writing is good writing for all of us and this is definitely one of the best I’ve read

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    This is chick lit and comedy rolled in to one From the outset you are taken on a bit of a mystery tour Following in the footsteps of Miranda You start wondering whether Miranda made the right decision in her purchase of Miranda Bay Oh her woes Being hounded by the loan manager who seems to have an absolute fixation on her The odd characters that she meets Things seem to get worse and worse But there is a happy ending You get to meet characters with odd and uirky habits Apart from Miranda Neville is my favourite The descriptions that the author Susan Tarr uses are so in depth Sometimes an absolute delight There are uite a few twists in this tale Prepare yourself for a most enjoyable read

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    Funny light hearted but emotional read Just loved it