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Spineward Sectors Series Book Four Admiral's TrailBound Tortured and eventually Gagged during the trial of his life it soon becomes abundantly clear that no one wants to hear what Jason Montagne the media’s newly minted ‘Tyrant of Cold Space has to say in his own defense Pirate kings power hungry ambassadors and scheming sector officials are all determined to bend him to their willWith the deck stacked against him at every turn Jason Montagne prepares to throw himself in front of the firing line this time to save the ragged remains of his loyal crew Convinced he is a complete and utter failure as an Admiral he is determined to not fail his loyal men and women againUnfortunately for the Little Admiral and the Government that would turn him into a convenient scapegoat a certain old Engineer isn’t concerned with anyone else’s agenda His beloved Clover is missing and he’s got a bone to pick with the man who lost her As far as he’s concerned facing overwhelming forces on an impossible mission is all in a day’s work for a man who has already spat in the demon’s eyeSaint Murphy help us

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    The admiral is backThe admiral is back and looking for revenge His crew never gave up and together they have rescued the imprisoned mates Looking forward to seeing what happens next

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    Excellent StorySpun from a number of seemingly random threads the author masterfully weaves a captivating tapestry that will leave the reader again slightly breathless with this rollercoaster of a series Definitely recommend now on to book 5

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    All around a very good bookPros More of the same goodness as previous books from this authorCons Somewhat cliche regarding development of main charactersComments Read it twice about to read it a 3rd time

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    better than part 3 but not as good as the first one

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    I really struggled with this book in the Spineward Sector Series Jason gets caught nearly killed a bunch of times and tortured a few times and has to watch the torture of his crew and then is put on trial with a monkey court It frustrated me to the point of being well written but I couldn't really handle the torture and all the BAD STUFF THAT KEPT ON HAPPENING Without a breather either It wasn't crazy overboard just really hard to hold my attentionSecondary characters featured strongly in this book as well but I was interested in our MC than anyone Except Spalding have plenty of time for the chief engineer

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    This is the most gritty book I've read so far of the series yet I don't feel it is executed all that well The hopelessness and nail biting has gone on for uite some time and it makes this a slog to get through

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    terrible grammar