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The year is 1911 And at The Manor nothing is as it seems Lady Charlotte Edmonds Beautiful wealthy and sheltered Charlotte feels suffocated by the strictures of upper crust society She longs to see the world beyond The Manor to seek out high adventure And most of all romance Janie Seward Fiery hardworking and clever Janie knows she can be than just a kitchen maid But she isn't sure she possesses the courage or the means to break free and follow her passions Both Charlotte and Janie are ready for change As their paths overlap in the gilded hallways and dark corridors of The Manor rules are broken and secrets are revealed Secrets that will alter the course of their lives forever

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    This was a wonderful coming of age story that was very feel good but than fluff Manor of secrets is aptly named and the mysteries of the past are pretty shocking I loved finding out the dirt An upstairsdownstairs look at life in a manor house that smacks of Downton Abby It was lovelyCharlotte is determined to have an adventure She's only 16 but her life has already been mapped out for her Her mother has had Charlotte's husband picked out for a very long time and seems eager to be finished with the responsibility of a daughter Lady Diane is a cold strict woman I kind of hated her Poor Charlotte her life is so stifling that she secretly writes stories featuring members of both the household and her family I cracked up at this bit from one that must be about Mommy Dearestit was about the lady mistress of a great house in the country A kind of female Bluebeard who took in helpless maidens and tormented themJanie a below stairs kitchen maid was hard to warm to right away Now I see that she was just realistic and hadn't lead a sheltered life like Charlotte of the Manor She's practical because she has to be The dual narrative worked out beautifully Charlotte's best friend Fran is a nasty girl She treats servants like they aren't even people I feel for Charlotte If this is all she's had for a best friend plus her awful mother it's no wonder that she sought out companionship below stairs Janie is uite reluctant to become her friend and with good reasonThe supporting characters were just as well written Lawrence the gorgeous charming footman Lord Andrew Broadhurst turned out to be much different than I thought he would be There's just so much to love in this story I'll definitly pick up anything else Katherine Longshore writes 4 stars highly recommended

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    Find this and other reviews at 'm not sure what amazes me that it's been two hundred and fifty one days since I last issued a one star rating or the fact that I can make that calculation Either way it is a personal best a record now broken by Katherine Longshore's Manor of Secrets Had I been at all familiar with Longshore's work I would have avoided this title altogether Simply put modernist historicals aren't my cuppa tea I think context is an essential element of good historical fiction and to me that means a lot than a few turn of the century gowns It's about recreating a bygone age ambiance authentic to the period characters who embody a society with different rhythms norms and expectations Unfortunately for me Longshore like the creators of CW's Reign isn't particularly interested in historical accuracy and while I recognize there is an audience for this type of literature I stand firmly outside that demographicWere my criticism limited to the novel's tone I might have gone two or even three stars on Longshore's work but it extends far beyond that Her characterizations are blatantly shallow her themes are downright campy and I had some concern regarding the continuity of the story When we first meet Lady Charlotte she isn't entirely sure of Jenny's name or is it Jean oh wait that's right it's Janie but only a couple of days later her ladyship is emphatically declaring she loves Janie like a sister and has for some time I'm sorry folks but I don't buy it The biggest objection however is that The Manor's so called 'secrets' can be seen a mile and half off From the moment Lady Beatrice arrives at The Manor I knew exactly where this story was going and unlike some authors who can bring an element of creativity to an otherwise predictable course of events Longshore's story plods slowly to its obvious conclusion without fanfare or flourish A tedious and rather forgettable piece Manor of Secrets held no entertainment value for me whatsoever but I can't say the time spent with it was entirely wasted Negative though it was my experience firmly destroyed any interest I had in reading Gilt Tarnish or Brazen and at the end of the day removing another three titles from my TBR list isn't all that bad a consolation prize

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    45Wow this was so good Like wow I enjoyed that so much than I thought I would Full review to come

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    To see full review click on one of the following linksMy blog with gifsaBooklikes for just textI imagine the creation for this book went like this of course this is my imagination only and it probably really didn’t occur exactly this way or at least I would hopeSlimy Publishing Executive You know what’s popular Downton Abbey I think it would make a great YA bookHelpless Editor You think? I mean we have plenty of historicals listed in our catalog already I don’ thinkSlimy Publishing Executive Good That will make plotting this one easier We’ll use some of the drama for those books and get someone to watch all of PBS’s Manor House and bada bling bada boom we have a book Now who was that author who wrote all those books inspired by The Tudors Helpless Editor Katherine Longshore? I don’t know if she was exactly inspired by The TudorsSlimy Publishing Executive Sure she was How else would anyone write about boring old history? Now I want you to call Kathy and get a book deal written Make sure there’s a love triangle Two heroines with a major secret And tell her to get excessive with the descriptions concerning dresses Our readers love reading about dressesOkay the conversation probably didn’t exactly go like that but Katherine Longshore does have a number of books published about Tudor England–one of my favorite periods and I can’t help wondering if she was inspired by that TV show Another thing I wonder is if those books felt as scripted as this particular endeavor does

