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Why is San Miguel de Allende known as one of the most fascinating towns in the world? In a high powered collection of tales spanning than forty years the outrageous literary raconteur Alice Denham answers that uestion With a pen already well sharpened by her celebrated tell all memoir Sleeping With Bad Boys Denham tells yet and and about hippies forcibly shorn of their manes womanizing drug dealers police torture gorgeous bullfighters martyred laborers good hearted murderers black hearted saints international sex and romance both gay and straight with rape incest brutality infidelity betrayal kindness loyalty generosity heroism family love and abiding friendship in the mix You may have read books about Mexico and even about San Miguel but you've never read one like this Secrets of San Miguel opens a Pandora's box of wild wicked scandalous funny and heartbreaking tales about a Mexican town long known both for its beauty and the day to day misadventures of its artists writers expatriates and locals by an author who was there for it all

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    while the book was basically well written the repetition of the authors unending conuests became tiresome I enjoyed the snippets of San Miguel and of the local characters and color

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    'Pregnant with her fifth at twenty four?' Mexico was drenched drowning choked in fertility Among the poorest eight children was average Blame machismo blame Catholicism blame poverty Blame the richA la Taos Santa Fe; San Miguel Mexico is a farther out haven for American artists writers and such cultural elite Alice Denham talks mainly about her fellow free spirits with sexual candor and nonchalance More valuably she paints a picture of Mexico with various vignettes and factual stats Her style is sizzling an excellent ear for the catchy soundbytes and uotable uotes There are the nice things about San Miguel but also the gross One has to be prepared for graphically described sexual abuse What's the worst you can imagine about depraved gringos who want to adopt nine year old girls? These portions are punishing But then she's back to her history mythology writing and her pals' intrigues guilty pleasure but what the heck

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    Truthit was a bit of a struggle for me to get through this bookThis was a read for a local book club and we are offered uite a variety of genre authors etc an interesting stretch for us allI'm sure there are several readers who enjoy this type of book but I confess I am not one of themGreat Kindle price though

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    In the mountains of Mexico is a town that strives mightily to maintain the flavor of Old Mexico It is a beautiful place and it is named San Miguel Does it seem logical that a town that emphasizes authenticity would fill itself with expats Gringos non Mexicans in the most Mexican of communities Does it surprise you that many of the expats are crazy? Does it surprise you that some of them are prone to make the beast with two backs or to sample the product of the grape a little too assiduouslyComplicated lives intertwine through this book written by one of the colorful of the Gringas the only woman who was ever a playmate of the month and had a short story in the same or any other issue Alice Denham has visited San Miguel every year for than she would care to admit has taught at the Instituto knows everybody It's not all here in this book It would take many books for that but the best is here Unless you've lived here yourself for years you'll learn surprising things that you would never have expected in this book And be mightily entertained all the whileComment Comment | Permalink

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    I think this is what I was expecting in Lovers Liars and Lotharios Lessons Learned and Self Esteem Earned by Marlayna Glynn Brown – the crazy sexploits of a women in strange relationships It’s all here in San Miguel The book is lively and full of details I loved the snippets of local color The author made San Miguel seem like a great place to live if you want to be entertained It spanned several decades so you got to see the town and the author changeI thought the book was great fun I think it’s one of those rare little gems few people know about but most would enjoy

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    San Miguel had a number of secrets but not any longerAlice Denham has no doubt upended many of their lives with this saucy little taleI thought it was uite fun to readThe details were interesting The locals were funny and uniueAll and all this was a good book to enjoy in an afternoon