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Non hanno neanche il tempo di fare conoscenza i nuovi investigatori del commissariato di Pizzofalcone Mandati a sostituire altri poliziotti colpevoli di un grave reato devono subito affrontare un delicato caso di omicidio nell'alta società Le indagini vengono affidate all'uomo di punta della suadra l'ispettore Giuseppe Lojacono siciliano con un passato chiacchierato ma reduce dal successo nella caccia a un misterioso assassino il Coccodrillo che per giorni ha precipitato Napoli nel terrore E mentre Lojacono assistito dal bizzarro agente scelto Aragona si sposta tra gli appartamenti sul lungomare e i circoli nautici della città suassata da una burrasca fuori stagione i suoi colleghi Romano e Di Nardo cercano di scoprire come mai una giovane bellissima ragazza non esca mai di casa e il vecchio Pisanelli insegue la propria ossessione per una serie di suicidi sospetti

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    I never pre order books from I can usually find a copy of even the latest publications through interlibrary loan But for this series I didn't want to take a chance I ordered Book 2 The Bastards of Pizzofalcone right after I read the first book in the series The Crocodile and it arrived on the first day April 5 It did not disappoint When I first began reading I found myself comparing this series to de Giovanni's historical Commissario Ricciardi series set in 1930s Naples but that's unfair Like Carlo Lucarelli who has written both historical and contemporary mysteries de Giovanni can do it all In Book 1 I found myself missing de Giovanni's evocative portrayal of Naples It's pervasive in the Ricciardi series But in Book 2 it's back As displaced Inspector Lojacono begins to feel at home in Naples de Giovanni brings it to life for the reader It's March The wind and rain are lashing the city flooding the streets and roiling the Bay of Naples At the beginning of the book Lojacano is transferred to a new precinct called Pizzofalcone There has been a police scandal in the precinct so four new detectives are brought in but they are all problem cops of one sort or another including Lojacano But he has a secret weapon The beautiful and brilliant Magistrate Laura Piras trusts and admires his abilities as a police detective And she also has a personal interest in him De Giovanni excels in character development but he also writes beautifully plotted police procedurals I have read so many of his books now everything available in English translation that I actually solved the central mystery the murder of a Naples socialist married to a philandering notary Of course he's the prime suspect but it seems unlikely that he did it But who? The victim is a beloved recluse There are also two sub plots one about a young woman who may be the victim of human trafficking; and another a series of suicides that duty captain Giorgio Pisanelli one of the existing officers at Pizzofalcone is convinced are murders Giorgio has a very sad backstory but he's an example of a secondary character that de Giovanni brings to life in a few short pages And Pisanelli needs to confide his suspicions about the suicides to Lojacano Book 3? For anyone who read The Crocodile and found it a bit too dark this book is very different De Giovanni is focused on introducing his new cast of characters The Bastards of Pizzofalcone who bristle at that characterization in the beginning but wear it as a badge of honor by the endFor those readers addicted to the Commissario Ricciardi series as I am there's a nod to Ricciardi in the book Lojacano walked over to the spot on the carpet marred by the dark stain He wondered what the signora might have been thinking right before she died That would have been useful to know the last fleeting thought before the darkness of night Who could say whether she'd thought of love if she'd remembered something someone If she'd been surprised by love 138I anxiously await the translation of Book 3 Buio per i Bastardi di Pizzofalcone Once again calling Europa Editions Your World Noir series is wonderful And thanks for giving us Elena Ferrante too

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    Genuinely engagig and beautifully written crime drama Full review to follow

