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It has been only two generations since Arthur Warden seized the throne of Heddred from the Conradines and now the crown rests on the head of Garad sickly and weak Shadows gather legacies of the centuries long rivalries for power old betrayals the endless plots of the courtiers and the murmur of rebellion in the southern provinces Catwin plucked from her life at the edge of the Kingdom is thrust abruptly into the world of the Court when she is chosen by the Duke of Voltur to be a Shadow—spy shield and blade—to his niece the Lady Miriel DeVere The Duke’s ruthlessness is legendary and he will stop at nothing to become the power behind the throne using Miriel as a pawn to catch Garad’s heartBut the Duke's carefully laid plans are only a piece of the intrigue of the court and greater forces than Catwin can imagine are massed against her determined to eliminate Miriel and impose a new order of their own If Catwin and Miriel are to survive they must learn uickly who to trust and when to turn their skills against the very people who have trained them

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    I read this trilogy kind of uickly I found I had to make myself put it down; my inclination was to gobble but then I would have missed the savor This story has savor Not only is the story well written but it has a nice depth Stuff happens the characters mature relationships shift around and there is plenty of clashing swords and dark intrigue complex enough to keep you wondering I love the characters I loved living with them so to speak watching their talents emerge their skill set develop Katson has a lovely way of crafting a vibrant environment subtly and deftly engaging all the senses while crazy fun activity is happening She has a gift for dialogue as well with such a grasp of nuanced speech that characters stay clear and true I still want to know what happens next That's a nice feeling at the end of a trilogyMoira Katson has uickly become one of my favorite authors

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    This was a great young adult series A little long winded in some bits of inner reflection but nothing substantial You cared about the two protagonists No swearing and just enough of a hint at romance to really suck in a younger teen reader but less trappings of stupidity seen in older teen books that are all instalove and endless make out scenes The only thing I would change is the teasers that give away the ending by the first book I would leave the epilogues but take out any of the hints tossed in the books themselves Readers are smart We don't need the teasers The book pulled its own punch in that respect By the time it went down you were so prepared for it you were robbed of being able to feel adeuately aghast I'm just sayin A teeny bit of reedit info and bam o You would have an excellent mystery

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    The trilogy is the story of Catwyn who is shadow to Miriel the heiress of the Duke of Voltur Shadows were assassins and body gaurds Catwyn is plucked from her wayward life and trained to become shadow to MirielThe most redeeming aspect of this story is the relationship between Catwyn and Miriel 2 young girls who move from loathing to trust to a friendship that weathered assassination attempts a rebellion loves lost and foundThe author spins a fine web of intrigue and mystery but their closure is flimsy and disappointing Most Characters have not been nurtured wellMy Verdict Decent Almost worth the time and effort you would be putting into the book

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    The female characters in this author's books are refreshingly strong while remaining emotionally complex Ms Katson creates a uniue world unlike any you've read about before I highly recommend the Light Shadow Trilogy With the e book versions available for uick download it's the perfect indulgence for a chilly fall afternoon

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    Thoroughly engaging

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    There is not many times where I pick up a first book in a series and read to the end only to go out and buy the rest of the trilogy This is one such book I had gotten the first book in the series and have reviewed it previously free and it sat on my To Read pile for a good year or When I finally picked it up I wondered why I waited so long This review will cover the entire series I'm glad I got this complete collection book and I'm glad I got it when the series was finished though I won't lie I was greatly sad to see the characters end because 1 it read a lot smoother and in fact could read a one large tome and I never missed a beat reading it this way; 2 I would NOT have been able to wait to see how this story ended Sometimes I don't even go onto the next book in some series as I know I wouldn't be able to wait even a few days to read the next in the seriesand some series keep going The thing about trilogies is that they end at three and it feels conclusive This series was very well thought out The characters major and minor were fully fleshed out and felt alive real When I first started this book I knew immediately that it was going to be good it grabbed me immediately I wanted to know this character; her life before and afterand the pages kept turning And even when there was a rub between characters it felt genuine it felt like a precursor to something I'm a traditional reader; I love foreshadowing hints of things to come; this book had that and I know I will read it again to further understand it It was layered and deep and took on a life of it's own I have read a lot of books; a lot of series; but I can honestly say there has been only one other series that grabbed me and held me this tightly that was this well fleshed out; however this series is different from that other one because it ended with hope and promise But it also ended with me feeling melancholy I loved these characters I ached with them I want to know what happens to them beyond this ending; but I am also happy that the author doesn't continue their part of the series I understand there is another book a collection of short stories from this world after this but not about these characters; because it felt like the right ending The thing I absolutely loved the most about this book the female protagonists did not end up married They were strong in their own right; they loved and lost; but they ended up independent That ending in and of itself is so uniue that I was left thrilled and will be ever grateful to the writer for thatI am a reader who loves to start and finish a book in one reading; with each book well over 200 pages this is not my usual reading choice; because of this that I know about myself I felt there was a little drag in some areas and some sentence structure errors example they came and when they but for being an independent writer which I assume Ms Katson is I was impressed with the overall editing And for liking short uick reads this series kept me absolutely enthralled from beginning to end I'll be sure to keep Moira Katson on my radar although I honestly don't know how she could top this series

