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Seventeen year old Aden Mather and his sister Fawn have been on the run from the city Mayor since their parents were executed for keeping their abilities a secret It's been six years and Aden and Fawn are returning to their beloved city to seek vengeance for their parents demise Will they succeed? Or will their entire world come crashing down upon them? In a world where having an un human ability means public execution one boy will take a stand against it all and fight for his life and the lives of others like him

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    this does not sound like Shatter Me Shatter Me was not the first YA sci fi book about teenagers with superpowers hell does anyone even know of X MEN? if anything Shatter Me is a knock off of that If you are going to compare books at least read them first this isn't even out yet

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    Mafi says Shatter meDenney says UnbreakableI couldn't help but notice how the two books are alike First the cover A smoking hot girl with broken shards and shit Second a power that society fearsI'll be looking forward to this book I wanna see how it turns out to be

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    Sounds epic

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    I want that cover framed on my wall Right now

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    I'm not interested but okay