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There are ten rules to a summer flingRule one if he doesn’t belong to the country club he doesn’t belong in your pantsRule two never say the L word unless it’s loser and you’re kicking his butt to the curbRule three no eating off each other’s plates So that means if he was mine last summer you will avoid himRule four ho’s before bros If I call shotgun you leave him the hell aloneRule five see rule four don’t try to date my brother or Aubrey’s or Claire’s or Rachel’s I saw his junk when we were kids I don’t want to hear your filthy summer sexcapades and imagine it’s himRule six everything has an expiry date from tan lotion to condoms to boys We do not go to university this fall with the boy we let dry hump us at promRule seven condoms are your friend at the party but the pill is the bouncer You need that at every partyRule eight we don’t pay for anything ever If I hear you went Dutch you are outRule nine there are two kinds of boys in this world The kind you let take you out for dinner and then there are the ones you let take you in the backseat of their car Try not to confuse them or get caught If you get caught slumming you’re outRule ten end it nicely on August 31st This date is not an option or possibility it’s firm and setSome rules are made to be brokenLet the summer begin

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