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Four best camp friends at the start of their freshman year of high school invite you to read over their shoulders as they chat their way from September to June on one touching funny and drama filled Facebook thread The Thread is the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for the digital age MEET CAMERON TALIA EMMA AND SABRINA CAMERON Fiercely independent Cameron lives with her mom in New York City where she begins one of the city's most prestigious and pressured public schools TALIA Also a city girl artsy and pragmatic Talia navigates her way through her Manhattan Prep school and her spot as a middle child in her close but sometimes trying family EMMA Flirty but not fickle Emma takes her Boston all girls school and its all boy counterpart by storm SABRINA Spirited and athletic Sabrina is as rah rah as the suburban town she lives in

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    The Thread by Jane L Rosen is a wonderful and uniue YA story The entire story is told as a Facebook thread among four girls who meet at summer camp Their Facebook thread tells their story for their freshman year of high school until they get together again at camp This story took me by surprise it was so fascinating and uniue Reading the Facebook thread of these 4 girls gives you so much insight into their lives I felt a little stalker ish reading itbut I couldn't put it down The girls used their Facebook thread to help and support each other since they didn't live close enough to see each other often And the girls discussed everything about their lives in that Facebook thread The talked about boys and family shoplifting everyday worries and schoolwork It shows how important friendship is even long distance friendship It was amazing seeing how much personality came out for each of the girls based solely on what they wrote in the thread Cameron was so independent and confident and also sarcastic and opinionated Talia was caring and worried about her little brother's medical issues Emma was boy crazy and dramatic Sabrina was like All American girl next door lived in the suburbs and active in sports and activities Each girl was special and they all blended together to make this friendship workThis is a sweet and poignant tale and I highly recommend it