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What could be heady than the surrender of a powerfully dominant woman?Dom Damien Lowell has always respected Domme Catrina Davidson He likes the way she interacts with her subs confident kind firm And for years he’s fantasised about her submitting to him What could be hotter than having the sexy Domme suirming beneath his lash?One evening Damien challenges her saying she’d be a much better Domme if she experienced submissionto himCatrina doesn’t have a single submissive tendency But she’s oh so turned on when she watches a sub respond to him A secret part of her is intrigued and she asks herself what harm can come from giving him two weeks?Over the next fortnight she is introduced to the pleasures and perils of servitude She has to admit that he’s right—her understanding of submission is deeper profound than it would have been otherwise But the private experiences they share in the Den leave her emotionally shattered making her uestion everything she thought she knewIn her uniue way Catrina too challenges Damien forcing him to grow as a Dom and he wonders how the hell he’ll ever be able to let her go

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    It is vexing when a Domme in a story is forced into seeing she's really a submissive not a dominant It is aggravating because it sends an insidious message that females are not really dominant They are hiding their submission behind a cold disengaged facade What it implies is the females become a dominatrix because she's either been rejected by a male or some other newfangled first world trumped up psychological disorder In this story it's the former I'm feeling mixed about IN THE DENCatrina Davidson is a much sought after Domme She's really of a Top than a Domme when a reader observes her interactions with her male bottoms She is emotionally detached She only services their sexual needs This to me generally denotes service Top She doesn't need or care for the intimacy or erotic power exchange based on trust and understanding Instead it's focused on the physical acts which result in mutual satisfaction There is nothing wrong with this Many people enjoy this and it can be plenty fun Catrina's world is shifted when Damien Lowell alpha Dom of this private BDSM club set his sights on herLet's stop for a moment If this was reversed and a Domme were to approach a Dom out of the blue telling them that they are really submissive at heart how do we think this would go over? Since Catrina didn't initiate the desire to test out the submissive side of the lifestyle we'll go with the comparison of a Domme aggressively going after a well known Dom and sticking a finger up his ass to entice him to submissionAm I the only one that finds this offensive? It's not that I have a problem with people switching I'm a switch However I prefer the dominant person to initiate the submissive contract The way it's presented here Damien is the know it all dominant who sees who Catrina really is which is a submissiveDespite the distaste left in my mouth from this premise the BDSM is very good Ms Cartwright does an excellent job of showing the difference between Ds and Topbottom Although she does put Toppingbottoming in negative slant the actions are still well demonstratedDamien is uite good at how to build trust into a relationship He opens Catrina's eyes to what she's missing in her life Damien's playfulness and how he keeps Catrina in an erotic haze is exuisite I can work anywhere just like Catrina I own a laptop and will travel Damien creating a workspace for Catrina so he can intermingle BDSM throughout the workday is fabulous It's a working submissive's fantasy come true For me it would be heaven Just as everything seems to be going so well Damien makes a faux pas which costs him uite a bit This is a nice realistic touch It makes Damien human than a fantasy perfect loverThis Ds romance is recommended to those who want to see intimacy developed in a Ds relationship

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    Catrina is a Domme She's a long time respected member of her local BDSM club the Den she has plenty of play partners and though she may occasionally have some twinges about the lack of emotional connection in life by and large she seems pretty content with her lot Damien is a Dom in fact the Dom the owner of the Den In the early scenes narrated from his POV he mentions that the Den doesn't have a lot of Dommes but that he has totes respect for those there are and he'd never ever ever try to undermine their authority by treating them like subs but he has horny pants for Cat and he's The Dom so yeah He asks her to sub for him She tells him to fuck off He asks her pretty pretty please and says it'll make her a better domme when the experiment is over She says fuck off but starts to think well maybe He gets all masterful and sexy and shit and her resolve weakens because she's a girl right and all girls secretly want to be dominated of course and so she agrees to be his sub for two weeks Then though she starts the two week experiment totally planning to go back to being the dominant when it's over they predictably start to fall in lurve and she starts to wake up to the glory of submission while Damien doesn't compromise at all sometimes he thinks about how dickish he's being and how he really ought to be decent but then somehow he's all nah until by the end of the book she's not interested in dominating men any and he's the Best Dom Ever Fuck that shit

