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Dropped in the city deposited like so much discarded trash and forbidden to return home Jackie is forced to live on the streets His only hope for survival is Solo a young man who takes Jackie under his wing Their friendship and possibly develops over the weeks that follow until Solo inexplicably disappears

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    If I'm not mistaken Jackie was a minor character in Safe Harbor and it made me happy to see him get his own story First and foremost Mr Kendrick did an excellent job of portraying everyday life of homeless kids and what they have to do in order to survive While realistic and insightful it's also very heartbreaking to read As far as heroes go I thought the author succeeded in development of Jackie's characters As the time passed he became and accustomed to life on the street which was shown not only by acuiring new skills but also by changing his way of seeing things and even by the way he spoke On the minus side I never really got to know Solo I felt like there was not enough of his back story and that left me feeling slightly disappointedBottom line this was a great book Despite its short length and subject matter the story line was entertaining and I closed it with a smile on my face Recommended

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    3 3 12 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsJackie was exiled from his community and is forced to live on the streets struggling to survive Jackie is taught the tricks of the street by Solo who takes Jackie under his wing Jackie and Solo develop a friendship that seems like it could be but then Solo disappears and Jackie plods on with his survival When Solo reappears he has an offer for Jackie that Jackie doesn’t want to refuseThis is a great story of two young men who meet while living on the streets Jackie was tossed aside when he refused to sleep with his communities’ leader now living on the streets of the city he is struggling to survive Solo takes Jackie under his wing teaching him all he needs to know and a friendship develops between them Solo doesn’t hang around though and they see each other in passing When Jackie tells Solo of his previous life it gets Solo thinking and he disappearsI liked this story for its simple storyline of two men struggling on the streets and trying to make their lives better Jackie is a really nice character who has been dealt a rough hand and is now learning to live on the streets Solo is a nice character who ran away from home and is living off the grid he has his own secrets and when he meets Jackie it sets him to make some long term decisions They fit uite well together but neither knows what to expect Their friendship starts out as support for another homeless man and Solo always manages to help whenever he can their attraction isn’t instant but develops well Solo’s secret is a surprise but works well and their relationship jumps forward when neither of them has to worry about the streets and safety I recommend this to those who love struggling young men finding their way discovering love in friendship and a happy ending that is uite pleasing

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    Jackie has been dropped off in the city with nothing but the clothes on his back He has led a very sheltered life until now and is forced to try to fend for himself in a city he never had been to before Solo is living off the grid and likes to be alone hence the nameThis is a very sweet story of two boys trying to make a living It’s a tough world and Jackie wants to try to live right This is a very bittersweet story and I felt beautifully written Once I started I couldn’t stop Unlike a lot of really short stories it didn’t feel rushed and the ending was very good I loved itRecommendations If you like a story of a person down and out trying to live off the grid sad stories with a pretty happy ending and young love this is for you

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