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In this novella Midnight the Rescue Panther with some help from his human Keith Nichols makes his writing debut Two kittens have gone missing in Cat Land and it is up to Midnight the Detective and his partner Ghost to find them But as they close one case they find a sinister plot to take control of all Cat Land Now it is up to Midnight and his friends to stop the evil ueen and save Cat Land Come join the fun the chase and the excitement

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    This book is an example of why writers should not self publish I downloaded the book as part of the Kindle Lending Library because it had 56 five star reviews on and it was a book about cats Lovely Images of Cleveland Amory's endearing cat books danced through my head as I sat down to read Cat Land The second sentence of the Prologue gave me the first clue something was amiss when the author first states that the other cats sat on the beach and watched himbut then goes on to write that Some chased crabs Which was it? All the other cats or some of the cats sat on the beach? Okay maybe it's me being dense My second clue still in the first paragraph of the Prologue was the misspelling of the word anywhere as any where But the third mistake in this first paragraph clinched it for me and some of those cat's friends come on board it should have been cats' friends And don't get me started on the misuse of commas the run on sentenceparagraph or the inconsistent and sometimes incorrect capitalization This book was clearly published by someone who failed to hire a copy editor or even a proofreader to review the book The grammatical and writing errors were too great for me to want to read any further than the Prologue His bio even has a spelling error it's losing his hair not loosing his hair I can only assume the 56 rave reviews were written by friends and family who either didn't really read the book didn't have the heart to point out the egregious errors or weren't educated enough to realize how poorly written this book is I'm glad I didn't pay money for this book I apologize for being so harsh but I don't want children or anyone for that matter reading this kind of book and thinking this is good writing

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    Midnight and Smoke are two detectives in Cat Land We start the story when Dusty comes to their office and says that two kittens that she has been watching since their mother disappeared have gone missing Although the kittens are found uickly there is than a simple disappearance in the air A strange Red Devil is seen that taunts Midnight and SmokeBut when they stumble upon battle rats the detectives know that they are getting into the middle of something serious It seems like former ueen Cocoa is back from her banishment and plans on taking over Cat Land once again with the help of her battle rats With the help of an unknown prince Midnight and all of his friends are going to do what they can to keep that from happeningI admit I am a follower of Midnight the Rescue Panther on Facebook I bought this book because they advertised it and I’m glad that I did I also follow about half of the other cats that are talked about in the story It was great to see them all coming together in their own little story Yes I will admit it when I read about Dozer Mason Kitty I was crying since I was follow him alsoThis is a great story Kids through adults will like it It’s just makes it much special when you follow them on Facebook You really learn the purrsonalities of the real life cats This is a great story that you don’t want to miss I can’t wait for the next book in the saga Also check out the small story Rosie’s Wish

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    Fabulous Great novella with themes of friendship loyalty and trust There is humor aplenty in the character's interactions as they proceed in their honorable uest to save their homeland This is a perfect choice for a parent to read with their children or eually as perfect a choice for an adult to read for the pure enjoyment I adored this book and read it straight through in one sitting

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    This book is awesome Great story of good and evil and friendship and lovebut with cats as the characters What makes it extra special is that these cats really exist You can follow Midnight Rosie Camille Ameliaand Ghost on Facebook And Mason Dozer Kittywho does at 6 weeks from illness is alive in this book Made me smile and cry Recommend And follow Midnight the Rescue Panther on Facebook You will laugh

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    An excellent story of love friendship and family Most if not all of the characters are on Facebook and are real cats It's good to see little Mason Dozer Kitty memorialized ♥

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    Pawesome Can't wait for

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    A very entertaining book