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    Crime fiction isn't my usual choice but I've been reading Italian literature in the past week and since this is also set in Naples and came from Europa Editions I decided to take a break from the literary style and read this novel classified as 'world noir' a tribute and new imprint dedicated to the best in international crime fictionA uick look up talls me that noir fiction has its roots in hard boiled fiction a tough unsentimental style American of crime writing where the protagonist is often an outcast alienatedIn fact the entire team at the Pizzofalcone precinct in Naples fit that mould the place was about to be closed down due to the entire previous investigative branch on suspension due to being implicated in a crime the precinct may still be shut down depending on how this new team of misfits work together and whether they succeedAll of them have been transferred from their previous workplaces renegades who are unwelcome where they currently are involved in some kind of misdemeanour although in the case of Inspector Lojacano who becomes the lead investigator of the new murder case he was both specially reuested due to his reputation and passed on without regret due to allegations of corruption that have tainted and alienated him since he showed everyone up in his last case by solving it while everyone else was looking in a different directionHe is new to Naples he has a teenage daughter he is worried about a pizza waitress who is eyeing him up and a high ranking magistrate whom he daydreams inappropriately ofThe wife of a notary is found dead in their apartment with no forced entry and so they set to and investigate introducing us to various elements of working and non working Neapolitan life including an elderly woman who sits at her window all day every day and is suspicious about the new occupant of an apartment opposite her a beautiful young woman also never leaves her apartmentWe are also introduced to the obsession of the policemen Giorgio Pisanelli who collects information about all the recent suicides in the precinct convinced there is a connection between them and that they are not suicidesIt's a reasonably paced intriguing read with some alternate chapters written in italics portraying characters who may be suspects characters who are indeed trying to hide something so this narrative adds to the mystery and has the reader trying to guess who it might beI actually really enjoyed it because even though I didn't guess the great revelation at the end I appreciated that it wasn't overly full of twists and neither was it completely obviousThe team made interesting and slightly uirky characters that should continue since the resolution of this crime should serve to keep the precinct open and these loners seem to make a good team

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    This novel in a way reminded me of Joseph Wambaugh's Hollywood series but when I flipped to the acknowledgments one of the first is Ed McBain and things fell into place in my mind I haven't read any of McBain's 87th Precinct series but I have a knowledge of them and can see how this book is related and inspired by itThe Bastards of Pizzofalcone are the assorted odds and ends of the Naples police force who have been sent to the Pizzofalcone precinct after the four leading detectives there are found to be corrupt and dealing drugs that they failed to log as evidence The main character is Giuseppe Lojacono who had his own novel The Crocodile which is uickly summarised in the opening chapters and he joins Commissario Palma the cheery boss Aragona the flashy kid in the position due to nepotism Romano the hothead Di Nardo the gloomy gun nut Pisanelli the veteran with an interesting theory and Calabrese the IT expert with a complicated home life Each character gets their turn in the spotlight as we are invited to see their lives away from the stationAmongst this there are several mysteries to be investigated most pertinently the locked room murder of a 60 ish year old woman which plays out across the novel It's almost a routine mystery in a way but I feel de Giovanni uses the small mysteries well in order to establish his characters for the seuels to come The first seuel has already been published and I look forward to getting to it soonIn many ways the characters and plot are not something new and original but de Giovanni is an expert at what he does and manages to get you to care for the characters and their lives and what may be in store for them going forward

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    Unlike de Giovanni’s Riccardi novels which are set in the 1930s this is a standalone and much recent crime story but again set in Naples It also isn’t hard boiled noir as some of the media reviews say but a straight forward police procedural The book starts as 4 new officers have been appointed to the Naples precinct of Pizzofalcone following a corruption scandal after which much of their force were relieved of their positions including their Chief The precinct has a dreadful reputation therefore and the threat of closure unless it produces immediate results The murder of an older woman with an estranged marriage in her apartment gives them the opportunity It’s certainly of interest with convincing characters and an appealing backdrop but it isn’t uite what I was hoping for

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    Thriller set in NAPLESThe Bastards of Pizzofalcone is a page turning thriller – very firmly set in modern day Naples A city that is corrupt and crime filled but still remarkably lovable The book captures the atmosphere from the back street restaurants to the slums – all set against the seemingly incessant rain and the blowing of sea water onto the landThe Pizzofalcone precinct police office has a complete new personnel base – and is very much ‘on probation’ The previous incumbents were all cleared out after a major corruption scandal The new suad is a very curious mix of misfits – all moved from their existing roles to Pizzofalcone because of assorted misconduct and misunderstandings A kind of punishment detail heading for a place where no one wishes to be One is trigger happy one has an uncontrollable right hand that lashes out at anybody – you get the idea Yet somehow Commissario Palma manages to make a crime fighting force out of them Detective Lojacono is the brightest spark – an intuitive detective who has fallen out with his superiorsA brutal murder happens on their patch and Lojacono leads the investigations The rich charity focussed wife of a very successful lawyer is killed in her apartment – the weapon is a snow globe you know where you turn it upside down and shake the fake snow onto the scene The victim has something of a fetish for collecting such items Her husband away on a weekend with his mistress and no witnesses is the obvious key suspectThe story is cleverly crafted and leads to a denouement that is both surprising and – if you follow the clues which I went back to with hindsight after I had read the book – also uite believable A nice and precisely woven plot The relationships between Lojacono and his partner Aragona and the investigating magistrate Laura Piras are well drawn and work well at the human level There is a good feel to the bookThe Bastards of Pizzofalcone is the ninth Naples mystery written by De Giovanni Seven of them are in the acclaimed and very successful Commissario Ricciardi series – two including Bastards are stand alone This is the first I have read but hopefully not the last They all I am told really bring Naples to lifeI have just one uite minor uibble with the publishers and publicists The book is described as ‘noir’ – but this is not the adjective that I would use It has become somewhat overworked since the Scandinavian successes in the genre ‘Noir’ has oddly to be really black and brutal – it is intended to shock The Bastards of Pizzofalcone is a really good and exciting read – but ‘noir’ it is not

