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In the second book in the Love Under the Big Sky series from this USA Today bestselling author of the With Me in Seattle series life in Montana gets spicy when a woman and her divorce lawyer sign off the papers—and sign on to loveNow that his best friend Josh has happily settled down with his true love on a Montana ranch small town lawyer Ty Sullivan starts thinking that maybe single life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be And when Lauren Cunningham’s no good ex husband comes after her for an unexpected trust fund Ty steps in to protect her But soon he can’t help but think of her as than a client Lauren’s in no mood to jump into another relationship so how can Ty convince her that her mistake wasn’t getting married but marrying the wrong guy?

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    4 Apple Pie Stars Lauren just got out of an awful marriage She is hurt and has a hard time trusting people She needs healing and she needs a laywer considering her asshat ex husband is suing her for something he's not entitled to So she asks help from Ty The sexy lawyer from town and kind of her friend He doesn't accept because he wants her and that would be a conflict But when her ex husband reveals to be dangerous than they thought he's decided to protect her And get her in the way Rating 4 Stars Storyline A sweet and sexy romance Kristen Proby is one of my auto buy author for when I need a pick me up and heartwarming story Writing Style First person Dual POV Sweet and engaging Character Development Lauren was a pretty good heroine and I liked how she didn't back down even when she had reasons for it Ty was amazing Sexy sweet and loyal Buy in Kristen books the guys are always great so that was hardly a surpriseSteam Hot HEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler

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    On NetGalley➜ available read the first chapter of this book at end of Loving Cara THIS BOOKS SOUNDS SO PROMISING Looking forward to its release

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    DNF at page 106 aka 33% This is sad I really liked the first book and I'm a Kristen Proby fan I was excited about this book but OMG THE CHEESINESS Plus if I'm 100 pages in and forcing myself to keep reading that's when I know to stopSorry this one just ain't for me

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    35 caramel and homemade apple pie stars Lauren comes from the founding family of the small town she lives in Tying up the loose ends of her divorce places her right in Ty’s path When her ex Jack demands money from her and threatens her she attempts to get Ty to take the case from his partner who she felt lacked the aggression needed But Ty won’t take her case for his own personal reasons Ty has developed a little crush on Lauren but the timing hasn’t been right until now Divorced and finally showing a bit of spark Ty is a force to be reckoned with as he moves in on Lauren As Ty breaks through to Lauren showing her that you can give your trust to a man without him destroying You just have to make sure you give it to the right man Lauren opens up to not only Ty but to Josh Zach Jillian and Cara; as her circle of friends expands But Jack isn’t willing to just let go of his ex wife and the access he wants to her money Lauren has kept certain parts of her life hidden to ensure that they remained hers especially after learning that her ex was only interested in her for the chance to lay claim to her trust fund As Ty Lauren fall deeper Jack’s greed increases leaving Lauren vulnerable a man that has the ability to destroy it all When I read the first chapter of this story at the end of Loving Cara I was excited to get Ty’s story and to see where Lauren’s character was going to go that excitement sort of flickered out as I read this book though There was absolutely nothing wrong with the writing or characters but there was just something about the story that felt too predictable and even given the circumstances of where this story was heading; the drama was non existent Ty Lauren fell easily into a routine where love was bound to be the outcome There was little in the way of angst when it came to these two and their feelings; which I appreciated – their love story wasn’t really what I just felt disconnected to The drama for me just never built to bring me to the moment in the book where it counted The plot seemed to be buried too deeply within the development of the romance that it was an ‘out of sight out of mind’ kind of issue I wanted to feel gutted by the last 10% of this story but it wasn’t in the cards I think this is the first book by Kristen Proby that I didn’t just fall head over hills in love with and I am very disappointed with myself for it There were a few moments where I popped for the little bits that were sprinkled in a cameo mention of a certain fictional character that made me grin I walk away from this read though with a bit of excitement for Jillian and Zach’s story The sneak peek into the next book and the little moments they shared in this have me ready to see their relationship blossom and I am a sucker for the whole single dad thing – so having Seth be a major part of their story is going to be a bonus ARC received on behalf of Gallery Threshold Pocket Books from NetGalley

