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Who knows the ins and outs of romance better than a Harleuin editor? A surprising and exhilarating look into Patience Bloom’s unexpected real life love storyAt some point we’ve all wished romance could be like fiction Patience Bloom certainly did many times over As a teen she fell in love with Harleuin novels and imagined her life would turn out just like the heroines’ on the page That shy guy she had a crush on wouldn’t just take her out—he’d sweep her off her feet with witty banter uiet charm and a secret life as a rock star Not exactly her reality but Bloom kept reading books that fed her reveriesYears later she moved to New York and found her dream job editing romances for Harleuin Every day her romantic fantasies came true—on paper Bloom became an expert when it came to fictional love stories editing amazing books and learning everything she could about the romance business But her dating life remained uninspired She nearly gave up on loveThen one day a real life chance at romance made her wonder if what she’d been writing and editing all those years might be true A Facebook message from a high school friend Sam sparked a relationship with promise than she’d had in years But Sam lived thousands of miles away—they hadn’t seen each other in than twenty years Was it worth the risk?Finally Bloom learned Love and romance can conuer all

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    Two stars might be being unfair to this book There was nothing wrong about it per se It was a super uick read And if Patience were 15 years younger I could see us being friends That being said there was nothing so uniue about her life in the book that warranted a book There's nothing in my life to rate one eitherI was also disappointed there wasn't of her day job in there I don't think this is me being unrealistic; it's in the title Being an editor at Harleuin is probably one of the coolest jobs someone can have And that's coming from someone who's worked in publishing I realize that some days even the best job in the world is still just a job But there have to be at least a couple of great stories through the years We get none of thoseI was also disappointed by the female friendships in the book You've got a female protagonist working in a field that's got to be close to 100% women and I'm pretty sure this book barely passes the Bechdel test There are a lot of times Patience mentions her wonderful friends and co workers But that's always followed up by how they are so wonderful because they're always there to talk with her about the guys she's dating She never talks about anything she does outside of dating for the first forty years of her life Almost all of my friends are unmarried ladies But mostly these are the people I go to Restaurant Week with or go to London with to see the Harry Potter studio tour My friends are the people with whom I go see Broadway and off Broadway shows They are who I call when I come home to discover it raining from the ceiling in my apartment They are who calls me on a Sunday night to go sit in the Delorean from Back to the Future Sometimes we talk about guys But often it will be about pop music or our families or 401ks or the future of storytelling in the digital landscapeAnd I'm sad that this book edited down what I can only assume is Patience's rich and interesting life into a mediocre 2 D rom com

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    Source I received a copy from Folio Literary Management in exchange for an honest and unbiased reviewNote These are my personal opinions I received no outside person comments or opinionsI wanted to like this book but alas I just couldn't I didn't understand any of the romance heroes Bloom compared her real life men to There was Mr Darcy who I know as I think is from Pride and Prejudice possibly? But I have never read that book And then Bloom just went on for 300 and some pages comparing and contrasting romance heroes who I have absolutely no idea who and what books they are from I do not read romance novelsLife is not a romance novel and sadly men in real life are not heroes you read about in books They do not come and rescue you If you're stuck in life I'm sorry to say its your job to get yourself out of the hole If this author spent all her time comparing men to romance novel superheroes as she did in this book I really don't feel sorry for herThis book was very similar to Katie Heaney's Never Have I Ever My Life So Far Without A Date Which I have reviewed HereUnlike Heaney's novel where she was looking for Mr Hottie Bloom was looking for her very own romance novel hero There was very little information as to her life She did a great job comparing and contrasting romance novel men to real life men I'm sure an English teacher would be so proudBloom kissed a lot of frogs before she found her prince And low and behold it was a man with whom she attended school with 20 years ago which shows how powerful the internet can beI have my own uarrels with men and lack of love life but I know for a fact that real life men are not something to be compared to fictionThere were a few funny lines but mostly I think Bloom tried too hard to be funny and lost track of what really mattered telling the actual storyThere were also a lot of unanswered uestions Bloom would mention something then say on that later then not even bring up the topic It was frustrating when she did that because nothing made sense and everything became inconsistentOverall I'd love to read a good dating book where the author doesn't portray herself as a damsel in distress and then finally being rescued by a man

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    I finished this last night with a huge smile on my face I am partial to stories with happy endings and this memoir certainly didn't let me down n that regard But it was so much Patience Bloom is a reader and an editor so her writing and her story flowed so well that it was hard not to stay up late and gobble it up which I did I respected her for integrating a difficult aspect of her life which made me admire her all the Romance Is My Day Job made me want to listen to Duran Duran and hear of Patience Bloom's Marge Simpson voice Brava

