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Author Jamila T Davis is currently serving a 12 12 year sentence in federal prison for bank fraud was labeled by Lehman attorneys as the 25 year old mastermind who devised an elaborate mortgage scheme that defrauded their bank of 22 million dollars Her shocking story captures the inside tricks of Wall Street elite and takes you up close and personal into a world driven by greed and powerHave savvy Wall Street executives such as Richard Fuld been able to out smart the world? And while these executives escape unpunished is it fair that “small fries” like Davis are left to do big time?

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    Jamila had a get rich uick scheme buy up old houses renovate and onsell at a profit during the property boom Her problem was to get a loan but no problem Lehmans offered loans and while she did not ualify they showed her how to ualify All she had to do was prepare the appropriate documentation in which truth was not a reuirement Then they got her for fraud took the properties sold them to an insider for 14 million under what they could have got presumably would have obtained a nice tax loss with the IRS had they lasted long enough and as a conseuence of her having either incompetent lawyers as all her funds had been confiscated or as alleged in one case a lawyer secretly working for Lehmans she got 12 ½ years in jail while everyone else profited That at least is her story In the final wash up of Lehmans which occurred about six months after she was sent to jail none of their fraudsters got anything like that An account of getting to there takes up about 25% of the book The rest is wash up and an account of the appeals etc she subseuently lodged seemingly as a self taught lawyer from in prison a summary of the prison system and some poems This is a very unattractive account of the American legal and political system I have no idea how much is true but some must be because she cites court transcripts One thing that surprised me was that most of the appeals were heard by the same judge who originally presided at her trial That alone seems to me an injustice surely an appeal must be heard by someone who is not judging his own work? The book is moving well written for what it is and if true a terrible indictment of corruptive injustice I regard this an important book for people to read not for its literary merits but rather because some very important issues are raised If true there are serious issues that must be fixed

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    By Jose FranciscoFormat Paperback Having knowledge of the facts of Jamila's case I can assure you once you pick up this book you will be shocked at how Lehman Brothers was the catalyst that almost brought the United States to its knees However as big and as powerful as they were they shifted the blame of their actions to multiple individuals one of them being Jamila Davis When you read the book you will be able to see how the pieces of the puzzle fit into place on the behind the scenes look at the financial crisis of the United States and how big banks washed their hands with individuals like Jamila Davis I praise Jamila for having the courage to write her book notwithstanding her incarcerationAwesome read