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This endearing friendship story about a boy and his dog from a Pulitzer Prize–winning writer gently explores a timeless uestion who’s really in charge?Meet Sid He’s an ordinary kid He’s far from perfect But to Murphy Sid’s faithful dog Sid is the whole world Murphy thinks Sid is the absolute best—and that he’s in charge of everything Sid loves Murphy right back but he can’t help but wonder what Murphy would think if he realized the truth Sid’s just a kid and Murphy’s just a dog and neither one can control the world This deceptively simply picture book is the perfect start to a discussion about a subject seldom seen in children’s books—the nonthreatening feel of a world based on fact and reason and not faith

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    I fully expect this book to not get the star review rating I think it deserves because a number of people are offended by the message in this book However there are scores of picture books on my library shelves that advocate for a wide variety of beliefs and this is the first I've seen that gently approaches the idea of atheism I am very pleased to offer something that is not didactic and boring Cute and playful Me Dog is about Sid and his dachshund Murphy Sid is just a kid but Murphy sees Sid as lord and king of everything That Sid gives him all the good things in life and anything bad that happens is Sid punishing Murphy for being bad But Sid says that sometimes things just happen Sid isn't in charge and maybe nobody is But that's okay cause Sid loves Murphy and Murphy loves Sid

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    The blurb on this one calls it Weingarten's masterpiece I'm sad for him if that's the case his Pulitzer prize winning work must be horrible if he considers this the best thing he's done There's also something a little bizarre about advertising your two Pulitzers on the cover of a children's book That makes me less confident in your ability to write picture books not They don't give out a Pulitzer for picture book writing after all and 's the pityLook let's get this out of the way right now I'm Catholic so this was never going to be the book for me It's not one I'd buy and it's not one I'd recommend except in the case of a buyer looking for books with explicitly atheistic worldviews The reason I wouldn't recommend it though is less because I dislike the viewpoint and because I don't think it's very goodThe illustrations are mediocre at best; in a year with some really lovely picture books about dogs I'm My Own Dog and Stubby the Dog Soldier World War I Hero come to mind Eric Shansby's art falls flat The rhymes are chintzy and occasionally feel forced; they read like an out of touch grownup's idea of what a children's book is supposed to sound like The sense I got from the text was definitely I think I'm slumming here and I don't know much about the medium I'm using to tell this story I want to leave the content of the text alone for the most part; as I've already admitted it's not something I can discuss without bias However I think comparing religious people to puppies desperate to please does a disservice to the hundreds of great thinkers artists and authors whose body of work is based in a context that features belief in some kind of god or godsIs it better than one of the internet's evangelical atheist neckbeards could do? Yeah probably But that doesn't mean it's a great booketa I read this over a year ago and the occasional comments I receive on this review have spurred me to write an addendum I am all for beautiful expressive children's books with an atheistic worldview But I think that children raised in atheist households deserve books that are well written and well illustrated and if they're going to rhyme the verses should scan Ideally I'd also like such books to celebrate their families' views rather than shitting on others' If the world is beautiful because it is godless because of the happy accidents that led to life science and humanity then write a book that reflects that I would argue that there are numerous children's books that do in fact reflect such a viewpoint or that can be read as reflecting that view And many of them are far funnier and elouent than Me Dog

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    Age Kindergarten 2nd gradeA nice addition to pet dog books Sid tries to figure out why dogs are so obedient especially to such ordinary kids like himself According to his dog Murphy Sid is Supreme Almighty Ruler and King of Absolutely Everything But what if Murphy didn't actually think this? How would he behave? Sid doesn't want to risk it and asks his readers to keep it a secretAlthough I didn't catch it the first time around Sid does uestion the existence of an almighty being stating I sometimes think there is no boss that most things happen justbecause So I can see the presence of atheism but I can also see that it works well with the topic the illustrations are well done and the story carries itself well throughout the book It's crazy I know but I can read books like God Found Us You and appreciate it even though I don't align myself with a religion It's as if I'm not a bigot and I can recognize that all audiences deserve to have a presence in children's literature

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    Most of the people who don't like this book seem to not like it because they think it is promoting atheism Some of the people who like it seem to think the same thing I don't see it that way; it's a book which asks the simple uestion is anyone in charge? Granted that is the first step on the road to atheism and agnosticism but it's also the first step on the road to a deeper understanding of your faith If you want to instill unuestioning belief into your child this isn't the book for you but if you want them to think about faith and what God may mean to them or not mean to them it's a great book mainly because it doesn't attempt to provide an answer to the uestion The strongest statement it makes is that in the end whether you decide it's just us and dog or us and God the important thing is that we love one another

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    I do not think this is a children's book because it does not read as if it is meant for them OK the language is juvenile but I suspect the author was trying to be clever The rhymes were forced and I never bought into the underlying concept of the dog worshipping an infallible in the dog's mind boy Also the whole book reads like a co dependent abusive relationship which is just creepy especially in what is pretending to be a children's book

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    A sweet fairly accurate summation of the dog and little boy psyche suggesting that in the eyes of a loved one we are all perfect when of course that is not always the case We all have our shortcomings and weakness but it's not necessary to dwell on these friends and family focus on ones shining ualities So should you Acceptance and friendship cheerfully illustrated in verse and pictures

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    Calling this a story is a bit misleading This is a stream of consciousness addressed to you the Reader Basically the boy muses on the similarity between the way his dog Murphy acts towards the boy and the way people in general acts towards religion We really need books in the collection that addresses the needs of agnostics and atheists and this does the job superbly It can be used for almost any juvenile age group I think I'm waiting to hear if we get any challenges to this title or not since I'm in a fairly conservative area I'm pleased to see many copies are currently checked out

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    Sid is an ordinary kid Murphy is his dog who thinks Sid is Supreme Almighty Ruler Super duper boss and king of absolutely everything Murphy thinks when thing go bad he must have somehow made me mad Happy things get understood as his reward for being good However Sid claims It isn't trueI'm not in charge That most things happen justbecause However Sid isn't sure Murphy would be as good if Murphy understood

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    This book is a legitimate introduction to kids about the idea that there is no god I would actually recommend it for atheist parents if they ever asked me for a book that represented where they were coming from metaphysically

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    That was so true and too cute