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    It may be that I am not part of the target demographic for this book I never got into romance novels let alone the Harleuin books the author devours in college and then as part of her job as an editor I admit that Bloom has an engaging writing style and the flow to her story is a good one However I have several issues with this book For one thing it's written in present tense I know that's uite a uibble and making a mountain out of a mole hill but I don't care for books written in the present tense especially dealing with events that happened in the past It made it difficult for me to keep track of what was happening at timesSecondly her obsession with boysmendating was a little off putting Perhaps I simply don't understand as I was married at a relatively young age but I don't recall my entire high school and college career revolving around whether a boy liked me or not I enjoyed my classes I went out with friends I stayed home and read my novels all without obsessing whether this boy or that liked me or knew my name or wanted to date me It's like her entire personality is wrapped up in finding a partner Lastly I felt it dragged on a little too long We already know that Patience is going to marry Sam Bloom from the very beginning So describing each and every terrible relationship in great detail got a little wearying Also her bad choices made me uncomfortable She would know this guy was a total jerk from his behavior throwing her cat off the bed? Who does that? yet she would be so powerless that she would continue to be in a relationship with him regardless of how he treated her I could kind of understand it if she didn't realize that she deserved better but she writes in her memoirs I knew this guy was bad news but I was so weak that I stayed with him for fear of being alone on Valentine's Day I suppose it's part of the trauma she suffered with her friend that one terrible night but I wish she had been stronger for herselfI also would have liked information on how Patience and Sam are doing now They did have their fairy tale wedding but how has reality held up? Is he still her Prince Charming? I do hope soI'm sure this would be very well received by those who enjoy romance novels and it is refreshing to read a book written by someone who understands the English language Unfortunately it just isn't a book for me

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    I don't know if Patience and I would be friends I like to think we would be but her habit to trying to fit old boyfriends into the molds of romance novel heroes is a bit much Not to mention how she still refers to herself as a girl even while in her mid 40 s All that being said I found myself so invested in her story By the time the end of the book came around I was almost in tears She seems to be a genuinely good person and I was really rooting for herAs a narrator Patience was thoroughly average However there's still something slightly magical about an author reading her own story

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    I finished it Read like a diary Only skipped a little in the middle And scanned a bit at the end But for the record I didn't like Eat Pray Love either

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    Three and a half stars rounded up because it made me laugh out loud several times This is a true life memoir that reminded me of Bridget Jones' Diary which also made me cackle Chick lit romance for real Patience Bloom Smith for 99% of the book chronicles her romances from high school until a rather late marriage in her early forties While her romances were disappointing none were truly disastrous Though unsuccessful in love she finds her dream career working her way up to an editorial position at Harleuin the publisher of romances Nice to know that at one time Latin majors could get jobs in publishing She had swooned to Harleuin's tales of romantic heroes since a teenager and has found her ideal job where she gets to read romances and get paid for it The hilarious parts of the book are when she compares real life characters and relationships to those Harleuin style Why is it that men don't act like the romantic heroes in the books? If the brooding hunk doesn't speak to you it's probably because he's shy and worshiping you from afar Her own experiences only accentuate the fact that the characters and the plots in genre romances are pure fantasy People just don't act like that But that's not to say that romance doesn't exist and Patience finds it on Facebook no less when she reconnects with the class clown from her boarding school whom she shared one dance with on prom night I never read Harleuin romances I once thought formula romances which sell better than any other books couldn't be that hard to write so I tried reading them to learn the territory Well I couldn't ever finish them because I thought they were ridiculous That ended that idea Chick lit and women's fiction I can handle but not Harleuin romances I'm not disparaging them for those who enjoy them any than any other genre I don't care to read They're just not my style So for someone who doesn't read genre romances who is nearly old enough to be Patience's mother and who has been out of the search for a life partner for four decades I still found this book entertaining Patience Bloom could be self deprecating but she never suffered from self loathing Even when her cork is pushed down deep into troubled waters she bounces back up to the surface There is one very disturbing event she must recover from and she proves to be brave and resilient She does not totally gloss over this but neither does she elaborate on it or its residual effects She manages to keep her tone light for this memoir despite the real horror she endured Even knowing that Patience's uest for true love would be won even if you didn't read the cover blurb her last name changed we rooted for her Despite her penchant for Duran Duran cheesy TV shows junk food and channeling her favorite romance heroines she works hard is nice witty and a loyal friend She recognizes her own foibles and is generous in her treatment of her ex boyfriends Refreshingly she doesn't tell too much So it's gratifying that like any romance novel this has its own happy ending