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    Not bad for YA but nothing special I've previously read enjoyed Longshore's Tudor series; this one however lacked their sophisticated storylines voiceOne thing Longshore always does well is write interesting male characters MoS is no exception Harry the hall boy Lord Andrew even manwhore footman Lawrence are all very vivid So props for that I also liked Janie Harry's romance they were sweet without being too sugary Side characters like Charlotte's highborn friend Fran snooty mother Lady Diane as well as Janie's mother Mrs Seward were also strong presences in their brief pagetime But it probably shows my age that I didn't much connect to Janie had absolutely zero interest in Charlotte herself As I've grown older I find myself less less patient with coddled rich heroines particularly teenage ones who whine moan about their boring lives of permanent financial security creature comforts that smother their independence 🙄 Bitch please Another review mentions the lack of 'feel' to the backdrop I have to agree Despite Andrew Aunt Beatrice's proclamations of how change is coming both classes will be forced to adapt there's no real urgency or looming cloud no feeling of forced gentility coming uproar two things I always associate with Edwardian England As with genteel Southern plantations in Civil War fiction I want to dread what's coming to sense that things will never be this way again whether for good or bad So as I saidnot awful but overall it felt too young for my jaded eyes of adulthood Methinks Edwardian novels are something I like the idea of than the actual thing all those UPSTAIRSDOWNSTAIRS cliches tend to bore me

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    I picked this one up as one of those filler reads while I waited for some of the books I ordered from the library to come in I expected this to be just one of those generic British historical romance novels with over the top romance Fortunately it wasn't; the writing was decent the story flowed reasonably well the characters had depth and greatly matured throughout the novelWhile this novel isn't great and is actually somewhat forgettable it's solid and is one of those books that you can use as light reading material

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    Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages Reviews25 StarsThe nineteen tens were such a turbulent time in English history but except for a few references to cars I feel like this book could have been set anywhere around the RegencyGeorgian eras Lady Charlotte is the youngest of six and feels forgotten and overlooked Her mother is an old fashioned lady and wants Charlotte to follow in her footsteps by marrying a lord having children and running a household But Charlotte’s a dreamer who wants to marry for love and write grand adventure stories There is literally nothing in that description that couldn’t happen in any time period I read that story set in 1280 I’ve read that story in 1820 And now I’m reading it in 1911 It’s boring and nothing new is brought to the table The other point of view Janie the adventurous kitchen maid is a little interesting if only because I haven’t read a lot of novels set Downstairs Janie was born at THE MANOR but left for most of her childhood to starve on an uncle’s farm Now she’s back and determined to keep her head down and do good work so she can stay forever But Charlotte’s mom is super strict especially about romance between staff members which is unfortunate because Janie is trapped in a love triangle between the dashing footman and the dependable hall boy For a book with secrets in the title the story is actually pretty light on them It’s really about the friendship that blooms between a highborn lady and her servant and the backlash as the staff gossips uproariously and makes Janie’s life miserable for thinking above her station I do like that idea but it’s also where my biggest problem lies Charlotte is a selfish spoiled pain in the ass Her head is so far in the clouds she can’t see what she’s doing to Janie’s life and she really doesn’t care This is highlighted clearly in a conversation between the main characters in which Charlotte throws a temper tantrum because Sarah her maid won’t send Janie upstairs Janie finally arrives terrified that Charlotte has information about a servant who is going to be sacked maybe even Janie herself Charlotte without acknowledging the distress she’s put Janie through confesses that her mother’s top marriage prospect is going to talk to her father after dinner This is why she embarrassed Sarah got Janie in trouble and turned the staff upside down Because she doesn’t want a proposal from a hot rich lordI will shed one single tear for her UghThe book is at its most successful when Charlotte is Downstairs and learning about the lives and hopes of her staff Unfortunately too much time is devoted to the love heptagon Charlotte and Janie and Sarah all like Lawrence who’s a bit of a cad but Fran likes Andrew who likes Charlotte and Harry likes Janie who also likes him but she likes Lawrence too but he kissedI need a lie down instead of the girls learning and growing The big secret joining them all is actually a surprise when it’s revealed but the way it plays out is pretty nuts It asks us to forgive all of the villains who now act totally against type ignore the fallout of a scandal and see characters change their lifelong dreams on a dime There’s also a mysterious illness that is absolutely never explained Manor of Secrets is not poorly written though again I wish the time period felt impactful on daily life Charlotte and Janie’s voices are different which is always important to multi POV stories I don’t hate any of the love interests that I’m supposed to like But I also don’t like the characters I’m supposed to like Even with the big twist end I don’t have a single strong feeling about anything but the fact that Charlotte is an overdramatic crybaby

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    I've been a fan of Katherine Longshore's other two books GILT and TARNISH so I was really looking forward to digging into the Downton Abbey vibe of MANOR OF SECRETS The disparity between the constrained and cold life that comes as the price of luxury and the choatic existence in the servant's uarters is well drawn As always the author does a beautiful job of choosing details to bring the historical period to life Here she also deftly delineates the differences between the point of view characters to make us understand what each longs for and how they feel about their own domain in the manor and their prospects in the world While this is a historical it's really a study in character and a rare chance to peek belowstairs in Edwardian England while watching two young women test their boundaries and their developing friendship while facing ruin if they step too far from the narrow path that their station in life has chosen for them

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    Lady Charlotte is beautiful charming and bored Lord Andrew seems as though he is a boring choice for her future husband that her mother has chosen for herbefore she has even had one season Most of all Charlotte has a secret she wants to be a writer Longshore provides an interesting look into Victorian aged England while at times the plot is slow her descriptions and characterization is flawless

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    Charlotte longs to break free from the manor while Janie longs to make a home there Two girls from different worlds live completely separate lives under the same roof until their paths collide and they find that they have in common than they ever imagined Fun surprising and thoroughly addictive I loved this story