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    Seducing Lauren generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review3 Smutty Stars Seducing Lauren serves as the second installment in this new series by Kristen Proby What I adore about this author is her ability to make a story really feel good To know that the feelings and actions of the main characters are coming from a good place and that they're journey on being together no matter what makes you feel good by the endWith that said I liked this book better than the first of the series and that's mainly due to better connection with Ty and Lauren the main characters Each of them possessed strong ualities easily attracting me to their story Lauren's story in particular I found fascinating it was like an in depth look into a certain world we're all part of in our way so we got a birds eye view of how that magic happens It was a cool choice to have Lauren represent our book world this way and I highly enjoyed seeing her character in this light Ty represents a man who know what he wants and makes certain that his woman knows how he feels from the beginning of their time together He's loyal and protective and fun There were times the banter between the two left me laughing out loud The plot drug a bit for me at times I thought there could of been action during some events and even reaction from certain events During some points of the story I found myself skimming or becoming easily disinterested Overall though it was an enjoyable read with two main characters who easily engage I'd recommend to those of you looking for happy fluffy romance It's a fairly uick read and Proby's writing runs fluidly over the pages making it easy to follow When I had finished Loving Cara I was intrigued by Ty and Lauren so I'm happy to find they provided a much better story for me than Josh and Cara At the end of the story I'm even intrigued to learn of the events that will unfold between Zach and Jillian in Proby's next installment

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    35 🌟I like the story but there's one point I grew tired of it I think that's around 50% of the book where all I've read are a lot of sexy times to the point it became repetitive Ty and Lauren are a sweet and romantic couple I'm in awed on Ty's effort to keep her safe and protected His efforts of pursuing Lauren and continues to prove he's the right guy for her Lauren might not be my favorite gal I commend her for being independent and strong despite being threatened by her douchebag ex husband I guess the story dragged on and there's not much to tell

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    4 I hope someday comes sooner rather than later StarsThe second book in Kristen Proby’s Love Under the Big Sky series gives us Tyler Sullivan and Lauren Cunningham’s story Both of them were featured in book one Loving Cara but we are given ‘access all areas’ into their lives and their budding relationship in this instalment in the seriesI have been a big fan of Kristen’s writing for uite a while now her With Me Series is one of only a few books that I actually buy in hard copy to keep on my book shelves at home After reading Loving Cara this Series also followed uickly suit and are an automatic pre order Her writing and characters offer you everyday easy going romance but what makes them so enjoyable is that they are so well written that the predictability and common place tropes are just so easy to fully immerse yourself in I know without a doubt that I want him I trust him I need him in my bedTy and Lauren have a few secrets that they are hiding from the outside world while Lauren has been dealing with a less than sane ex husband and divorce Ty has kept his distance Now some time has passed as far as he is concerned all bets are off and it is time to let her know how he really feels ”Keep that up Lauren and I won’t be responsible for fucking you right here on the ballroom floor”The feelings are mutual unfortunately the ‘ex’ problem isn’t as ‘in the past’ as either of them hoped it was Ty steps up and offers Lauren the support and trust that she craves from a relationship having lost her parents he along with his close knit circle of friends also offer something else that she has lost and that is a familyThe thought of ever being without him fills me with so much grief it’s debilitatingI loved this couple I loved the continuation of the series as a whole and the simmering tension between Jill Ty’s sister and Zack in the background of this story promises to deliver some interesting results in book three in the Series Falling for Jillian due for release in February 2015”You inspire me to dream with my eyes wide open”ARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest reviewAll uotes have been taken from a review copy and may be subject to change in the final version of the book

