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Content warnings dub con sex extreme humiliation and abuse mentions of long term child sexual abuse and rape somewhat dubious HFN endingAfter years of being sold one night at a time by his mother the boy is drugged and auctioned off for good Taken away by the man he’s only ever know as Master the boy must earn his place upstairs where he is expected to function as a pleasure slave for Master’s warped tastes But the road to being allowed out of the basement isn’t easy and even when he finally earns a chance at the upstairs the boy is taught the most brutal of lessons and asked to make the hardest choice of his lifeTaking the domination game into a realm of than just a game Master forces the boy to learn to be an object The boy must learn to be used if he is to survive the life he has been forced into Master will push his body to its limits and humiliate him as deeply as he is able in pursuit of creating the perfect slave But can he do it before time runs out? Will he be able to shape the boy into what he desires or will the boy resist Master’s training and slip through the older man’s fingers?This story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story

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    A solid story and a great match to the prompt I was a little disappointed not by the story as such but because I had big happy expectations with the extreme humiliation and abuse tags whereas this was only a teeny tiny little bit humiliating and abusive in terms of dub con human slavery ships this is a pretty nice and straightforward one Because the boy is so innured to his situation there was no tugging of heartstrings or revelling in abjection and while there was fucking it was pretty unerotic Still a good read and I very much liked the open ending

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    25 starsI like dark fic but this was very cold and heartless Here we have a sixteen year old boy pimped by his own mother and brutalized by the ‘Master’ she sells him to He has no name and no hope in the world Well his only hope would be to escape these two miscreant abusers Heed the warning about the ending because while the boy is allowed a choice it never assures that he will finally find some softness in his world The story title seems to refer to the song ‘Tin Man’ by 70‘s folkrock band America which includes two lines “Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn’t already have” I suppose the Master in the story was trying to teach a lesson to the boy by playing this song incessantly He does give a semblance of ‘order’ to the boy’s life that he didn’t have before but I can’t figure out why a little compassion and warmth couldn’t have been added to the mix That this is tagged BDSM will surely offend many in the life who see the Master’s behavior as nothing than abusive Then again the story prompt asked for very dark specifics and the author crafted something that remained true to that Two stars for the effort and for the writing but this really wasn't 'ok' for me

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    15 rounded up because it's a freebieI've several issues with this story one on principle and several with regards to uality and research I'll try to unravel my reaction to it a bit I possibly need to state that I gave Humiliator 5 which pushes the envelope of everything demanded here except the non con a hundredfold I also gave Fog A Novel of Desire and Reprisal 5 which again pushes the non con by a mile and then some Just to clarify that I'm not reacting to the content in itself I like both extreme BDSM and extreme non con1 Filling the Prompt 3The prompt was uite contradictory the story included most of what the prompt giver asked of sorts 2 Cover 1The cover and the content don't match Which makes this a potentially extremely suicky affair for some readers3 Tags 1This has nothing whatsoever to do with BDSM The tags the author and the prompt giver need to put on this are either sadomasochism or barysadism Anything else is misleading to the extreme particularly the BDSM tag which auto includes SSC Safe Sane Consensual which is entirely absent in this4 Writing 2The writing was fairly competent although it suffered from far too much telling and not enough showing The story ended up being all over the place without a clear structure and without really indicating what took place when I understand that it attempts being a frame story but wasn't cleanly enough set up for this As a result I felt chased around had to repeatedly check and read back to know what time frame I was reading at the moment all of which detracted much from the whole experience5 Content 1As I stated I like both heavy BDSM and heavy non con So I'm not rating this low because it's heavy I'm rating it low because it's detached unerotic and above all not very believable parts of it were also not exactly feasible Yes people do break down no not in this manner those are tropes and fantasies one tends to find in bad torture porn Both Humiliator and The Fog are deeply viscerally erotic one reason for that is the emotional depth and attachment of the victims The boy in this was entirely removed from everything mechanicalYes I saw the attempt at painting the past worse than the present but again this fails It isn't self evident that a 19 yo young man has to live as a rent boy for instance Or has to return to a mother who sold him Stockholm syndrome is a defense mechanism yet it wasn't properly set up in this nor would it commonly extend to the kidnapped staying with the kidnapper if there's a real choice There were enough such cases recently to show this stereotrype is faulty All this added up to that I simply didn't believe anything I was told in this

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    A lot of potential I just could not emote at all with the boy He seemed too remote and unreachable I do understand the context and his history and I wanted badly to feel for him but I just didn't I was confused as to the Master he also seemed unemotional and frankly very bland It had a right now vibe but I was left wondering if this mere existence would just play out every day and that's it Nothing I didn't see any glimmer in the boy and without any form of hope or personality it was really hard to connect It's just my type of story yet and it was definitely ok but I'd hoped for a bit to relish

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    Please read the content tags This won't be for everyoneI kind of saw Silkeee reading this one so snook in to have a look The content tags mark this clear enough but it's very well executed in general the will hewon't he theme to this was gripping especially surrounding the circumstance There's hard content yes but it fitted the story and tone The only problem I had is that the boy's defiance kicked in with the Master view spoilerBecause I hadn't seen that defiance at play with other clients it felt a little thrown in Yes he showed defiance to his mother but if I'd seen that at play with other clients on the build up it would have been a 5 star for me hide spoiler

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    LHNB is wreaking havoc to my reading scheduletotally worth it

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    LHNB Story released 7713This is a very dark story that has potential triggers all over the place in terms of abuse sadistic treatment of children rape and torture It's kind of the ultimate in Stockholm Syndrome stories From the age of 10 the boy's body has been used by his mother go obtain money and in some way status until at the age of 16 she decides to sell him He's eventually purchased by the man he knows only as Master and essentially the abuse continues as he is trained to basically accept whatever Master does to him His life is governed by rules and punishment which he gradually comes to accept and even appreciate as it gives him the benefit of some security Then comes the day a year after his sale where he must chose to return to his mother or remain with Master The story itself is well written and interesting but I can't actually decide whether or not I enjoyed reading it so for that reason I am not going to rate it

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    This story though much dark then I would normally read was well written and an interesting read Hence the 3 ratingThough you see the life the boy lives is harsh and demeaning his Master actually does take care of him and provides that which his former life was missing structure self control and direct conseuences to his actions both positive and negativeHis previous life makes this one seem so much better And though he knows that he could have his independence back if he wants it he is for the first time in is life given the right to chooseThough this book isn't for everyone for those who like dark stories or who like to stretch their boundaries a lot this is an interesting read

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    Since I read this from the site and the download isn't available yet here it was I wrote on the site for this CRAZY WONDERFUL bookDAMMIT Dani I hope to hell you are working on the NEXT chapters of this book What an excellent erotic thriller This is the eptiome of erotic thriller and I for one loved it I'm not as shameful as other people are about loving these types of reads They bring out so much emotion in the reader Job well done and thank you SO much for sharing Now if you will kindly tell us where this story will lead I'm sure we will all appreciate it and buy it

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    Huh that story was so dark and a bit outside of my comfort zone I like reading BDSM stories when the characters act safe sane and consensual but this one was in no way like that Although it was well written and interesting to read I felt nothing but sorry for the poor boy Abused in his childhood now abused from his Master But the story fulfilled the photo and the prompt exactly so I'm going to rate its uality And no I don't want to know where the boy ends or how he is going to decide None of his choices will make him happy