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    What a great series It was an emotional roller coaster but I loved itI loved the way the book slowly made you love and fear each character I think I loved Catwin from the beginning because she never gave up no matter what was happening She is such a strong and brave girl but we also get to see her feel fear and pain and grief and love too I also enjoyed the dynamic between Catwin and Miriel Miriel is so easy to hate in the first book but thenBam I feel a little sorry for her and then I see how miserable she is at court The next thing I know I like Miriel but by the end of the series I love her as much as Catwin The two of them go through so much together and all I want is for them to be happy The Duke was such a great villain I definitely hated him especially when the girls had to go back to him for help and protection I really loved the relationship between Catwin and Temar They could say so much without words plus the way the could read each other I loved the tension between them I was dying for them to kiss each otherThe intrigue and assassins and the suspense at times was too much to bear I almost died died when the King told the Duke about his secret meetings with Miriel in front of everyone How blind the king wasThe books had just the right amount of these breathless moments when you couldn't believe that just happenedI was relieved when we finally were able to find out who tried to kill Catwin all those times and who was behind all the schemes and deaths I was a little disappointed in how it ended No one was happy Yes they won the war but Catwin was devastated She lost her mother and the love of her life within minutes of each other right after she found out it was her mother the whole time trying to kill her And poor Miriel having to leave the love of her life who is married to someone else All the main characters are either dead or severely unhappy I just wish someone could have gotten what they wanted whether that was love or life or family The girls at least have each other in the endBut I really did enjoy the books I am a hopeless romantic so of course I didn't like the way it ended romantically

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    I was impressed by this series the Light and Shadow trilogy which was another one of my fabulous Bookbub bargains Er by the way since I talk about them so much one might wonder if I’m affiliated but I’m not Though I’ve acuired enough 099 and free books from them I should probably take out stockThis is both a fascinating character driven and an interesting plot driven story wrapped in an engrossing fantasy world Catwin the main character comes from a poor family and until she’s noticed by the Duke of Voltur she’s destined to amount to nothing but kitchen help Instead he sees potential in her and sets to training her to be his niece Miriel’s bodyguard and assassin–whether she wants to or notHer struggles with the atrocities she’s forced to commit are potent and heart rending The uneasy friendship that grows from initial hatred between the two girls is well crafted They dance around one another neither sure if the other can be trusted but having no choice but to rely on one anotherI’m not going to spoiler anything from the second and third books but I loved how the story developed The stakes continue to raise as Miriel must do her uncle’s bidding and well Catwin must alsoI rated the third book as four stars because I wasn’t impressed with the culmination of Catwin’s prophecy As a baby her mother refused to raise her because she foretold that her daughter would be betrayed A lot of that back story made no sense and when the betrayal comes I can’t really understand why It’s almost or completely a self fulfilling prophecy and I don’t really understand why the characters involved choose their actionsOverall I loved this series and I heartily recommend it If you enjoy fantasy either young adult or adult you’ll enjoy the Light and Shadow trilogy Ms Katson is now on my list of “Authors I Must Read More of If Ever My TBR Pile Diminishes”Also posted on my blog Magic Mayhem Book Reviews

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest reviewThe trilogy charts the development of two young girls – Catwin a servant and Miriel noble – from adolescence into their late teens The backdrop is the Kingdom of Heddred where a sickly boy king Garad is surrounded by advisors who want to control the King and the Kindgom One of the advisors is the Duke of Voltur war hero and Miriel’s uncle Using his niece and Catwin as pawns the Duke places Miriel in the light to charm and engage the young king Catwin is to stay in the shadows as Miriel’s guard the Duke’s spy and if the Duke commands it his assassinAll in all a riveting setup for intrigue danger and adventure Told from Catwin’s perspective the trilogy carefully develops the relationship between Catwin and Miriel who move from distrust to friendship as they unite in their fear of the Duke and their determination to forge a destiny where they are than pawns A number of excellent plot twists and turns keep the narrative moving although the momentum is often lost due to Catwin’s extensive internal musings By the middle of each volume I found myself skimming sections looking for the next development in the plot I also found the sophistication of two fourteen to sixteen year olds a little hard to accept in some instances even with fear being a great motivator I was also disappointed in the final character resolution of the Duke which really did not track to the rest of the storyMinor flaws aside the books are well worth reading By the third volume the reader is thoroughly invested in the outcome not only for Catwin and Miriel but for the kingdom of Heddred its king and its people In a welcome departure from currently popular Young Adult Fantasy the main characters achieve their goals through hard work and ingenuity rather than magical powers

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    No spoilersThis series is one I could not put down but it was not a uick read for me either Katson has masterfully created a court of kings and lords so complex that if you do not pay attention you miss a subtle clue or can get lost in the torrent of plots Catwin and Miriel are the main characters Both are strong characters with complex feelings and desires Catwin becomes Miriels bodyguard when they are both in their early teens Over the course of 6 years they evolve from teenagers who hate the situation and life they've been thrusted in into strong young women who are determined to create their own destiny and dreams as the Duke tries to mold them in order for his own benefit This is a wonderful young adult book that does not have any nudity sex or curse words Having two strong female characters and a storyline that will keep you guessing and intrigued makes this a great book for young readers I have uickly become a fan of the talented Moira Katson and look forward to reading of her work