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Accra’s hotshot Detective Inspector Darko Dawson returns to solve a complex mystery that will take him out of the city to the beautiful coasts of Ghana where a grim double murder seems to have larger political implicationsA canoe washes up at a Ghanaian off shore oil rig site Inside it are the bodies of a prominent wealthy couple Charles and Fiona Smith Aidoo who have been ritualistically murdered Pillars in their community they are mourned by everyone but especially by their niece Sapphire She is not happy that months have passed since the murder and the local police have made no headway in figuring out who committed the gruesome crimeDetective Inspector Darko Dawson of the Accra police force is sent out to Cape Three Points to investigate The he learns about the case the convoluted it becomes Three Points has long been occupied by traditional fishing populations but real estate entrepreneurs and wealthy oil companies have been trying to bribe the indigenous inhabitants to move out Dawson unearths a host of motives for murder ranging from personal vendettas to corporate conspiracies

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    Rick Riordan the #1 New York Times bestselling author has uoted about families in his book The Sea of Monsters ; “Families are messy Immortal families are eternally messy Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we're related for better or for worseand try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum” Kwei uartey an American crime fiction writer and physician has penned his third novel in the Darko Dawson series called Murder at Cape Three Points which is not only a mind blowing story but it also takes you to places which are exotic and less traveled Yes this novel is set in Accra the capital city of Ghana Sekondi Takoradi and Cape Three Points a beautiful coastal town in Ghana and the author's vivid description of Ghana will completely transport you there and you can watch Darko investigating the most famous murder case of Ghana right in front of your eyesSynopsis At Cape Three Points on the beautiful Ghanaian coast a canoe wash up at an oil rig site The two bodies in the canoe—who turn out to be a prominent wealthy middle aged married couple—have obviously been murdered; the way Mr Smith Aidoo has been gruesomely decapitated suggests the killer was trying to send a specific message—but what and to whom is a mystery The Smith Aidoos pillars in their community are mourned by everyone but especially by their niece Sapphire a successful pediatric surgeon in Ghana's capital Accra She is not happy that months have passed since the murder and the rural police have made no headway When the Ghanaian federal police finally agree to get involved Detective Inspector Darko Dawson of the Accra police force is sent out to Cape Three Points to investigate Pretty as the coast is he is not happy to be sent away from his wife and two sons And the he learns about the case the convoluted and dangerous it becomes Dawson roots out a host of motives for murder ranging from personal vendettas to corporate conspiracies Being born in Accra makes it easy for uartey to lay out a vivid and striking description of his hometown in his novel But not everyone has the talent to bring out the picture of an exotic town so lively just with some meager words Although this is the first book that I read of this author still not even for a single second I felt I don't know this Darko guy From the very beginning the author has given enough effort to make Darko and his habits and his attitude familiar to his readers Hence mid way through the story I felt like I can understand Darko's thinking pattern and can see right through his mind Darko is a pleasant guy apart from being a capable detective he's a family man who puts his family before his work and that completely made me fall for him It's not every day that we come across such a good natured detective Well I think I can go on and on about Darko's bravery determination and good will natureNow let me praise for the author a bit because after all Darko is his creation The plot what can I say about it? It's not too bloody yet it involves a gruesome murder of two eminent personalities still the book was very clean and easy to read and had a compelling plot The twists were kept tightly around the loop and as I progressed further into the story I felt I was sweating with anticipation But when it came to climax it was a let down for me since I don't know how I figured out who the real killer was hence for me the climax was predictable I was expecting it to be someone else The flow of narration and the prose was completely matching with the grim mood set by the author in his plot In a nutshell I can say that this man writes with complete passion and joy since I could feel it while reading the book PS I got to see Cape Three Points in Ghana with the author's eyes and for a split moment I could smell the salty breeze on my face Verdict Do read this book and take a trip down to the less traveled and one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and follow Darko in his trail while solving the most brutal murder case of Ghana Courtesy I can't thank enough to the author Kwei uartey for giving me such a beautiful opportunity to read his incredible book

