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Lions and crooks and ghosts oh my Far from an exotic movie set location Montevallo is a uaint college town in the heart of Alabama You won’t believe the stories from its rural past Of course you shouldn’t believe everything you hear anyway Some tales are charming some surreal and others border on the absurd Still you wonderno one could make this stuff up Jean Michelle’s daughter is a student at the University of Montevallo During parent visits Jean Michelle stumbles upon a gateway into the past on the University of Montevallo’s campus She travels through time to discover if the rumors are true Only the characters of the past believe she’s Sally someone they already knowShe journeys through Cherokee Indian territory with the infamous Red Eagle and sneaks a glimpse of Reynolds Hall’s makeshift Civil War hospitalA wedding feast turns into a disaster at the King Mansion when an uninvited ghost cuts in during a dance But this may be Jean Michelle’s only chance to investigate where Mr King buried his treasure from the Yankees Jean Michelle experiences College Night firsthand and must choose a side The nation’s oldest homecoming tradition is directed behind the scenes by a ghost who likes surprises Will it be a PV or a GV3? She even knocks on Condie’s door and meets the former Alabama College’s most famous resident No one can forget the girl on fire especially her face Jean Michelle returns to the beautiful campus uad where she started her uest But the familiar Eclipse cat winks as if something is amiss She has seen that cat somewhere before Imagine her surprise when the past catches up with her Numerous sightings of the historical characters are spotted in the present at Montevallo’s American Village The only legend missing in action is Sasuatch although he was recently spotted in nearby Chilton County History literally comes alive on the University of Montevallo’s campus Ghosts of the past linger and appear when least expected Perhaps there’s to this geographical center of Alabama than just purple spirit or golden pride Should Jean Michelle reveal the secrets whispered to her from the past? Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead Benjamin Franklin first spoke these wise words but he is dead Which reminds me Montevallo should be added to your list of places to see before you die Montevallo Alabama’s Whispered Secrets of the South is the first in a series of books which unravel the untold secrets of small Southern towns From church bells train rails calaboose jails to ghost tales this book reeks of wisteria sweet tea hospitality and swinging porch doors Although the stories are fictional they are riddled with real life histories and mysteries You can decide which is which Note The cat’s name has been changed to protect his identity

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