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Six months have passed since David Maddy and Ridley defeated and exposed the domestic terrorist organization known as the Triangle With the occasional help of David’s brother the league of friends have spent their time using the foreknowledge of David’s visions to anonymously go about serving the desperate and destitute Whether helping victim or potential perpetrator their objective and ultimate satisfaction comes from using their limited resources and abilities to make the world around them a better place Unknown to the trio David’s visions have routinely put the group at odds with some of the most powerful people in the world Because they have disrupted evil too many times to be ignored an organization much dangerous and menacing than the Triangle is about to go hunting and David Palmer is their target Unfortunately in the midst of the group’s struggles when David’s visionary powers are needed most David discovers that any help from his visions could also mean his death Recoil is the second book in The Visions of David Palmer series from Stephen Reid Andrews

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    I was fortunate enough to receive The Visions of David Palmer “Recoil” by Stephen Reid Andrews from GoodreadsWhen I received this book I did not realize there was a book before Recoil and in fact there is a 3rd one that I gather will wrap up the storyThe book sounded very interesting so I immediately started reading it and I was not disappointed It’s full of excitement David has the help of Maddy his hope to be girlfriend Ridley a computer geek who seems to be able to do anything with his computer and his brother Between the 4 of them they are able to help victims andor stop crime before it happens They have a terrorist group “The Triangle” on their trail to put an end to their interference The book is left as a cliff hangerI will definitely be buying the 1st Book – The Triangle and the 3rd Book – Rising Phoenix

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    Two stars for a non ending ending I'm all about reading multiple books with the same characters exploring different adventures This is not the case with Dave Maddy and the crew The book drifts for a while and as soon as it seems to be coming together and focusing on a great ending it doesn'tThe reader is left with so many loose ends I'm sure that the next in the series will take a good chunk of it's story just wrapping up this book before moving along to the next adventure if there even is one I think this series is a simple extortion of my time and money that I will prefer to stop here and not invest in it's futureNow Where's the next fresh book?

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    What a fun fast paced read This book definitely leaves you anxious to read the third book I hope it comes out soon I loved seeing things from the perspectives of both main characters that was a fun change from the first novel These books have a very intriguing premise and would be perfect for teenage boys clean yet exciting and with just enough action to keep their interest I wasn't a fan of the torture but it was brief and I'm a bit of a ninny with violence it really wasn't bad at all