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    his is my 2nd Darko Dawson mystery The first was the first Wife of the Gods I read the hard copy for that one and enjoyed the writing as well although I thought the author could improve his craft overtime I think he has with this one although as at least one other reviewer indicated it could have used some better editing For instance passages like she said sincerely suggest the author does not trust himself to capture the mood and intent of the character through what he has already set up prior to and in the description of the scene This one came at the end so perhaps he was rushing to finish In any case the story was a pretty good mystery that held the reader to the end I heard an interview with the author about his love of American detective stories and it seemed to show up too apparently in the Columbo type tendency of Darko to always say and one thing as he is leaving an interrogationOne of the reasons I am attracted to these novels is because they are set in Ghana West Africa a place for which I am very familiar and have traveled to at least once a year for the past 15 years The novels do a great job of capturing the culture history and in this one in particular the contemporary issues the people and country are dealing with Although I have not followed how the country is managing its oil fortunes lately I do know that it has experienced a boom in economic activity in the area near where the drilling is occurring and the author seems to do a very good job of weaving into the story the political and society changing dimensions of these issues Indeed one of the things I have liked most about both books have been the authors ability to educate the reader about the culture and challenges of the nation in a way that both entertains and humanizes the place That is unfortunately very much needed in most writing about the people and places in the continent of Africa and the author should be greatly applauded for thatWhat was most disturbing about the narration of the audiobook and an issues that almost forced me to pick up the hard copy and read is the considerable butchering of the language and names by the narrator He is definitely not a native Ghanaian speaker American accent and I would be surprised if he has even visited and experienced the people and language there While most listeners are likely to not have done so as well for those of us who have it was painful to hear the repeated mispronunciations of proper names People and Places among too many other things Frankly I think it borders on a level of disrespect for the work; not on the part of the author I don't know how much influence he would have had in the audiobook performance or the narrator; but on the publisher which should have done a better job of confirming the authenticity of the narration For me it is an extremely important dimension of an audio reading and for this to be so badly done was I repeat disturbingSo I say get the hard copy of the book not the audiobook and enjoy

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    AROUND THE WORLD READGhana 2014AROUND THE WORLD OF CRIME AND MYSTERYCAST 4 stars Detective Inspector Darko Dawson is sent to Cape Three Points to investigate a double Murder It appears real estateoil people are moving in on the lives of the locals the fisherman who've spent their lives in the area His young 7 yo son Hosiah has been released from ICU after cardiac surgery Sly is Hosiah's older 9 yo brother adopted by Darko and his wife Christine Dr Sapphire Smith Aidoo works on an oil rig and sees a canoe float by in it are dead relatives Fiona and Charles Smith Aidoo Plus there are half dozen or so suspects Fascinating cast here but I found a couple of motivations uestionable Like Darko leaving his son to work on a case in the first placeATMOSPHERE 4 stars The author knows much about this environment and the impact of oil rigs and RE development on the locals I learned much about Ghana the birth country of the author I didn't know that in addition to oil rigs there could be nearby accomodation barges for temporary workers I lived in Southern California for 2 decades and there were oil rigs all over the ocean often ruining sunset views or rather all views There is much discussion of food like banku made from fermented cornmeal Blood ties play a big part and the author offers us before the novel begins a family tree that includes a few clues Later a diagram with all the suspects and how they are related comes in handy as a reference to all that's going on the author wants to make sure readers see what Darko sees There are many discussions of juju magic and those who sell certain tricks of the trade Although English is used most of the time the author does utilize several terms in different languages AND offers a glossary at the end of the book For example 'wee' is marijuana and Darko is fighting a compulsion to smoke up A 1950's American term for pot is 'tea' which is why that early 2000 American Tea Party movement sorta sounded fun But in reality nope it had nothing to do with pot although many members seemed to act stoned all the time Much like Congress today At one point a character says I have never used an umbrella in my life Imagine there are cultures in the world today that do not use umbrellasCRIME 4 stars The couple Fiona and Charles appear to have been ritually murdered Charles has been decapitated But how did a fishing canoe get all the way out to a guarded oil rig and on a day when fishermen don't ply their trade due to superstitions? And why is Sapphire one of the first to see her dead relatives? Some authors might take this decapitation into discussions to detailed but the murder itself takes place off the printed page as in any good 'cozy' mystery uartey goes light on violenceINVESTIGATION 3 stars Lots of red herrings Suspects everywhere Again I liked that the author keeps the reader informed and that there are no late surprises I liked very much the diagrams and the glossary But one flaw Darko invites his wife and children into the culture at Cape Three Points and I don't believe a good detective would do thatRESOLUTION 2 stars Various points are tied up certainly and we clearly know the villians and their places in the story their greed for oil and money But some things were not finalized like why did the rich Charles allow the death of a cousin's young daughter as the cousin couldn't afford to pay for treatment Is Auntie Eileen a real magician? Perhaps some of my uestions are tied up in volume 4 of this series Or perhaps these were all to red red herringsSUMMARY 34 stars Cast and atmosphere come first here uartey reveals much Ghana culture that was new to me I did enjoy reading this novel for a well deserved 3 star rating But the first half is so much better than the second half of this read for me Yes I understand that there are global climate issues taking place everywhere Perhaps there were one too many suspects and the trick at pulling at the reader's heartstrings Hosiah felt a tad trite to me But perhaps I'm not much in the mood right now to tackle real world issues

