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Everyone knows Curtis Sully Sullenburg is the toughest kid at Higgins Elementary For years he and his gang have tormented students and teachers alike with their pranks And for the most part they’ve gotten away with it But all that changes when a strange little creature appears on the scene From that point on pranks start coming back like boomerangs smacking Sully's gang right in their fifth grade butts Sully is the only one who can see this creature which he names Karmack The little guy claims to be a nature spirit whose job is to balance all the bad karma the boys have amassed over the years Because if Karmack fails these boys will undoubtedly suffer dreadful awful doom Just like that kid who shot at crows with his BB gun – one day he crashed his bike into a pigeon coop and emerged as the Abominable Snowman of bird poop Yeah that kind of doomSully soon realizes he must save not only himself but his friends from Karmack's doom even though they have no idea why they keep getting boomeranged

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    In short Karmack is a brilliant story I can say in all honesty that I have not read a book like this one before This book is written from the perspective of a bully and the transformation of the main character from a mean spirited bully to a strong leader is incredibly well done I just love this book for so many different reasonsOne of the things I appreciate is the way bullying is described and discussed Chapter 1 dives into the story with the three bullies chasing after a “suealer” ie someone who “told” on Sully When Sully finally catches up to him he pins him to the ground but leaves him unharmed “just knowing he scared the living daylights out of the kid was enough for Sully” There are many different types of bullying described in the story including intimidation playing pranks insults and physical acts of violence Karmack also explains what bullying is and why it is wrong Karmack makes it very clear for example that a trick or prank still hurts even if you don’t intend to cause harm What is important to consider are the conseuences of your actions regardless of your intentions AgreedOne thing that is particularly interesting is Sully’s explanation for his bullying He describes how everybody looks up to him and that he has a reputation to uphold as “the Big Cheese” He has come to believe that this is done through bullying but both Karmack and his teacher point out that he in fact can become a respected leader by using different methods I love this reframing of “bullying” as “leadership” and I have heard this argument before So essentially when there is a child at school who engages in bullying behaviour this child can be encouraged to build on those same personality traits and lead by good example insteadThe author has clearly spent a great deal of time thinking through what the transformation of a bully into a positive role model would look like It is clear from the start that Sully is perceived as a “leader” but he rules through fear But as he learns about his fate and the fate of his friends if he continues to hurt the people around him he attempts to control Karmack literally tying him up He then begins to show concern for and try to protect his friends Breeze and Gonzo when he learns that one negative act will topple their skyscrapers ie their bad deeds will catch up with them and cause a very negative conseuence By the end of the book he selflessly takes the blame for something he didn’t do so that all of his friends can go on a field trip Is this realistic? Maybe maybe not but it’s hopeful – and I like THATWhen the character of Karmack is introduced we learn that he is a “karmic balancer” for the three boys Karmack is a very interesting character as he is portrayed as very “child like” in his appearance ie his short stature and his speech ie he speaks like a toddler I think this allowed the author to simplify the messages in the book about “karma” So essentially if any of the boys do something bad Karmack does something similar back to them I loved how the character of Karmack was framed as a very compassionate being – he was truly concerned about his charges and often felt sad and worried that he would not be able to balance them before their skyscraper falls over By the way he couldn’tA word about karma I have always taught my children about the concept of karma using the actual word I imagine that there may be some parents or some people in general that do not believe in karma I have a bit of a bias because I agree wholeheartedly with much of what is said about karma in the book I also thought it was genius to include an Indian school girl who could add to the discussion of karma I do want to encourage people to not overlook the book if they don’t believe in karma because I think the discussions of how our actions hurt other people are valid regardless of what you believe in and this is the main lesson that Sully learns in the bookMy Bottom Line Karmack is a well written middle grade book tackling the difficult topic of bullying from the perspective of the bully The character development is absolutely brilliant as the reader witnesses the transformation of Sully from an aggressive angry bully to a positive role model and respected leader among his peers While the concept of karma is not for everyone I found myself agreeing with the main message of how our actions have conseuences intended or otherwise I would recommend this book to middle grade classrooms as a great book to generate discussion around bullying Ages 7 I was given this book free of charge by the author in exchange for my honest opinion All opinions expressed are my own

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    I received a copy to facilitate my review The opinions expressed here are my ownSully is the leader of a group of bullies that include his friends Gonzo and Breeze While chasing down a kid from music class who had the audacity to sueal on him he sees something on the bank building roof just before a pile of snow buries Gonzo The next day at school everyone is laughing at Gonzo and what happened When Breeze targets the new girl in the school cafeteria things once again go bad Sully sees the same creature who dropped the snow on Gonzo trip his friend BreezeThe creature’s name is Karmack and it is his job to stop Sully and his friend from bullying There will be terrible conseuences if they don’t stop It is his job to make Sully understand that the pranks he plays are another form of bullying The author touches on several different types of bullying I thought the things that happened to Sully and his gang to be very funny I also thought it great that the only one who could see Karmack was SullyThis is such a rewarding book Instead of seeing the bully punished for what he has done or getting his just desserts we find a different take on this story The bully is actually encouraged to be a positive leader and role model instead of leading people into bullying and intimidating others I do think this would be a great book to put on my shelves Any time you can find a book that touches on the topic of bullying and shows the importance of stopping bullying is enough of a reason to put the book on your shelves I would definitely read from this author

