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Most of us have heard of ADHD Attention DeficitHyperactivity Disorder so why is it so common for women not to be diagnosed until they are in midlife? While boys manifest their ADHD in hyperactive behaviors female sufferers tend to internalize their symptoms contending with anxiety depression demoralization and self esteem issues Because of this a woman's diagnosis often comes later on with the realization that she is just not coping with life work and relationships as well as she should be She's not meeting anyone's expectations certainly not her ownSo much has been discovered in the last ten years about ADHD in girls and women but a lot of it's still not commonly known Awareness of your symptoms is the key to change and it all begins with self awarenessNovelist Gabriella West is refreshingly candid about her journey towards a diagnosis of ADHD which started a few years ago when she encouraged her female partner to get a diagnosis She uncovers of a family history of the disorder looking back at her own mother's life as a divorced American in Ireland in the 1970s In Connecting the Dots she highlights common symptoms women with inattentive type ADHD experience and shows that although getting a diagnosis is not necessarily easy the relief of finding an explanation for things that previously just seemed wrong is enormous and healing8000 words including appendices that offer the scoop on current ADHD meds and a checklist of symptoms for inattentive ADHD

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    Connecting the Dots My Midlife Journey with Adult ADHD is a short booklet length book but it is packed with information tips and resources about adult ADHD as well as the related but different condition known as Sluggish Cognitive Tempo or SCT which is something I had never heard of before but has its own set of symptomsGabriella West tells her story in an accessible easy to read way In the introduction she explains that her goal is to help midlife women navigate through the challenges of living with newly diagnosed ADHD as well as to help women feel empowered to be able to make positive changes in their lives In this book she provides the reader with tools to do just that She examines her childhood recalling being a spacey kid uiet and chubby and her parents' behavior wondering whether her undiagnosed mother did in fact suffer from ADHD which is often inherited As an adult she begins to notice the woman she is dating exhibiting certain behaviors such as chronic lateness and in attempting to get help for her she begins to eventually uestion her own behavior and to connect the dotsWest describes how women in the past have often gone undiagnosed finding themselves floundering in their adult lives unable to find fulfilling work or lacking focus without really knowing why I learned so much reading this book Girls and women primarily have the inattentive form of ADHD which manifests itself in feelings of not being smart or that something is wrong with them Women struggle in particular with clutter hoarding organization filing taxes cleaning house Something I picked up reading this book was the freedom that a diagnosis of ADHD can give a woman because a diagnosis and treatment can help her to live up to her full potential What a wonderful thing to know why you do the things you do and to have answers The appendices include recommended books as well as drug information and a check list Do I have ADD?This is a valuable guide for any woman who thinks they or someone they care about may have undiagnosed ADHD

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    I don’t often read non fiction but this one caught my interest starting with the cover Let’s face it – the combat boots tied like pink ballet slippers have a weird discordance that captures the imaginationAs a woman who is often pulled in so many directions I wonder if I may have ADHD or am I just busy This book won’t give you any answers However it may lead you to seek answersIf you have been diagnosed what you will find is a sister a friend someone to tell you that what you are feeling is normal you are okay and she is rightNarration Daniela Acitelli is a good narrator with a friendly voice I had to remind myself that it wasn’t the author herself speaking to meNote While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy my opinions are my own and are given freelyTitle CONNECTING THE DOTS MY MIDLIFE JOURNEY WITH ADULT ADHDCategory Genre Personal MemoirsListenability OK for earsReceived from Gabriella West as an Audible gifted copy