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    DNFI'm so disgusted right now But I'll start at the beginningMysteries are some of my favorites I always look forward to them so I started this with an open heart I am a huge fan of descriptions but this is the first time a book has had too many It really distracts from the story Descriptions of stuff that do not matter I mean in mysteries you never know ehat may be clues so you need to do red herrings but this is insane Way too much I like all of the bits about the culture but other details are just annoying I couldn't keep any of the characters straightThis was okay I can deal with it it was just little things but I wanted to know the mystery so I kept going UNTIL just now ARGH I am so frustrated right now There was a scene coughcough It is completely against my moral ideas just no no no no no no no no no no no I am not going to read that You can't make me I refuse to ruin my mindNow for some reason the copy that I have says it is the advanced uncopyedited edition Because of this I am giving it the benefit of doubt and not rating it Maybe they took that part out maybe not I just try to think the best of everyone and everything I don't know If I were to give it a rating right now it would not be good

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    Opening on a happy note Inspector Darko Dawson and wife Christine are in the hospital with their son Hosiah who has finally gotten the heart operation he needed Meantime two bodies appear drifting in a canoe at an offshore oil drilling rig Charles and Fiona Smith Aidoos prominent members of the local community Charles works PR for Malgum Oil and Fiona is active in politics Their niece Sapphire petitions for assistance and CID Colonel Lartey forces Darko off family leave to investigate in Southern Ghana Once again Kwei uartey does a good job of having Darko identify three suspects with varying motives and keeps us guessing who is the culprit uartey also conveys much about African issues industry development graft culture etc Enjoyable reading

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    Perfect flight read short and interesting Not as good as the first 2 books in the series but I like the interplay of modern and superstitious Ghanaian beliefs as related to solving mysterious crimes

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    A woman asks for someone else to look into the deaths of her aunt and uncle when their murder remains unsolved after four months from local investigators Darko Dawson is called from his son's surgical bed to return to investigate the murder The woman's uncle and aunt were important in rearing her Their bodies were found afloat in a boat near an oil platform off Cape Three Points Both were shot and her uncle was decapitated Is it some sort of ritual killing? Is it business related? Is it politically motivated? Is there a police coverup? All of these uestions must be answered before Darko and his partner the chief inspector's relative resolve the crime The Ghana setting makes this a very interesting series Dawson is a likable but flawed detective I listened to the audiobook read by Dominic Hoffman who does an acceptable but not outstanding job with the narration

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    This is the 3rd book in the series by Author Kwei uartey and his hero Inspector Darko Dawson This book follows Wife of the Gods and Children of the Street all three books are 5 star mysteries I was hooked from the first few pages and could not put the book down until I finished it Again Author uartey is the master of twists and turns until you are breathlessly waiting to find out who done itThe story begins when a tiny canoe is observed drifting slowly towards an oil rig at Cape Three Points on the coast of Ghana a terrible sight awaits Inspector Darko Dawson is asked to investigate the murders which includes a family with long standing feuds In this book we meet of Darko's extended family and find Darko has grown and matured while still taking chances and stepping on toes whenever he feels it necessary He continues to drive Chief Superintendent Lartey to distraction and works with the spoiled Sergeant ChikataThis entire series is a must read for lovers of great mysteries and those of you wanting to know about Africa Author Kwei uartey gives the reader great character development an enjoyable read and fantastic insight into the beauty and modern day workings of Ghana

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    Very good straight forward police procedural set in Ghana Detective Inspector Darko Dawson has aural hand synesthesia where sounds especially voices can be felt in his hand This works as a kind of lie detector Nice balance between enough local flavor and travelogue mode

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    I love the books by Kwei uartey the little snapshots into life in Ghana and the intriguing mysteries My only wish is that there was included in the Glossary some of the initials used for the various agencies job titles in the stories that could enlighten those of us oburonis We may know ICU and ID and SUV and CEO but not so much STC and BNI and