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    What a book I luvd it luvd it luvd it it was so good I m so happy rite now This book was really good I enjoyed every bit of it I luvd ty from the first book so I knew he was a great sexy guy man in a suit God there just so hot ; an we did get a lil look at lauren in that book 2 know I was mad about cause she was in the bitch click but she did up 2 the main bitch misty so I knew there something 2 like The was story was great lauren as split up from her husband an was a prick he is I would luv 2 kick him in the ball the sick but anyway ty as had the hits 4 lauren 4 while so when she come in his office she releases just how hot an gorgeous he is he does hold back tell her that he wants her so there is no play in around here with these 2 things get hot an steamy pretty much straight away so there was a lot of sexy time keep me goin in this books no complaints here ; There was 1 thing getting in there way which I have mention it JACK the biggest ass ever I hate that she had 2 hide thinks from him cause he would want from her he is just so horrible an she is so nice an carin it's really annoys me but she is strong an I do luv how she throws shit back at him when he start with she doesn't need ty 2 protect her she can take care of herself but ty isn't like that he protects what's his an close 2 him after a shitty up bring in he's not goin 2 let people hurt how he luvd it's so cute I just want 2 hug him These book series is so good so I m dying 4 everything is great character story the endin but great luvd it bring on the bring on the next book xxx

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    35 StarsI’ve been looking forward to Seducing Lauren since I read the teaser at the end of Loving Cara and it did not disappoint Lauren is having troubles from her crappy ex husband She thought he married her for love and then found out it was always about the money Her generous divorce settlement isn’t enough and he’s now after her trust fund His demands become ugly when he shows up and threatens Lauren and this is where Ty comes in Ty Sullivan is one of the attorneys at the firm that represents Lauren and when he catches wind of the trouble Lauren is facing he steps in to help and protect her Ty’s had his eye on Lauren for a while but he wanted to give her time and space to get over her marriage first Ty was a great hero stepping in when Lauren needed support and protection He was such a thoughtful man and sensitive to Lauren’s plight because he grew up seeing his mother and sister mistreated by his father Seeing her bullied brings out all his protective instincts During the time they were separated Lauren wrote a wildly famous romance trilogy à la Fifty Shades that are being made into movies but she did so under a pen name to keep it secret from her ex husband knowing he’d be after that money as well As a reader I knew it was a matter of when not if he found out so I was anxious over the looming threat this discovery presented Lauren’s ex was a complete jerk and a dangerous one The romance was hot and steamy maybe a little fast but they did know each other for years I loved how devoted and protective Ty was to Lauren Lauren was a sweet and strong woman who didn’t back down and cower when her ex tried to mess with her She totally deserved having Ty after her disaster of a marriage I enjoyed Seducing Lauren even so than Loving Cara and I look forward to the next in the series A copy was provided by Pocket Books in exchange for an honest review

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    Attorney Ty Sullivan has been intrigued by Lauren Cunningham for a long time but he couldn’t do anything about it until her divorce was final And finally the time has come for him to make his move to show Lauren that he can protect her and love her like no one else Tattooed Ty has starred in Lauren’s fantasies for a long time she just never expected that he felt the same And with Lauren’s vile and abusive ex making trouble for her Ty is the one man she knows who can keep her safe her bad boy and white knight rolled into one very sexy package “I’ll never get enough of you Lauren” Ty is the perfect hero goodhearted kind protective and a bit of a bad ass with his tattoos I loved how he was with Lauren so sexy and sweet and so determined to make her his And I loved how protective and possessive he was over her how he took care of her making sure she remember to eat when she lost track of time working He’s been front and center in many of my fantasies for most of my life Lauren was an awesome heroine and I loved her secret job I also loved how feisty she was and how she stood up to her abusive ex and the awful friends she had before The romance was fantastic so sweet and romantic without any unnecessary drama And the sexy times were scorching I love this author’s books they always make my heart very happy and this was the perfect sweet and sexy romance Highly recommended