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    A BEST BOOK RATING Sometimes after several books an author’s writing uality starts to decrease That’s not the case with In the Den by Sierra Cartwright In this novel book 6 of the Mastered series Ms Cartwright delivers a fascinating story that sucked me right in from page onePersonally I don’t think it’s necessary to read the rest of the series before this one but I highly recommend it as it’s nice to recognize some old characters and to get to know the mysterious owner of the Den Damien Lowell from the startThe overall plot might not be innovative but Cartwright’s writing is wonderful The words flow easily and as with earlier books I was seduced into the world she creates Also as I’ve mentioned in other reviews she has a knack of teaching about the BDSM lifestyle through her books without detracting from the erotic without making it seem like an actual lesson Everything seems natural and the story rolls effortlesslyThough In the Den is erotic beyond any words I could write here what really makes it a great read is the love story between the characters It was emotional heady full of unexpected little paths that left me wondering if they’d make in the end After all Damien was not falling for any girl The woman to whom he had decided to dedicate all his affections was none other than the respected Domme Catrina DavidsonInitially I was a bit hesitant about Catrina becoming a submissive After all she was a Domme had been since forever and that made her awesome to my eyes Nevertheless this was also precisely why I was intrigued How the hell was Damien going to bend her to his will? It would have definitely been very interesting to read if it had been done the other way Catrina dominating Damien but Ms Cartwright still caught me up in the intricate romance that bloomed between these twoAnd romance it wasDamien is not only old world manners good looking intelligent and wealthy He’s seduction on two feet and he snuggles He knows what he wants and he goes after it without hesitating but when it comes to love it was interesting to see a different side of Damien I knew he was in love long before he figured it outCatrina is Damien’s eual in everything More than once I found myself wondering what it would be like to be under her scrutinizing wide eyed gaze The path that Damien leads her into was not easy to watch More than once I found myself holding back tears with her struggling with every step of wanting to submit but not uite getting there yetThere is little I can say about the sex it is amazing scorching sizzling The chemistry between the characters is off the charts I’m still reliving that first kiss in my mind or the coffee table sceneAll in all In The Den is a great novel which I’ve already read twice and I know I will read again and again

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    Ahhh finally Damien's story Damien We've watched him strong and silent but ever present through 5 books so it was a fitting end to this series for him to finally stand in the spotlight and shine in this bookThe strong Dom and the strong Domme It was a novel concept And I liked that she was willing to see it from the other side to take it as a learning experience Little did she know that when she went to Master Damien of her own free will after their talk that she would learn so much than she bargained for I enjoyed the way she embraced being a submissive even when she struggled a bit internally I liked this final chapter in the series but I felt that there were some things left out of the story making the ending feel a little rushed I would however recommend it to anyone interested in this genre While I love reading a series from start to finish this is one of those that each book could be a standalone even though each book is centered around The Den there is enough information in each book to not have to read the other 5 although I highly recommend it Especially the first book With This Collar My favorite book in this entire seriesOutside of the 2 main characters Master Damien and Catrina the one character that has been a constant in each book was Gregorio and I enjoyed his character in each of the 6 books Would love to see him have a book of his own at some point hint hint Ms Cartwright This book rates a solid 4 stars

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    This book is the sixth and final book in the Mastered series by Sierra Cartwright and like all the previous books it is remarkable in its description of the BDSM lifestyle and the great storyline of the book I have gone on and on in my previous reviews of the books in this series so I won't bore you with another lengthy review Please see my previous reviews of the other books in this series I think this is one of the best BDSM romance series that I have read particularly if you are new to the genre or lifestyle Another great book by Sierra Cartwright

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    This was one of my favs in the series Loved the Big Bad Dom Loved that she had such inner turmoil to find her inner submissive Definitely worth the read I will read

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    35 I liked this but I feel a little conflicted I think maybe I would like to read a book about another domme to compare and come back to this review at a later time

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    I’ve been waiting for Master Damien’s story and holy hell it was hotWith both making decisions about love in their future based on events in their past Damien and Catrina had so much to learn about themselves When Master Damien propositions Catrina a Domme to spend two weeks as his submissive—to learn how to better support her subs she’s intrigued about the Dom and the man Granted they’re both attracted to each other but two Dominants don’t make a coupleor do they?Outside of the explosive sex between them Damien and Catrina actually enjoy each other’s company Though they’re fighting the inevitable it’s wonderful to tag along on their very erotic journey Damien wonders who’s mastering who because he seems to lose control when he’s near Catrina There’s something about the feisty strong willed Domme who has turned his life upside downCatrina is kind of in the same boat She figured two weeks would be enough time to get Damien out of her system—along with a LOT of orgasms She realizes she’s underestimated the mysterious DomI loved their story so much I had to read the last chapter again I absolutely love this series and this story Now I’m impatiently waiting for Gregorio’s story That one should be a doozy

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    I am so glad Damien got own story Up to this point in the series we've only caught glimpses of who he is He is a Dominant through and through strong resolute perceptive caring Catrina is a Domme who's totally in control of herself at all times She's cautious unbending distrustful and alone Damien issues a challenge Be his sub for two weeks if for no other reason than making her a better Domme What develops is something neither one of them saw coming

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    Finally Master Damien gets a book He falls for Mistress Catrina In The Den you learn a ton about Catrina a little about Damien and much about them together I like Damien Out of all of the books in the series he's my second favorite with Marcus being the first Great addition to the series and one I thoroughly enjoyed