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In the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novel FADE Max and Olivia's scorching hot romance was threatened by outside forces that could have torn them apart but their bond was strong enough to endureNow the FADE series continuesMax has launched his own movie production company in Hollywood and keeps his promise to bring Olivia onboard as his partner in the venture Her new power and influence at work reveals a completely different side of Olivia igniting a new and unexpected desire in Max much to Olivia's delightLiving with Max in Malibu and getting to know his friends Olivia gains a new perspective of the man she loves even though some of it isn't easy to takePushed to her breaking point Olivia finally decides to deal with her parents' unwillingness to accept her life decisions once and for all Meanwhile she is put in a difficult position when Max's mother trusts her with a heart breaking secret about his shattered familyMax and Olivia are back and hotter than ever in HARDER WE FADE

10 thoughts on “Harder We Fade (Fade, #4)

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    I am sorry to say I was not impressed with this book It was flat and sort of all over the place with no excitement I had hoped for a confrontation with Max and his father What happened there? Olivia an Max's sex was dry I cried out a yelp took a deep breath and started to come just as I felt his silken release inside mehmmm I enjoyed the 3 books before this one Although I always like to read a happy ending Kate Dawes is a excellent author I like and read many of her books but I just feel this final installment of the Fade series fell a little short

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    There is no point to this book Just because people want another story does not mean that an author should just put out a piece of garbage I skimmed this entire book pages of filler like Olivia shopping for shoes with her sister and arguing about who will buy them ugh I need an intervention to stop reading crap and get back to high brow literature

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    Eeeeeeeek Let me start off saying I am sooooo extremely happy Kate listened to all her fans and found a brilliant way to write us another story about Max and Olivia I love these two I loved them even is Harder We Fade They both have grown and matured in many ways Olivia mostly wow She surprised me many times She is so direct and forward and grabs life by the balls I love her to pieces Max Always the hilarious guy and so sweet I love him to pieces Loved getting to read about his mother Paula LOVED her and her crazy dogs Haha Krystal I'm so happy everything turned out for her I'm glad Olivia's parents are SLOWLY coming around so they should Get over it or get out There was sexy scenes in this one also let me tell youWow steamy and yummy You will need to keep a spare pair of panties and a hand held fan by your side ; Another thing I enjoyed how she progressed the story in a marvelous way gave just enough details didn't drag it on and ruin the story with too much Everything was perfect and progressed how it should of in my opinionThese two are so playful with each other and so trustful the shaving scene So intimate and reuires a lot of trust I don't know what to say other then I'm proud of them both and so proud of Kateshe is a wonderful writer and I love her and her books to pieces Must read ladies if you loved the Fade series and can't get enough Max and Olivia you will NEED to read this two thumbs way up Some uotes I loveWhat? Me holding this sharp object so close to your balls?HILARIOUSI'm worn out from the trip and from what we just did so if I fall asleep you're partly to blameShe runs my life My ovaries explodedI can't imagine the rest of my life without you by my side and if you give me the chance I'll prove that to you every day Marry meI'll pee on one too if that makes you comfortable Oh Max how I love theeYou know you're going about fifteen miles under the speed limit right?Right Your hands are on your iPhone than they're on me And for our children I love my life again because of you I love our life I love you This is the one and only truth that mattersYouMeForeverLivI'd marry you every day of my life if I couldI'll need to see your Mile High membership card ma'amTwo weddingsDoes this mean we'll need two divorces as well?Don't even think about getting away from me I'd follow you to the edge of the universe Liv

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    Oh my God WHY????? Why would you make another book Miss Dawesand 1 as crappy as this? This book was a waste of time It didn't even do justice to the original 3 part novellas Those I loved With the epilogue from Fade Into Always there was no need for another book We could've told our own story as to what happened in between trust me it would have been loads better than what was written hereThere was no plot no drama no meaningful dialogue It was almost as if the author ran out of ideas of what to write The issue with Max's mother father could have been dealt with a different way giving the book a little bit of drama but noshe just brushed it over with the happy go lucky brush and we were left wondering what the significance of even mentioning those scenes wereThe chemistry between Max Olivia that we found in the earlier books was noticeably absent The sex scenes lacked passion romance and even correct wording It all felt forced by the writer The whole book felt forced It was like that scene the author had mentioned about Max writing a big screen flop because he was being forced by studio execs to produce another scriptMiss Dawes said it was her fans that reuested it and then she just went with itforcing something that didn't need to be forced and producing this flop to her reading audienceI am very disappointed with this book the only reason I gave it 2 stars was because I was a fan of the Olivia Max story way back when Miss Dawes the fat lady sung at the end of Fade Into Always Don't try to ressurrect the deadthat's how zombies are made

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    I enjoyed the Fade series and was curious to see where this latest novel went I had read the earlier novels prior to the epilogue being taken out so I knew what to expect as this book leaves off after Olivia was injured This was a very uniue writing style this time almost like recalling memories and showcasing snapshots of their life One chapter would showcase one thing and then the next chapter would be days or weeks later It was a bit choppy All in all I liked reading about this couple again but kind of felt like it was a ploy to generate as epilogue from book 3 was enough to end this series on a high note While we get details in book 4 same outcome for those who read the epilogue before it was taken out of book 3

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    For those who were fans of the Fade series and wanted a detailed HEA for Max and Olivia this is your book I was worried that too much time had passed for me to remember too much of this story then I started it and it all came backIt felt like an extended cut epilogue than a continued story But I think if you enjoyed the original story you will want to read this last installment just to get your feel of Olivia and Max

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    I enjoyed FADE and was looking forward to this book and overall it was ok It doesnt take a lot for me to rate a book 4 and 5 stars but this book lacked WAY to much It jumped time a lot and left out what to me would have been important details to certain scenes not spoiling that make for a big part of the book I do love the story line but think with a little effort it could have been better Overall this book was way to rushed and lacked a climax

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    I like that we got to see of Olivia and max but it just felt a little rushed Still a good read though

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    THEIR LIFE TOGETHERMAX and Liv get married and live happily ever after They have a thriving business together and a fairytale life

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    45 stars What a uick but fun read I loved reading about Max and Olivia and their future togetherThis is definitely a story worth reading This is the adventure that Max and Olivia take on after everything they have been through Max and Olivia work and live together and that man just can't get enough of Olivia swoon He does everything in his power so that she knows how he feels about her Partly may be due to guilt but mainly its because he truly does love her and wants to give her everythingThey may have trouble with their families but when the time comes families are all we got and families come through I loved the ending of this story and again love Max and OliviaGreat read