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The House of Sö’ has been at war with the Zelinites for nearly a thousand years and there have been many battles fought many victories and costly losses on both sides The Zelinite struggle for power and control over the home planet of Ackturra is one that cannot be lost for Ackturra has one great treasure that is within the Mountains; the power crystals These ancient crystals and their secrets are only fully understood by those who are in possession of a power crystal It is these power crystals and their essence within that gave Ackturrians their extended life expectancy The Crystal Mountains have been restricted to everyone with the exception of the few members of the high council If a power crystal were to fall into the enemy hands of the Zelinites the war would surely be lost Jhahnahkan has returned from the outer rim on a mission to find allies to help them with their failing war with the Zelinites He has been given the honor of a seat on the high council next to his power hungry and jealous brother Every council member has taken possession of a power crystal only found on Ackturra These power crystals give the user special abilities but Jhahnahkan senses that there is something about them that doesn’t seem right Jhahnahkan must discover the hidden secrets in order to overcome the evil that is upon them Will he uncover the Secret of the Crystal before his evil brother takes over the high council and launches genocide on the Zelinites? Brian Larson dramatically depicts a magical world in this epic story of good versus evil Join Jhahnahkan in the amazing adventure of Secret of the Crystal Brian Larson received his master’s in business administration He works as a regional service technical delivery manager for a large computer manufacturer His passion for writing gave him the strength to work through his dyslexia to write this novel Brian lives with his wife Diana in the state of Washington Learn at

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    As a lover of sci fi it can be overwhelming how many new sci fifantasy books are published So when I get a chance to win a sci fi book I jump at the chance I am always a bit skeptical of new authors But I was not disappointed The action was fast paced the worlds well thought out and creatively written I was pleasantly surprised with this novel

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    I received this copy through Goodreads First ReadsI really liked this until just before the end when it got super unrealistic I know what he was trying to do with the Terrains being naturally receptical but I needed something extra when they got onto a spaceship and knew what to do The suddenness of John and Kate made me roll my eyes The two bully bikers' sudden change made me roll my eyes He must not know any bikers because they are truly all really sweet grandpas ; Haha Joking I also dislike the sudden end and ALL THE TYPOS Did someone read this before being sent to publishing? Didn't feel like it I wanted to mark all the mistakes and send it back hahaGood story though Good pace I would like to see how the whole story arc is resolved because nothing really was resolved especially since they screwed up their timeline Good sci fi mixed with fantasy Good background Good plot Good mix of characters Up to the last few chapters I was going with four stars The last few chapters would've gotten three stars It feels unfinished and now I'll just be wondering what happened

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    Another finished ages back and forgotten to update

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    This is a sci fi novel with all the ingredients you could ask for a future thousands of years away in a far away galaxy; aliens with all sorts of odd dietary reuirements; intergalactic war fare; travel through space and time with the help of a vortex and a sleepy Mid West town in 1983 Two brothers belonging to the power wielding class are locked in combat caused by the power crystals that are infected by evil The evil brother kills their father to seize power and the good brother is sent back to 1983 and his grandmother and a uest to save the crystals without changing historyThis was not my book at all; it was full of technical details and none of the characters managed to come alive The plot was presented in a very straight forward way so there were no surprises and no cliff hanger moments to liven up the pages I really struggle to not like a book I read as I feel they deserve to be liked if only for all the hard work that went into their creation but this time I must admit defeat But then the truth is that we all like different books and I am sure this novel has and will find an audience that will see its good sides The secret of the Crystal is the first in a series

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    Secret of the Crystal by Brian K Larson is an action packed fast paced adventure combining time travel space opera and fantasy Once I started reading the book it was hard to put it downThe author did a great job of weaving a tale of adventure across time and space The story was full of twist and turns which kept me glue to it but it was easy to read and follow I found myself getting absorbed into the adventure and this makes a book all the enjoyableBrian K Larson did an excellent job of developing characters that were both real and easy to identify with His storytelling style gave plenty of information on the backgrounds and storylines of each character This helped bring them and the story to life I really like Secret of the Crystal by Brian K Larson and highly recommend this book to all readersPlease note I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    I really liked the descriptions of the spaceships and space encounters The main character's sister Tamika was my favorite character at the beginning chapters when she lead her own ship to fight the Zelinites I thought she would be of great help to John but turned out to be a threat There's definitely a lot of twists and turns in this story that will either confuse you or feed your curiosity to read further I did find Katie John's love affair too sudden unrealistic and awkward to read I found myself skimming over those parts I discovered some typos that are distracting at times and wished it wasn't there Might read the second book since I'm curious on the story's resolution but it won't be on top of my list

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    A sci fi novel With all the right ingredients A future thousands of years away in a far off galaxy ALIENS intergalatic Warfare traveling through time and space using a Vortex and a sleepy mid west town in 1983 Two Brothers who belong to the power wielding class are locked in combat over the power crystals which are infected by evil The evil brother kills the father to seize power The good brother is sent back to his grandmother in 1983 he is on a uest to save the crystals with out changing history A lot of twists and turns A little hard to follow at times But a good story if you enjoy sci fi