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    I found this series in a little Italian American bookstore in Boston while there for work and was really excited to give it a try Maybe The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has ruined me from liking other works of this genre but I was really disappointed by The Bastards of PizzofalconeFirst it was a very typical storyline with almost no twists or turns no big reveals no surprises It was all very expected The author did attempt to establish several subplots which may turn into something in subseuent books but they just weren't interesting enough to make me want to read anySecond the translation itself bugged me It seemed like after being translated it never went through a review or was edited There were just lots of mistakes and those were distractingLast and this one is related to my first complaint the book didn't bring anything new to the table I get that a lot of books are just mass books with no real point of view and those have a place but I still want to walk away from a book with something new whether it be a different way to view certain events or people or excited or angry about something But this book did none of thatFor those that liked it I just don't see why I kept waiting for this book to do something and it never did

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    A recent drug scandal in the Pizzofalcone district of Naples has resulted in the arrest of four police officers Amidst talk of closing the precinct entirely the administration us throwing one last lifeline Law enforcement officials have selected four new police officers to replace the corrupt ones Each of the new officers has a problem that made them persona non grata at their old jobs including the star of this series Sicilian Lieutenant Giuseppe Lojacono who recently captured a serial killer in The Crocodile Cecilia De Santis has been found bludgeoned to death with a snow globe from her huge collection She came from a wealthy family and her husband is a well known notary There doesn't seem to be any clues at the crime scene but Lojacono teamed with another rogue detective is able to put together a series of people to uestion which eventually leads to a list of possible suspects Meanwhile the other two detectives are investigating a complaint from an old woman that her young and beautiful neighbor never answers the door or leaves her apartment I'm a huge fan of Maurizio de Giovanni’s Commissairio Ricciardi series set in fascist Italy of the 1930s He is probably my favorite crime novelist Lojacono is a completely different protagonist than Ricciardi but they have some things in common that make them a fascinating change from the usual police procedural This series reminds me a bit of Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels where the main characters work as a team rather than the lone wolf style mysteries that are usually popular I love the setting of Naples and the misfit Bastards of Pizzofalcone each of whom is richly developed I just picked up book 3 – Darkness for the Bastards of Pizzofalcone and can't wait to read what happens next to this interesting group

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    An Italian police procedural set in Naples this book follows an ensemble cast of detectives all misfits banished to a district disgraced by scandal as they delve into a high profile killing and miscellaneous other cases in an attempt to stave off redistricting The author cites Ed McBain in the acknowledgments and the resemblances to the 87th Precinct are plain The main case is the murder of the wife of a wealthy official slain in a home invasion The husband is a philanderer with an ambitious mistress and he has no alibi The Bastards are on the case Corrupt and teeming Naples is vividly portrayed and the personal lives of the detectives are explored along with the professional It is apparently the second book of a series and the author has written others; I will look for them Like many translations this one is a touch on the stiff side; I suspect the original Italian dialogue had color and nuance But that's the toughest part of translation; overall this one is clear and expressive making for an entertaining read

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    Three and a half stars Good story very interesting characters all of them but what happened? The killer was identified and confessed this disparate bunch of police inspectors the bastards of the title celebrated in a restaurant and coalesced as a team over their success and competency and crash down came the final curtain for an abrupt and incomprehensible ending Is this a teaser ending? A tune in for the next installment to find out what happens to ?A few story lines seemed to be leading somewhere; instead they simply disappeared