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    Romance is My Day Job A Memoir of Finding Love at Last is a fun delightful memoir mix blended with intrigue and possibilities of the romance novel Patience Bloom a Harleuin romance book editor recalled that her ideals of the dashing he man hero's the dominant Alpha males a stoic priest an elegant French prince didn't exactly measure up to the avoidant boyfriends in real life but were the sources behind her storytelling and inspirationBy the time Bloom graduated from Oberlin College in 1991 the romance with her bad boy chain smoking boyfriend Craig had ended after she spent too much time tortured in the Oberlin basement library comforted by thoughts of father Ralph from the Thorn Birds 1983 Following college Bloom decided to move near Cleveland OH inspired by the movie Working Girl 1988 Supporting herself with lower paying jobs Bloom was a victim of a violent crime The details of the incident her recovery weren't a focus of the book and mentioned briefly Needing a better life she accepted a position teaching French at a private school in New Mexico Bloom earned her master's degree after dating non committal cyclists she observed the morality of the story is that tortured love isn't all bad as long as you have a hobby Romance novels kept her going during the dating dry spellsWhen Bloom began to work in publishing after moving to Manhattan she was able to reconnect with her loving supportive family and Sam who she remembered from prep school Their online relationship immediately took off Sam lived in Israel at the time from the book A relationship over a computer puts us in this stagnet fantasy place I present my best self in every encounter which is easy when you're separated by thousands of miles He doesn't see me remove my make up or get into my polar bear pajamas Bloom also explored the complexities of blended family relationships also her relationship with her uninvolved father who made a heartless decision Sam also had an ex wife from the book The ex wife is always a problem My mother is an ex wife and she's been a ghost in my father's second marriage In romance novels the ex is usually pernicious or dead All the challenges and exciting changes were navigated with Bloom's charming cheerful style attitude and positive outlook A reader doesn't have to be a fan of romance novels to appreciate this marvelous book Bloom lives in Manhattan NY with her husband

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    uick version I really loved the book Read it in one interrupted sitting Patience is an editor at Harleuin Her romantic life was not doing well Mr Right was not appearing She was 41 Out of the blue Sam Bloom who she sort of knew from high school contacted her on Facebook True LoveOK the long version What am I doing up at 6AM writing a review Well I had just kicked the winning goal The fans were screaming OW My wife should be thankful I had just cut my toenails Anyway I was awake and started thinking about writing a review of Patience's book that as mentioned above I had finished in one sitting interrupted by a 2 hour board meeting I don't read romance Harleuin is anathema OK I read Diana Gabaldon but that's for the historical story and a little for the fantasy She could make the books 200 pages shorter by cutting out the sex Patience is someone who I know from her teaching days in Albuuerue and although she was there many years later a fellow Oberlin grad So as a facebook friend I had followed her romance with Sam in real time When she let us know she was writing a book about it all of us were excited for her Now I'm a little compulsive about how I read A book goes into the right side of the stack of 100 books which meanders across 3 or 4 shelves in the bedroom and comes out the left side of the stack and gets read in order When I was working it might take 2 12 years for a book to surface Since retirement it's down to about 14months Yesterday I made the mistake of reading one page of Romance Is My Day Job at about 5PM I had to break for a board meeting at 7 for 2 hours and got home and finished the book at 1130 I loved it Heartwarming funny well written and it avoided the Too Much Information problem of many books I very rarely stop reading a book once I start in part because my book choices are discriminating I have read books by friends and acuaintances previously and have stopped saying I don't need to put myself through this I can guarantee that won't happen with Patience's book I just want to know who is going to play Patience in the movie I really don't think that either Julia or Sandra would be an appropriate fit Patience Will Lou play herself? Cheers

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    Delightful I thought this book would be fluff but not so This reads as a journal diary memoir of a young woman from Prep School to middle age searching for Mr Right She is heartbroken consoles herself with cheeseburgers snickers romance novels romantic movies knitting tranuilizers and family Her friends and family lend a listening ear Patience is a romantic at heart but has the good sense to pass relationships that are not true ones She moves on in her journey sometimes literally to new places to live and workParis Albuuerue New York City Romantic resilient compassionate honest is the way I see her Having been single 13 years of my adult life I empathize with her situations and emotions My only criticism is the book ran a little long at the end It seemed she told us her misgivings and emotional state than once using different words I will say that I hated to see the book come to and end though It was like loosing a friendship