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    I want a Karmack Or maybe not Well only if it wouldn't be too painfulThe story is about bullies a bully named Sully Usually I'm not too fond of bullies but Sully's logic or lack thereof had me and my kids laughing Plus with Karmack around Sully definitely gets what's coming to himcough I mean his balance was maintainedThis was a fun story which actually caught my interest than I thought it would during the first pages Yep I found it a little difficult to get into the characters at first Some of that has to simply do with the fact that the main charaters are bullies it's hard to 'feel' for a bully and some of it had to do with the writing I wasn't really connecting to it So I pulled in my intended audience troops and asked them They were a tiny bit confused by one of the side characters in the beginning the Suealer But after short explanation and a couple of small rough spots we were all enjoying the storyKarmack is a lovable character He's clever and small and hard to get a hold of and knows exactly what he's doing My kids were peeking in the bushes later to see if they could find Karmack somewhere around our house too

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    Ladybug Lin here again and boy howdy are my wings flapping OMGWhat an UNEXPECTED DELIGHT this book is From the very beginning I fell head over heels in THRILL with this bookWho wouldn't?I mean SERIOUSLY Anyone who's ever been the recipient of a bully's cruelty will LOVE this book and the way Ms JC Whyte's creative mind turns the tablesKARMACK is a book I truly wish had been available when I was still actively teaching in the classroomI can guarantee it would have held a prominent place in my yearly lesson planningYep it really IS that goodAND that inspiringMs Whyte teaches the value of growing beyond bullying through her ingenious reworking of the concepts of Karma and conseuences This is one the the BEST Middle GradeTween books I have readmaybe inwell FOREVERFive stars just doesn't seem enough for the value this book offers Ten seems closer but what I am forced to limit my praise to what is allowedSo I Ladybug Lin with great reluctance am forced to award KARMACKONLY FIVE STARSwhile also pleading with Ms Whyte to KEEP 'EM COMING You're a Beacon for the future of our youth readers

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    This is a fresh and very imaginative way to tell a bullying story from the bully's perspective I enjoyed it very much and think kids will too the pace is just perfect the story isn't too long and it has a great message Sully learns through the creature Karmack that whatever he does has conseuences and gradually throughout the story the boy becomes a little older and wiser and starts to channel his bullying tendencies in a better directionCreating a story with a moral that doesn't sound preachy is hard and JC Whyte does this incredibly well Kids will get this story and will learn something from it but will have lots of fun along the way I strongly suggest this book to parents with kids to kids in general and to anyone who wants to read a good storyNik's Picks Book Reviewswwwnikki bennettcomThe author provided a free book for an honest review

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    What an AMAZINGLY FUN storyEVERYONE needs to read itFull of FUN FANTASY and FANTASTIC REVENGE on a bullyFun for ALL agesWhat would bullies do if every prank they pulled came around like a boomerang?That is exactly what happens to Sully and his gangIf they hit someone in the face then something ends up hitting them in their faceIf they make someone's lunch tray drop and splatter then something happens and their lunch tray drops from their hands and splatters all over themWHO or WHAT could be causing all of this?It is the one who has been sent to restore balance before something dreadfully awful happensAnd his name is KARMACKLOVED this storyWOWRemember What goes around comes aroundMake it GOOD and SHARE this BOOK

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    “Karmack” is an amusing middle grade story about a bully who learns a valuable lesson about what it truly means to be a leader Author Whyte creates a very likeable character in Karmack His dialogue is funny and kids will enjoy reading about the creative ways he “balances” the “bad tricks” the bullies pull on their classmates This story has a uick pace that will keep young readers interested until the very end I highly recommend it for readers ages 8 12

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    45 starsSully is in 5th grade and proud to have earned his reputation as a tough guy and the leader of a group of bullies He figures that next year he will be in middle school and at the bottom of the tough guy ladder so he needs to make the most of it while he canAs he pulls his pranks he begins to notice a short little guy with a big nose No one else can see the creature so he must hunt him down and find out what is going on He notices that each time he bullies someone the little guy gives him back what he gives in a larger measureHe names the creature Karmack Karmack was created by the universe to restore balance when it is out of whack In Sully and his friends case they have done so many negative things that if Karmack doesn't help them restore balance nature will Nature will be tougher on them than Karmack willSully begins to see the error of his ways and realize that when he does good things he is rewarded It is a steep learning curve for him and it is fun to see the mischief he and his friends cause that is returned to themThis is a great anti bullying book I highly recommend it It is fun to read and has a wonderful message

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    Sully is the Big Cheese in his middle school and he does not take his job lightly He leads his band of miscreants in a barrage of pranks they consider funny and harmless though their classmates would not agree Sully sees his fellow students as wanna be's unable to be as cool as he and his gang He feels they see no fun in his pranks because they're jealous of him and his statusThat is until Karmack is forced to do his job Karmack balances the world he does what the universe tells him to and when he gets the message that Sully and his gang need to be balanced before their Karma comes crashing down on them in a pile of destruction he goes about the task full force In attempt to save Sully and his friends Karmack is spotted by Sully who uickly captures him and asks him to stop Sully tries every trick in the book to get Karmack to stop picking on him and his friends not liking the taste of his own medicineKarmack is an adorable tale that anyone who has ever been bullied will enjoy and wish the little guy had been around to teach their bullies a lesson This is a good uick read with a good message and let's hope Karmack is out there somewhere showing the worlds bullies they're not so tough

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    A young group of boys bully kids at school Suddenly the boys start to get injured after bullying a kid The leader of the group Sully notices a little gnome like creature appearing when their bullying rubber banded back to them Sully tries to make a deal with the nature spirit Karmack not understanding that what they were doing hurts others and Karmack was balancing good and bad to be even Excellent way to explain laws of karma to children I think it was a great idea to have the bully as the main character Stories like this are usually written with the kid who is getting bullied not the one dealing it out It a refreshing change I could see the character Karmack getting a series of books Since Karmack is a nature spirit we could see his family and friends If there is spirit that balances his people when or if they do something bad You could pretty much go anywhere with a fantasy character like Karmack