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On Cleo’s first day at St Aloysius Gonzaga Academy things get pretty weird pretty fast After being confronted by a strangely hostile boy she meets two girls and instantly bonds with them Before long danger threatens the entire student body in the form of a soul eating possessor fae When her brother is savagely beaten and left in a coma the girls decide to use their fae powers to become superheroes and stop the possessions They uickly learn things are a lot complicated than they had ever imagined A government plot that had begun when they were infants endangers them all and a demented former soldier bent on revenge is after them The line between friend and foe has become so blurry Cleo has no idea who she can trust Will their superhero plot help them save the day or just get them killed?

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    Blog Tour Review forthcoming on VISIT for giveaway blog tourI received a copy of Supernova in exchange for my review as a part of this blog tourCleo has just moved to a new school and is inexplicably drawn to two new best friends Charlotte and Violet But the three girls aren't just normal teenagers they are fae each with a uniue power Cleo has the powers one would associate with a star Charlotte has to feed off blood not killing people and can then sing to them to get them to do what she wants them too and Violet controls ice Cleo is also drawn to Logan despite the fact that he seems to have a threatening presence and she knows that he beat her brother to within an inch of his lifeor did he What if Logan wasn't actually in control when he did it? And is there a way to save the people she is drawn to?Supernova wasn't uite what I was expecting I don't think I'm going to be superficial now and admit that part of what drew me to the book and to do the blog tour was the cover I mean a green lacy mask? That book is just screaming to be read by me What I got was a paranormal story with a good mix of adventure super heroes young love and friendship it all mixed well and created a particularly well rounded storySomething I liked about the formatting something I don't normally mention I know was the names at the beginning of each chapter each of the three girls narrated and the fact that each name was accompanied by a picture that represents that girls super power or magic powerDespite being magical super heroes the characters were all pretty normal and I liked that Charlotte was a loner who then managed to suddenly have friends and though she did just go with it to some degree she did also wonder about why it was happening and why it was happening so fast On top of that each of the girls seemed to have some kind of relationship or parental issue which they needed to talk to each other about This even went as far as the friends demanding to know the gossip when couples kissed I think I probably only fully appreciated that because I'm female and I live in an all girls flat so those things are second nature to meBut don't be put off this book isn't all about boys or romance There are some pretty kick ass moments in there too particularly from Violet I must say Though none of the characters escape unharmed it must be said I really enjoyed Supernova definitely something a little different

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    I received a copy in exchange for an honest reviewBlog tour stop here Mini review can also be found hereDNF at 30%I didn't find anything particularly bad about the book It just wasn't my type of read sadly I was really looking forward to this one but there was just something about it that wasn't likable the writing style maybe? Or maybe it was that I couldn't connect with the characters?The book was written from three POVs all of which I weren't interested in to be honest Each of the three had their own uniue abilities The one that I liked the most was Charlotte who was kind of relaxed She still didn't manage to keep me interested enough to continue reading thoughA lot of people have given this book 4 and 5 stars though I feel like the black sheep again

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    Elizabeth Sharp has written this book about three friends Cleo Violet and Charlotte Cleo is the new girl at school Located near Napa Valley this school is a swanky boarding school She wasn't even wanting to attend it but at least some of her classmates bond with her uickly Unfortunately not all her classmates are nice One in particular threatens the whole student body and puts fear into Cleo After her brother is attacked by this student Cleo and her friends use their FAE abilities to become superheroes When it is discovered that FAE can control other FAE and not just humans lines between friends and enemies are blurred Cleo starts to doubt who she can trust Will their disguises cost them everything or will they help them save the day?This is not my usual type of read It was written nicely and i liked that it was given in each of the girl's perspectives I was able to meet this author and she nicely autographed my copy

