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Ménage Amour Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance MFM food play HEAMaddie Sutton always felt something missing until the day she met Charlie and Cole What started out as a childhood friendship slowly developed into an all consuming love Her biggest problem is that she can only see them in her dreams Maddie realizes that to lead a normal life she would have to let them go After all they’re only a fantasy or are they?Charlie Gilbert and Cole Mercer are both very real For years they have loved and pined for Maddie meeting up in dreams set in different locales Afraid of making her choose between them they keep their feelings hidden until finally realizing that the three of them belong together How can they convince Maddie if she doubts their existence? When Charlie starts to doubt Cole springs into action and brings them all togetherNow that they have found each other they vow to never let go but when an unknown danger looms over Maddie Charlie and Cole will do anything to protect her even if it means risking their own livesA Siren Erotic Romance

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    I've decided to change my rating to 4 stars I haven't been able to stop thinking of it which means it deserves a higher rating IMOThis wasn't what I thought I was getting into at all I assumed I was going to read a short very smutty and probably silly little story However it was much better than that I had no clue there was a paranormal element which I tend not to like but this was about 3 not 2 soulmates meeting in their dreams The book went from sweet to sexy when the story switched to meeting outside of their dreams I enjoyed this a lot and will read the next one in the seriesIf there was ever a main book that I needed alone time with my hubby afterwards THIS IS IT Whew is it hot in here?

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    I wish it had been just one guy rather than both I love the paranormal element and there are some twists that are fabulous The sex scenes are well done and very sexy Three Made in heaven is a divine treat of a storyFull Review

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    425 starsI really liked this story This is the first thing I've read by this author but I do intend to read the next book in this series when it comes out I really liked the premise of the 3 way soulmate bond Maddie has been dreaming about Cole and Charlie since she was 9 years old They were her best friends as a girl and she feel in love with both of them as she grew up She tried to have relationships in her real life but the always fell short of her dream life with Cole and Charlie She doubts that Cole and Charlie are real but can't stay away from the dreams Imagine her surprise when they come walking in the door of her workCole is a good guy but very responsible and serious He grew up to be a vet and loves his family very much He's the one who was completely convinced that the other 2 were real and brought them all together Charlie didn't have a good home life growing up He is a sweet guy and tends to hide himself behind jokes and humor He works in banking financial banking I think? and is in the office when Cole shows up Once he realized that since Cole was there then Maddie must be real too they fly off to New York to find herBoth Cole and Charlie love Maddie than anything same as she loves them There's indications that she's in danger and they decide that they'll protect her while arranging to move to New York to be with her Maddie is shocked when they show up but thrilled Since they pretty much grew up together and know everything about each other falling in to a relationship with the 2 men is a no brainer for Maddie There are a few worries associated with opinions about their unusual relationship but they get through things while grow their relationship and keeping Maddie safe from the unknown danger Danger does strike but things work out with an unexpected saveI really enjoyed this book Looking forward to from the author I'd recommend it D

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    Three made in Heaven is beyond steamy and sexy It's arousing and enrapturing But it's not just erotic the character development and storyline keep you entranced You find yourself routing for this non conventional relationship to not only take place but to last a lifetime The love connections and emotions feel so real and I was intrigued by how they first met in both the fantasy and reality segments I couldn't wait to finish the book and couldn't put it down Not only will I be re reading this book but I am highly anticipating this authors next book She is an amazing creative writer

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    This story had eual amounts of intrigue sweet and sexy A uick and enjoyable read full of passion romance and love The relationship between Maddie Cole and Charlie was actually uite beautifulNote no sexual practices occur between the men

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    Sexy and sweet menage romance 35 stars

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    45 StarsMaddie has loved them since she was nineCharlie and Cole have cherished every moment they have shared with herBut up until now it has only been in their dreamsCan their Dreams become a reality? Or with danger approaching will it be too lateThree Made in Heaven is the first book I have read by Elena Kincaid and it was an absolute pleasure A well written story with a great balance between romance suspense and character interaction I will definitely be reading by this author and recommend you take a look too

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    giving this 35 stars not uite 4 but than 3 i enjoyed this book the story goes that Maddie meets Cole and Charlie in a dream it tells in the beginning how they all came to be together and as i was reading i kept asking myself how did Cole and Charlie find each other?? i want to know made a note to myself to mention this while writing review then boom Elena tells i'm not giving the plot away pi loved the dynamics between the three but i also loved that there was some Charlie Maddie time and some ColeMaddie timei also enjoyed that while some sex scenes were explicit there was some left to the reader imaginationi'll be sure to try anything Elena writes in the future

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    I was given this book without any reuests other than I read it review was optional I loved this book It does show that dreams do come true Three people who fall in love but have never met If your not in to Ménage you won't want this book but you will be missing a great book There is a paranormal thread running through this one I encourage everyone to get this book it is worth your time and effort This is the first book of Elena Kincaid I have read but it will not be the last

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    Maddie is in love with not one man but two Cole and Charlie have been her best friends all her life They have seen every up and every down Too bad they are only in her dreams But what if Cole and Charlie are real? Can Madi live with two men being than the men of her dreams?Three Made in Heaven is first in Elena Kincaid’s Made in Heaven series I really enjoyed Maddie and her men Cole and Charlie met Maddie at the same time and in the same way They knew no other way than to share the girl; the girl who has grown from being their best friend into the woman they have come to love Ms Kincaid made their relationship feel natural and normal in spite of how they met For them there really was no other way Cole and Charlie are brothers from different mothers and trusted in each other fully I loved how the boys always put Maddie first even when they didn’t like it And when the trio found out that their dreams were real I loved how Ms Kincaid made it a seamless awareness that worked within the real world I loved that their relationships translated so easily within the real world The honesty Maddie Cole and Charlie had in their dreams made a relationship in the real world one with few surprises I thoroughly enjoyed the premise Ms Kincaid gave us in this story I loved the idea of soul mates and love conuering all that permeated throughout this story It was a well written and enjoyable read Five Shooting Stars