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Philosophical Food Crumbs A Kierkegaard Cookbook is a fun and alternative way into the works of Kierkegaard Through food and history recipes anecdotes and uotes it tells a small piece of the story of the man and his times the thoughts and the culture that shaped Kierkegaard as a human being and into a world known philosopher Philosophical Food Crumbs A Kierkegaard Cookbook Souvenir Edition 2013 celebrates Kierkegaard's bicentennial year from a homecook's perspective It time travels to the Golden Age of Denmark 1800 1850 with over a dozen historical recipes The cookbook offers original translations of lesser known Kierkegaard uotes and a sampling of foodie facts Includes than two dozen modern recipes This 82 page cookbook is a Danish American collaboration between two women who let Kierkegaard into their lives It is a contribution to celebrate Kierkegaard's 200th birthday The Kierkegaard Cookbook project was inspired by their Summer Fellowship to the Hong Kierkegaard Library Both authors have a degree in philosophy and enjoy sharing Kierkegaard with others This book is both academic study and entertainment It is for Kierkegaardians and cookbook collectors as much as it is for homecooks and individuals who enjoy edifying experiences

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