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Connie Gonzalez is a driven ambitious woman who is one of the FBI’s best agents and determined to prove herself in a man’s world Assigned to the Miami Bureau Connie soon finds herself going undercover in Miami's glamorous South Beach area An injury throws her together with the very rich and tempting Dr Victor Cienfuegos Victor is everything Connie should avoid but despite the risks of her work and allowing any distractions Connie cannot deny the attraction between herself and the sexy physician Will danger keep them apart or is their love strong enough to survive for now and always?

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    When an injury causes Connie Gonzalez to need Dr Victor Cienfuegos the attraction is instant She is one of the FBI’s best agents and determined to prove herself in a man’s world Sexy rich and charming Victor is everything she usually tries to avoid But the chemistry between them is too hot to ignore and they find themselves drawn together Now she needs to go undercover in Miami's glamorous South Beach and can't afford a distraction Victor's hectic schedule isn't any easier to get around Finding the time between them stretched seems to have doomed the relationship from the start Can they get past the obstacles to a love for now and always?I've been a fan of Caridad Charity for years and I know I'll always get a great read when I pick up one of her books I've only read her paranormals before so this was my first contemporary I wasn't let down This wasn't a book with a lot of angst and the love story moved at a fast pace but this was very satisfying nonetheless Most impressive was the details in her setting and the Cuban culture of both the hero and heroine I was completely immersed from page one Recommended

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    Reviewed by CeliahttplivinlavidalatinadotblogspotReview Two lovely girls One hot doctor Dr Victor Cienfuego has been looking for a new receptionist ever since his previous incomparable one took maternity leave So far no one has been able to keep his office running in an orderly and productive fashion But could young and inexperienced Carmen Gonzalez be exactly what he’s looking for—as a receptionist and as a lover? There was no denying the sparkCarmen’s sister Connie Gonzalez is a smart inuisitive FBI in training agent She kind of reminded me of Mary Gross from the movie Feds—she was the brainy nerdy chick who knew all of the police protocol but knew nothing about combat until she learned that a nice swift uick to the groin would always bring the jerks down And it seems that she might be just what the good doctor ordered Both raised as good Catholic school girls Carmen and Connie have very different views on love and relationships I could relate to Connie the most especially since “she had always been so busy with her ambitions that she had paid little heed to the woman buried inside of her” 44 Always the shy spinster she never paid the slightest bit of attention to menuntil Victor stepped up the plate Could a cop and a doctor make it work? Possibly especially since they both tend to live the same lifestyle—forever chained to a cell phone for any sudden call of duty that could whisk them away in a second’s notice Could they be any perfect for each other? Still I could understand Connie’s uneasiness concerning his wealth and good looks I couldn’t however understand why she needed to turn into this sex starved vixen around him Why can’t good girls stay good? At first I thought that this would involve some love triangle between the doctor and the two sisters especially since they both invoked the same reaction from him But it’s not the case at all Perhaps it would’ve made things a little interesting by adding this potential conflict in the story But it’s your typically sweet contemporary romanceexcept with a uniuely crafted twist of hunting down a serial killer; although the focus might’ve placed a little too heavily on the steamy erotic romance than anything else A short paced novel with likable characters but with a conventional plot

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    I fell in love with Now and Always You take the ebbs and tides along with the character and get pulled into the storyline as if you are there experiencing every emotion with themVictor Cienfuegos seems to have it all he is a thirty something sexy a successful Orthopaedic Surgeon and on track to become Chief of Orthopaedics Victor comes from the affluent side of town and his mother has certain expectations of and for her son Victor and the types of people he should be associated withConnie Gonzalez came from Cuba to America with her family as a child to have a better life Connie is now all grown up and working for the FBI she is driven determined and knows to be successful she must first prove herself in a man's worldVictor while attending one of his many benefits on behalf of the hospital is stopped in his tracks by a beautiful woman he is soon bought back to reality when he tries to speak with her and she informs him she is working Before Victor has a chance to respond she is gone shortly after Victor sees the woman pursuing a man in the parking lot and then she is leaving chasing after him in Victor's car Connie returns to Miami for an assignment and due to an injury she has obtained is convinced be her sister to see the doctor Carmen now works for When Connie arrives at the practice Victor know the voice he hears coming from the reception area it is the same woman's voice he heard last night the same mysterious woman who disappeared with his car Connie is surprised by Victor when she comes face to face with the handsome doctor and the connection between them is undeniable Although Connie can't deny her attraction to Victor she is about to go undercover and it's just not the right time Will Victor convince Connie their attraction is real? Do they stand a chance with both of their careers always getting in the way? Can a forever love find a way to make it work? Find out what happens between Victor and Connie when you read Now and AlwaysNow and Always is Brilliant and a must read for all lovers of romanceReviewing with Book Monster Reviews

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    Now and Always was a great read; almost two books in one romance and suspense I loved to romance part The relationship between the characters was fun to watch Victor the doctor and Connie the FBI agent are both hardworking people just looking for to life And what they were looking for was each other I was most impressed with the detail in this book I could almost smell the cuban cooking the cuban sandwiches rice and tostones with sauce The suspense part of this book was amazing I could not read it fast enough to find out what was happening next The only thing missing from the book in my opinion was the recipes Trust me you will be hungry after reading this book The books ends on a great note but I was thrilled to hear the author had a second book out in this series FAITH IN YOU I can’t wait to read the second installment Please check back with us for that reviewRating 4Heat Rating HotReviewed By RaeCourtesy Of My Book Addiction And More

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    FBI Agent Connie Gonzalez and Dr Victor Cienfuegos experience an instant attraction when Connie sees Victor about the wrist injury she received while finishing her FBI training Even though both of them have come to Miami from Cuba their backgrounds are very different and not only do their careers throw obstacles at them but their culture also offers it's own difficultiesCharity Caridad Pineiro writes a wonderfully engaging love story about two people who must learn to let love in and try to find their Now and Always Her colorful descriptions of Miami and the integration of the Cuban culture into the story added a fabulous backdrop for the charactersAll the characters in this book are engaging and realistic Pineiro does a great job developing a story that is so relate able and true to lifeThis was a great read that won't let any contemporary romance fan down Highly recommended

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    This book is an emotional roller coaster The reader experiences the ups and downs of the romance between Connie Gonzalez and Dr Victor Cienfuegos Both of them work in demanding professions that reuire all their time and dedication Connie is an FBI agent and Victor is a Orthopedic surgeon Sparks fly when they first meet and they both wish for than a chance meeting When an injury Connie suffered in training brings them together again Victor takes action and they become involved Conflict arises when Connie goes undercover to track down a serial killer and Victor becomes a candidate for Chief of Orthopedics Can these two resolve their differences and find a now and always love? Miami provides a glamorous backdrop to this hot and sexy story CharityCaridad has a smooth and compelling writing style that keeps you reading until the last page I'm anxiously waiting for the seuel

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    Cute brief romance A rookie FBI agent meets a handsome doctor and has to solve a serial killer case before the HEA Nicely done though and good dialogue even a hint of social prejudice between affluent Cuban Americans and Marielitos who simply middle class

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    Nice romance story with a bit of FBI action