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What would you do if the one you love is taken from you? And another one you once loved is with you every step of the way to bring him back?As Simon is taken and creatures continue to spread all over the globe Ana and her team is forced to fight them off and reach Simon in time But now even the weather is working against them making their journey difficult With Eric at her side and protecting her every step of the way Ana is forced to deal with feelings once felt but never gone When Ana and the group arrive at the White House they soon realize everything is not as it seems and there is a traitor in the midstEither wayLives will be lostFriendships will be madeLove will be restoredAnd of course Vengeance will be had

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    With the compound compromised Simon taken and seekers killed Ana and the others prepare to set out for the journey of their lives going to the White House to take down those who took over and bring Simon home They find their vehicles have been destroyed so now not only do they have to watch their backs but also find something that will for everyone and take them to their destination Along the way they run into some not so nice humans and nasty creatures After being kidnapped and fighting their way out to continue their journey Ana realizes that someone has been bitten and must make a decision whether to wait and see what happens or to end it right thenAfter arriving at the White House they find out who has been behind all the destruction and chaos that had been going on and have to find a way to get everyone out and to safety The group ends up getting separated and the love of Ana's life is lost in the escape She learns many things about who and what she is and where she came from but struggles to find or in herself to remain strong enough to fight the fight she was born to and not cross over to the dark side When Ana's friends return to the compound many changes have and still are taking place There is a new form and way of life on the horizon and the group must somehow find a way to embrace it and move forward before time is to late The foreshadowing of the next book has me on the edge of my seat wondering what will come nextIt’s working My blood is healing them” But I know I can’t bring anyone back from the dead Even I’m not that powerfulThis is a trapWhatever they have planned is big and they want you with themMaybe this is my fight and maybe it always has been” I don’t fear death like I used to but now I embrace itYou’re stronger than any evil Even though you try to hide it you have too much good in you to become evilMy people take care of ourselves We will not let the enemy or anyone else do it for us We take our own lives when the time has come Death is to be embraced so that we may move on to the next lifeThey’re just kids and yet chose to put their lives on the line to protect us Even when evil surrounds them they don’t falter with itI black out as my thoughts focus on why she’s here and I know she’s not the sameYou’re not weak You never were Fight him He’s only strong because you give him power He has taken so much from you Don’t let him take away your soul Ana And don’t forget who you are Please” I realize I am here because of pain The pain of losing those I loved and the pain is what brought me here It was the pain that made me who I am and if I don’t embrace it I will lose Pain hurts like hell but it reminds us we’re still alive to feel it It reminds us not to make the same mistakes and pain forces our body to heal making us stronger and wiser each time I close my eyes remaining motionless embracing all the pain and accepting it for what it isI am my father’s daughter” Well you’re not going to lose me Not now not ever We’re going to get out of hereI’ll always be with you I love you AnaAnger still consumes me as I think about how unfair this all is and this isn’t how it was supposed to beOverhead flies a large black raven casting a shadow over us as it flies I can tell it isn’t just passing through It spreads its wide solid black wings and continues to call out to get someone’s attention My attentionToo much power in the wrong hands can be a bad thing” And you two will never leave each other’s side You two have a great journey ahead of you Only together will you both be able to save the world It is your destinyI love you too Ana Always have and always will”If he only knew how badly we want each other But I don’t answer Instead I show him how badly I want and need him as I let him have every part of me and we make loveThey probably would have sentenced us all to death for this atrocity of a crime But I know this is what my parents wanted for me—for all of us to be able to get along and work together side by side as a teamEverything that I learned I had to learn for myself The hard way Because that’s how most people learn bestThis is what we were born to do The honor is all mine

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    Ana's story continues in this third book with a few shocking revelations and some unexpected developments arising I love this series and these characters If you like a fast paced thrilling and action packed supernatural romance you should definitely give this a try Highly recommended