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10 thoughts on “ニシキくんのなすがまま

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    This was the absolute cutest and the art is adorable

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    So this manga was adorable Chii the main female protagonist has to be nice to Ikumi because his father is her father’s boss They met at primary school where Ikumi due to his spoiled and demanding personality got Chii to be his slave Ridding her of all her friends and social life She decides to go to a new high school to be away from him so she can finally have a life Unfortunately being the rich kid that he Full Review HereInsta HereTwitter Here

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    25 It has nice moments but realistically speaking he is toxic af

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    actual rating 45 stars Oh my gosh the hero was so damn beautiful and tsundere everytime he did something my heart would just lurch in my chest I don't know why but his air of personality was really refreshing compared to the cold douche baggy heroes in manga these days He really loved and adored the heroine 3 I liked the short read and was really happy that it wasn't a one shot thank god There wasn't enough time for character development and the two were legit head over heels with each other and the girl was just like any other shoujo manga female protagonist but the reason for the high rating was because the hero made my heart throb at how perfect he was Oh and his fashion sense is so damn freaking hot and cute and nerdy and ohekchjsiakxjw faints Really liked this short manga And I also enjoyed the mangaka's other works as well This one definitely did not dissapoint

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    It progresses too uickly and the characters seem to change somewhat drastically throughout the 4 chapters but it's so gosh darn cute that I don't even feel bad giving it 4 stars

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    Hahaa it was so funnyi luved it Specially the guy

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    SUKAA The art was really good and the illustration about a snake and hedgehog are damn cute

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    Cute even if the love between the couple was uicker then imagined lol

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    A great and uick read when you're in the mode for a cute romance

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    One of my favorite tankoubon 1 book nonseries manga ever Light but with intense lovey dovey scenes are my weakness