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    See my full review hereI'm not sure what I was expecting when I read this to be perfectly honest I thought the beginning was a little slow and the transition was weird I already knew the girl was a fae so I spent a few pages waiting for that to be revealed But after the transition it really picked up I enjoyed this book and I hope there will be Characters I really liked how the POV changed between the three girls It worked pretty well I felt like I got to know each girl individually and personally I didn't connect with any one in particular but I liked Charlotte's style I feel like I had in common with her than say VioletLogan was a jerk in the beginning but I ended up really liking him in the end I won't elaborate on that because it'll totally ruin the plotI've read a lot of vampire and werewolf books and even a few books with faefaeries The fae in this book were pretty interesting Antonio in particular reminded me of the werewolf in the Hemlock Grove Netflix series In both cases the transformation involves the ripping of skin Not a pretty image but definitely intriguing in my opinion Basically only Antonio and Cleo got their powers explained Maybe I just don't remember but I feel like the other powers weren't explained as much Violet had some sort of ice powers sure But it never went into great detail And Charlotte's power was explained but it kind of skipped around the subject I guess Elizabeth Sharp felt like the vampire bit was a little overdone so she toned it down Not a bad choice especially because the plot didn't have to do with vampires so much as soul eating and possessionPlotI liked that there were plenty of twists and turns so I almost didn't see any of it coming It was a rather short read and the ending makes me feel like it can be continued without a problemKickass was referred to in this movie and I feel like that was the inspiration of this book That being said the guy in Kickass definitely got his ass kicked because of course he underestimated the need to fight The girls definitely find this out the hard way too They relied a lot on their powers which was mistake number one They were pretty smart about it after the failed attempt And don't worry I'm not ruining the plot here at all I wouldn't hold my breath for the superhero part though Otherwise you'll miss the other stuff going onOverall it was pretty cool There was action see superhero and possession There was instalove but Sharp dealt with that in an interesting way so I almost don't mind it You'll see what I mean when you read it There were interesting backstories and I am a sucker for thoseReal Rating 35 starsRecommendation definitely YA If you like a little bit of history with your fae this gives a bit of that If you liked Kickass you may like this Also paranormal lovers would like this

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    Originally posted here ReviewI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewCleo Violet and Charlotte met at St Aloysius Gonazago Academy A place where the majority of the student body is made up of kids with fae backrounds Much to the surprise of the girls they each developed an instant connection and uickly became close friends Soon the girls discover that their friendship wasn't a random meeting that their futures have been intertwined for a long time I thought that this story was charming witty and packed with action Supernova has the ability to keep you reading until the magical ride is over This was a light and refreshing read vs the dark post apocalyptic dystopian books that i have been enjoying lately The idea of the girls becoming super heroes is what initially grabbed my interest in this book that and the great cover I love the idea that they wanted to use their powers to help people Putting on their kick ass costumes and jumping in head first may have been a little naive but they still wanted to stick with it and learn to do better The story is told from Cleo Violet and Charlotte's POV with Cleo getting the majority of the chapters I enjoyed reading about each of the girls eually and I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite I would have liked to see a little character development for Violet and the guys but I was still able to make a connection with them because of their awesome personalities I enjoyed the Fae aspect of the store as well there was just the perfect amount of description about each of the character diverse fae powers that they story remained interesting instead of becoming confusing I also liked that the characters thought and acted like the average teenager and I was happy to see some authentic interactions with their parents Although I didn't approve of how uickly the parents bowed down to the girls outbursts They made decisions in an attempt to keep their kids safe and they should have stuck to their guns I really did love many aspects to this story There was the friendship comedy teenage angst along with mystery All of this was helped along by great pacing and fabulous decals that adore each of the chaptersI give this a 4 ½ out of 5 stars

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    I received this book in exchange for my honest review Thank you Itching for Books and Elizabeth SharpThis book was something I didn’t expect The twists the drama and the waiting to see what happens next managed to turn it into something brilliant written And to add to its perfection Elizabeth Sharp wrote the book from three perspectives Cleo Violet and Charlotte They are the true best friends Cleo is a teenager with an ambition to succeed; she has always helped her mother to take care of her brother and sister not leaving her to handle it all on her own She does what needs to be done always listens and she is there to help in need But her life comes crushing down after finding out something about her father and what really happened to him As if the problems aren’t enough she finds out she has a soul mate and she has no interest in him what so ever Logan Cleo knows that he beat her brother to within an inch of his life but she doesn’t uite believe it Even if his presence it’s threatening just by being there she believes that maybe there’s something to him Cleo also has some powers she is something like a starViolet is a young naïve girl which thinks everyone it’s her friend Her ability it’s control over ice Nice right? She is strong loveable and a true friend that tries to be there all the time She suffers a lot but keeps her head up and trying to learn from her mistakesCharlotte it’s an independent girl stubborn a loner to say so but also vulnerable when it comes to certain things She feeds on blood and she can make her victims do what she wants just by singing to them But she doesn’t kill them never By the end of the book they all had soul mates and some of them difficulties at home with their family They all had something in common besides their powers Violet was my favorite character without any doubt I loved her I really enjoyed Supernova definitely something a little different I highly recommend this book

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    Cleo Violet and Charlotte are drawn to each other and finally feel they have real girlfriends Everything seems to be falling into place until one of their male friends starts acting out he's simply not himself In search of answers the girls find themselves in the middle of a war started before they were bornTrying to take matters into their own hands they form a superhero group with outfits nicknames and all But they are facing evil that can take their very souls Will good win out over evil? Or have the girls gotten themselves in over their heads?Let me start by saying I absolutely loved the originality of this story There are some interesting takes on paranormal beings But than that I enjoyed the character building and deepening friendships being formed I fell in love with each of these characters for different reasons and I'd love to read a story from the guys' perspectives Best of all there isn't a whiny girl in the bunch They all have their strengths even as they are figuring out how to use themAt first the changing points of view slowed my reading as I adjusted But as I became engrossed in the story the pacing and surprise story revelations took over And there are so many interesting surprises At one point a character warns another not to trust anyone But it serves as a shout out to the reader as wellOh and did I mention there are also some sweet romantic elements? If you love an original spin on paranormal with great characters you'll love SupernovaRating 45 stars but worthy of rounding up Note I received a complimentary copy for review purposes A positive review was not guaranteed or reuested; the opinions expressed are my own

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    I was surprised by this book its defiantly a diamond in the rough It was so much better than I expected It wasn't your typical teenage hoo haa It had everything from drama angst love mystery and betrayal It's a story of growing and accepting who and what you are But most all forgivenessCleo What is their I can say about Cleo she's a in your face and not afraid to back it up no matter the conseuences We learn she has a strong family bond and is very protective of them As she meets her fellow classmates at her new school she feels an instant connection to 4 of them in particular She also finds herself having a stronger connection to Logan but doesn't understand itViolet I do believe she had the coolest ability of all of their little group I loved her she was just that type of person you want as your friend Although she was naïve when it came down to trusting the wrong people Out of all of the group she suffered the worst betrayal of all Even though she doesn't really get closure she is a very strong personCharlotte She was so uite throughout the whole book that it was hard to get a good handle on her I do believe she was confused than Cleo about the instant connection she felt with everyone in their little group but especially with Sawyer She was very independent but also very vulnerableOverall this was a great story and great characters I think everyone will enjoy this story of the paranormalTill next time Sweets Books

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    REVIEWI received an e ARC a change for a honest reviewSuper easy to read funny action and power to help others fae The book is being narrated by 3 girls Cleo the main voice Charlotte and Violet Each with a different style even entries note pages young girls a way to go toward adulthood Since this is a good thing because every girl is a world with a different point of view will help to spin the storyThe story is starting with Cleo she gives us this storyshowing us intruduccion family ties he had and how strong it could be for them and then the other girls my favorite would definitely Charlotte she was independent and agile but inside could be like every girl with doubt and vulnerability simple at that ageAnd in this story apart from action there are guys??Yes there are definitely guysAny character is easy to follow and identify yourself or be your favoriteAs you read the book you begin to realize the changes that are taking these girls through love power mystery and others His characters are very well defined and descriptiveIf you want to have a good time taking a good reading light with a drink coffee or tea this book is the one the book is sencilllo but with spark and a good story to readAnyone can read the book from teenagers to adults and are missing meCongratulations to the author for this story beautiful and and great teachingBlog All things in the cloud sweethttpallthingsincloudsweetwordpres

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    I just have to say every book I read by Elizabeth Sharp gets better and better I enjoyed Natural Selection but I haven't read the other two books in that series SupernovaSupernova blew my mindI'll admit I love superheroes I'm not one that had ever read a comic book but I enjoy the movies cartoons and books on occasion Ms Sharp took the idea of superheroes to a whole new levelCleo moves with her family to a new town and attends St Aloysius Gonazaga Academy where a good portion of the student body are like her fae When it turns out someone is possessing another student Cleo and her two friends Violet and Charlotte don costumes and become superheroes using their fae powers to try to stop the possessorThis book was nonstop I couldn't put it down Every page brought something new to the story If you're looking for a very enjoyable easy uick read this is your book I say uick and easy because you won't be able to stop While this book read as a complete story I hope Ms Sharp has adventures with Cleo Violet and Charlotte to share with us in the future